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My love My life My everything twinj ff part 22

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 22
The episode starts with kunj opening room door and shocked looking at his twinkle lying unconsciously on floor in pool of blood
Twinkle!!!…. Twinkle …..kunj said her name difficultly breathing heavily looking at her state he ran to her worriedly
Rt- dare to come near her you are responsible for her state today
Kunj- we can talk about it later now please let me take her to hospital he didn’t waited for there reply he lifted her in bridal style tears continuously falling from his eyes he ran to down stairs where everyone already present and shocked looking at twinkle
Yuvi open car door kunj placed twinkle on back seat of car and he was also above to sit inside but jeevika stopped him
Kunj- bhabhi..😢😢😢 please
Jeevika- no kunj no need to show your fake care towards twinkle now
Kunj was crying
Yuvi- bhabhi please its not time to discuss this
Jeevika – yes I know yuvi kunj you go away from her I am her sister is still alive to take care of her she sat in car making twinkle lye on her lap…Viren ji will you start car now 😢😢😢 Twinkle nerthing will happen to you ok speak with me twinkle
Viren sat in car looking at kunj angrily and he drove off car ignoring kunj pleading
Kunj- twinkle….twinkle 😢😢😢 he ran behind car and yuvi runs behind him and held him
Kunj- bhayya bhabhi please let me also come 😢😢😢 please dont take her away from me he fell on ground crying bitterly
Yuvi- kunj control yourself
Kunj- yuvi meri twinkle….😢😢😢 I am so bad I hurt her so much so she decided to end her life
Yuvi- shh she will not leave you ok now get up we will go to hospital
@ hospital
Twinkle is in ICU her condition is critical doctors are checking her outside everyone crying
Jeevika- viren ji why god always do this with me once i lost my sister and thought may ill never get chance to meet her but kunj gave her back I was very happy but now because of same kunj Twinkle is fighting between life and death . Ill never forgive him because of him only Twinkle’s stateis like this
Viren- please jeevika dony say like this twinkle will be alright see our twinkle is so strong right and you beleave in God right he will never cheat you ok and about kunj lets not talk about him
Leela- meri twinkle meri bachi 😭😭😢😢😢
Rt – leela ji humari bachi ko kuch bhi nahi hoga na?😢😢😢 from childhood that poor soul is suffering only in small age we sent her out because of one daughter’s mad wish or hapiness later we called her to come back to home but she denied then she told she found her prince charming and will spend rest of her life happily with him without asking other questions i accepted her wish because only her happiness is important for me but now again she is suffering
Kuvi reached there everyone looked at kunj angrily
Viren- why you came here haan ? Yuvi take him away from here i dont want to look at his face
Kunj- bhayya please 😢😢😭😭😭 allow me to look at twinkle . Crying…..
Jeevika – why??? Do you come here again to blame her for every mistake haan stay away from her kunj she is only crying from many days only because of you….
Kunj- Iam really sorry bhabhi please dont say me to go away from twinkle please she is my love my life my everything I cant stay without her ill ask her forgivness and if you want you can punish me slap me or k….kill me but please dont seperate us
Viren- kunj we are not separating you both you are the reason for today’s state we cant help you in this. I said you thousand times but you never listened me you felt like we are coming in between you and twinkle right?
Kunj- Iam sorry bhayya
Viren- why you asking sorry to me say it to twinkle and i dont think she will forgive you this time……now get up he just hugged him he know his love for her is unconditional but something went wrong in there relationship
Kunj- meri twinkle trek ho jayegi na bhayya
Viren- hmm dont cry you trust in your love right then your love will not leave you
Kunj- bhabhi please give me one chance ill never ever behave like this with twinkle again while jeevika turned her face viren signed him not now
Doctor came out kunj started to question him continuously
Kunj- how is my twinkle? Is she ok? She will be ok right can i meet her please tell me anything i want to see her now only tell me something how is she?
Doctor- calm down your wife is out of danger now she is unconscious you can meey her afterwards
Jeevika- excuse me doctor he is not her husband and twinkle is my sister can i meet her now
Doctor- oh I am sorry looking at his worry and concern , care i thought he is her husband and you can meet her after sometime and he went from there
Jeevika- yes off course he will show care and concerns now after finishing everything
Kunj- bhabhi…😢😢😢
Jeevika- then what kunj? You broke my trust I thought my twinkle will be happy with you. I thought twinkle is so lucky to get you in her life only you can bring happiness in her life . But you what you did haan? What happened to you kunj? Why you behaving like this with her I am observing you from many days snd twinkle also told me about your rude behaviour some time I thought twinkle have to understand you and you are in work pressure so doing this so I convinced her each and every time and I only said her to join office with so she will also get work experience and she wanted to help you she wanted to decrease your work load so she joined office but what youbdaid her she joined office to keep eye on you because she dont trust you huh…you know other thing from first when mom dad left her for hostel she was upset and not getting much love she went into depression but when you came in her life shewas very good her depression problem was also solved but now again she is in depression now from some days do you know it?
Kunj- what?
