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My wife, Yuvani, part 2

Suhani kept staring at the photo for a while.

“Will those happy days will be back? Of course they will be. Why are you being negative Suhani?” She wiped her tears.

Suh: (childishly) Dadi, Ma, for the time being you guys relax, because I am letting you free for some more time, but the time is limited huh? You won’t be spared from my tortures. But bad luck Papa and Mummy, your time is up. Come what may I will talk to you today.

She laughed. It was her way to calm herself, to hold herself together, whenever she feels like her sadness is getting over her, she talk to herself childishly, she jokes with herself. It gives a temporary relief to her. She was missing the four of them very badly and she knows that Dadi and Pratima won’t talk to her now. She called Punkaj. He didn’t pick up; she was hurt but called Lata. She too didn’t answer; she called for some ten more times, but neither of them picked the call. She was deeply hurt, tears found their way from her eyes.

She took a long breath and started recording,

“Papa, Mummy, I know you guys are not angry with me, you can’t be…. You know I am right…then how can you be angry. I know you are hurt and you have to be, for the first time I disobeyed you, but Papa you know na even then I didn’t go against you… I know I hurt you ego, I know I hurt your feelings, I am sorry Papa, and I am sorry Mummy. I am really very sorry.  I know why wanted me to come back, I know you are hurt seeing me hurt, so you asked me to come back. But you alone taught me to fight for the right, you taught me to be bold. “If you know you are right then come what may, don’t even try to move from your position, don’t change your decision even if the world turns upside down.” You told me this when I was 12, still these words of yours ring in my ears then how can I go against your teachings Papa? Mummy, Papa, I understand your pain and you were right in your part, but how can I leave Yuvraj? That too when he needed me the most? He was struggling Papa and I had to be with him. Papa, that day you asked me to choose between you and Yuvraj, but do you know what it means Papa? Papa, Yuvraj wasn’t my choice, you chose him for me, and by leaving him it would be proved that you are wrong, and you aren’t wrong. That day you took decision under emotional pressure, just to release me from my pain, but you forgot to see my actual pain. Saurab Bhaiya called you that day thinking that you will become my support, but you….  you put a condition in front of me, you felt that by leaving Yuvraj my problems will get over? But just think Papa, will it? You love me so much Papa that you were under emotional pressure. But I am daughter Papa, you alone taught me to take decisions wisely, you told me think over emotions, and if I came with you that day, more than me, you would have regretted later, I know. And you know what Papa, even though you were angry with me, even though you stopped talking with me, I never really missed you, I always felt your presence around me, do you know why? Because deep down you know that I am right, even though you say that you are against me, your heart always supported me.  But now it is enough Papa, now everything is falling in peace na, everything is happening as you wished, so please, leave this anger, jut talk to me once….. (Childishly) And I trust me, if I didn’t get your call in an hour na, then I will directly come to home and sand on the courtyard until you talk to me!”

She became emotional when she finished, she then sent this as voice message, she was missing them badly.

Yuvraj was watching all these from the door; he went to her, sat beside her and held her hand. She felt his pain, he held himself responsible for all these, but she knew he wasn’t.

Suh: (childishly) You know Yuvraj, I think your in laws are enjoying their last one hour of freedom, but mind you, it is only for an hour, then they will have to face me.

She laughs, he smiles weekly. He didn’t know what to say, how to console her, should he talk to her parents?

Suh: And yeah, this is between me and my parents so don’t you dare to come in between.

He looked at her shocked, how she understood what he was thinking?

She smiled.


Suh: (assuring) you don’t worry, they will forgive me. But I think till will take for Dadi and Ma,

She stopped, because he got up from the sofa and his expressions changed. He was hell angry, that angry that he was about burst. She clapped her hand on her forehead cursing herself.

Suh: Yuvraj,

He stopped her showing his palm.

Suh: But,

Yuv: Suhani please, this is all because of them, if they haven’t insulted and accused you, Punkaj uncle would never have forced you, He would not have put those conditions in front you, but…. and I can never forgive them for those the sleepless nights they gave you, I can never forgive them for those harsh words they told you, which made you cry to the hell.

Suh: But they,

Yuv: Yeah I know, I know they were in pain, they were afraid, but that doesn’t give them license to mentally harass you. They always did it and that day… (Taking a deep breath) Please leave me alone for the time being.

He left for the room and she sighed.


Sorry guys, I thought go a bit more into the story, but because of my writing style, I mean like I was writing things in much detail so. Hope you won’t mind.

Thank you

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