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My Mr.Perfect & Me – RagSan FF – Episode 1

Hello everyone.This is NSM back with the next update on RagSan couple.I know i’m late.Sorry for that…I never expected that much lovely response from all your side.It means a lot to me.Please keep supporting me like this guys…
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***Malohtra Mansion
Malohtra Mansion is fully decorated with beautiful flowers.All are running here and there.All are looking busy in wedding preparations.
Arjun “Hey Man!I want everything perfect in my sister’s wedding.
Do the things properly.Because this is Malohtra’s wedding and it’s thing of our reputation too”,warned Ragini’s brother Arjun in a loud tone.
Man “Sir…We will take care of it.You no need to worry.You please go and enjoy sir”
Arjun “Ok…That’s better”
“Arjun…You here i’m searching for you in whole mansion”,complained his beautiful wife Subhadra.
Arjun “Subha i came her to check all the arrangements once.Do you have any work with me?”
Subhadra “Yes i have work with you my dear husband”
Arjun with a little smile,”Then tell me wifey.How can i help you?”
Subhadra “Go and get ready.After 1 hour all marriage rituals will start”
Arjun “Ok…Let’s go”
Subhadra “Ok”
***Ragini’s Room
Ragini is biting her nails in nervousness.
Kavita “Ragu…What are you doing?”
Ragini “I’m going to do marriage”
Kavita “Are you serious?”
Ragini “I don’t know i’m in which mood,i just agreed to do this marriage”
Kavita “Ragu…It’s a marriage…Not any silly thing.You must think about it once again”
Ragini “What do you mean by this Kavi? Here i’m dying with tension and you’re scaring me.This is too much.You can’t do this with your best friend”
Hitting Ragini’s head Kavita said,”Arrey meri Pagli!I’m here to tell you the fact not to scare you.Because i am your best friend.Ragu…My friend i will ask you few questions,will you answer me?
Ragini “Of course my friend”
Kavita “The most important thing is,Do you love the person,whom you’re going to marry?Do you really think you will stay happy with him?Do you know about him?
Do you know his likes and dislikes?
After listening to the questions asked by Kavita.Ragini was totally shocked and at the same time confused.
Ragini “Kavi…I don’t love him.But it can happen after marriage.I don’t know any thing about him”
Kavi “Ragu…Without knowing anything, how you took this step?Once see your parents photo…Now close your eyes and think about the things happening around.”
Ragini closed her eyes.After few minutes,
she opened her eyes and said, “Kavi…Nooo i don’t want to do this?I can’t marry him?What will we do now?It’s too late.Marriage rituals will start after 1 hour”
Kavi “Just run away from here.I will
manage everything”
Ragini “Are you out of your mind?”
Kavita hits her own head.
Ragini “Kavi…I think it’s not an bad idea too”
Kavita hugs her.Ragini reciprocates the hug.
Kavita “You took right decision Ragu”
Ragini “Before that,i just want to meet Arjun bhaiyya and Subhadra bhabi”
Kavita “Ok you wait here…I will call them and will bring here…”
Ragini “Ok”
After some time Kavita came back with Arjun and Subhadra.
Seeing them,Ragini stood up and said,
“Bhaiyya i can’t do this marriage”
Arjun “Ragu…What you are saying?Have you lost your mind?”
Ragini “No…Now i’m on track.I said No means No”
Arjun “What about our reputation?”
Ragini “Bhaiyya…Tell me one thing,for you i’m important or your reputation?Do you want to see my whole life with pain?Then it’s ok…I am ready”
Subhadra “Arjun…I’m with Ragini in this matter.After all,it’s about her happiness.
If she won’t stay happy?Then what all this for?
Arjun “Ok i will talk with them”
Ragini hugs Subhadra.Subhadra rubs her back.
Ragini “East or west…My Subha bhabi is best”
Subhadra laughs…
Arjun “Not me”
Ragini hugs Arjun.Arjun brushes her hair softly.
Ragini “You are best bhaiyya”
Arjun smiles…
Arjun “Ragu…I lost Mom & Dad in an accident.Now i don’t want to lose you.If you don’t like,then it’s ok…”
Ragini’s eyes became wet after listening to her brother’s words.
Subhadra kept her hands on his shoulder.
Arjun touches her hand and said, “I’m ok Subha”
Subha “Arjun…Now what will we do?”
Arjun “Only one way,we must face Kapoor’s”
Subha “Kavita…You stay here with Ragu.
You two don’t come out.We elders will deal this matter”
Kavita and Ragini nods their heads.
To be continued…
This was the First Episode.Soon RagSan will meet each other.I will post my FF thrice in a week.Please do let me know, how you felt after reading this…Any opinions good or bad is welcome.I would reply as soon as possible.Do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…Thank you so much…

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