Jeevika- yes but why do you care you were busy in looking at others emotions and not hers when you fired her from job telling her harsh words she felt very bad yes you asked sorry but it didnt solved she smiled or have to acted like smiling to keep you happy from that day she lost her confidence to do any work and you went on business trip daily she was dying here but you never understood her pain and now this why she break home of others huh why she will break her relationship what she will get from it did you listened her side of story no you were busy in accusing her for everything so she decided to say good bye to this world ….if someone(rashmi) shows you there expression of being hurt and innocent and cheated may it is fake also you believed it may they are so expressive in showing there fake emotions to make people blind and here my twinkle really suffered but she didnt expressed it may be in other way and whenever she tryed to express you took other meaning from it like jealous insecure and not trusting you and all and now see what happened
While both crying kunj in guilt he also thinking why he did like that with twinkle not intentionally but unintentionally also he hurt her so much and that made her to take big step she attempted to suicide so she decided leave everyone forever . He just wanted forgivness from her now he just wanted to hug her he wanted to tell her that she is important part of his life and without her his life is nerthing. He went near to ICU and looked at twinkle lying there unconsciously. His heart breaked into million pieces looking at her in this state. He is remembering all there moments how she entered his life and became his life everything. yuvi kept his hand on his shoulder as he know he also want someone to be his side he knows that how much he loves twinkle and in which pain he is going though one side twinkle attempted to suicide and another side guilt killing him saying he is responsible for everything and he broke down completely.kunj just hugged him and cryed out loud usha looked at her son teary eyed she cant see him in this state but somewhere he also did mistake she cant help she just prayed baba ji to keep everyone happy.
Yuvi made him to sit on chair
Yuvi- ill get water for you sit here only ok
Kunj- get drop of poision that is enough for me now
Yuvi- just shut up ok he left from there to get water
Ananya also reached amritsar and she got news her one of friend is not well and got admitted in hospital she thought to meet her first then she planned to do band baja of mahi for eyeing her love. And using there love to full fill her need.
Ananya asked receptionist about patient ward and she directed her way to go and that way made her to look at her love there path was same they are only inches away to meet each other and looking at him she forgotten everything her eyes automatically filled with tears she just wanted to hug him and wanted to tell him that I am your love , I am the one with whom you shared your feelings and you are the one who stolen my heart and now I just want to surrender myself to your love.
Ananya- yu…yuvraj…yuvi slowly he didnt heard her and she sensed he is in tension looking at his face she sensed he is sad and cryed but for what she has to find out now. She followed him and looked at him going near ICU and she got someone in his family is not good. And next moment her eyes turned into red in anger looking at her so called friend who cheated her and came here to take her place in yuvi’s heart. She just wanted to expose her infront of everyone eyes and wanted to kill her but thought to be quite for now as situation is not so good and she dont wanted to give more tension to yuvi now.she is observing there evwry move how mahi just want chance to touch yuvi which increasing her anger and next moment she will be happy looking at yuvi’s cold behaviour with her he is maintaining distance with her. And she sensed everyone present there are sad and crying except one person that is none other than mahi in her face there is no place for any emotions she only showing her teeths and her lust on yuvi.
Mahi- yuvi come lets have something yuvi looked at her unbelievably here her sister is fighting between life and death and her elder sister ,mom,dad all are sad and crying and she didn’t bothered about anyone its not like she didnt cried she did butit looked like fake to him
Mahi- yuvi Iam saying you only come lets have anything I am planning to go for chineese resturent now which is near by
Ananya pov (someone here fighting between life and death and everyone crying here but this girl wants to go for chineese resturent with my boyfriend huh let time come ill cut you in million pieces then ill put you in pan of hot oil then ill fry you and make chineese manchuri of you for touching my boyfriend lets see what he tells her now)
Yuvi- are you out of your mind here your sister twinkle tryed to commit suicide and now lying in ICU unconsciously and you are planning to go for chineese resturent do you feel like eat something now
Ananya- twinkle…twinkle tryed to commit suicide oh my god her sister in ICU and this girl not feeling anything…but twinkle why she tryed to commit suicide she is strong girl right I am feeling like mahi is behind this have to find out. twinkle is not like this girl she is good at heart and she is innocent girl.may she played with twinkle’s feeling again.
Kunj- why they are not letting me to meet her if she is fine tell them to allow me to go to her
Doctor hurriedly comes outside he was worried
Kunj- twinkle is out of danger right then let us meet her
Doctor- oh twinkle is not getting conscious
Yuvi- what but you said she wil get it in some hours
Doctor – yes but we dont know what is happening may patient dont want to open her eyes she is not willing to get up .may be she dont want this life she is giving up
Kunj- just shut up she cant give up on life like this he rushed into ICU
Kunj took her hands and sat on side chair
Kunj- twinkle see your Kunj is with you . Please open your eyes you cant do this to me Twinkle you just cant break your promise like this you said to me right you will be with me forever and you will never leave me then how can you do this get up Twinkle. See i did wrong right you have to get up now and scold me for my mistake if you want you can kill me twinkle but please get up otherwise ill die Twinkle do you want me to die see I am warning you if you dont open your eyes ill die he was crying while saying each and every word …twinkle please na yar I am sorry see kaan pakad key thu muj par gyssa kari maro kuch bhi karo but please aishe chup math raho please twinkle his tear drops fell on her Twinkle listening everything she moved her hands bit and tryed to open her eyes doctor saw this they started operating her again sending kunj outside
Kunj – maa twinkle meri twinkle why this people sending me out again and again haan open door let me talk to her she is just sleeping she will get up sure for me
Usha- calm down kunj Doctor trying right twinkle will be alright see
Doctor came outside
Doctor- congratulations twinkle is conscious now
Jeevika- i want to see her now
Doctor- ok we shift her to ward dont disturb her you can meet her one by one all said ok
One by one everyone meet twinkle and talked to her
Kunj also above to enter
Twinkle- stop there only dont dare to get in
Kunj- twinkle….
Twinkle- no dont take my name. Go from here I HATE YOU GET OUT I HATE YOU
Kunj- twinkle listen to me
Twinkle- nerthing left between us to talk and to listen I already said you its over between us
Kunj- twinkle…I love you
Twinkle- shut up just leave me
Viren- kunj now dont talk anything leave her alone something ok come with me Jeevika you be with her jeevika noded in yes and goes to twinkle being tired twinkle slept
Doctor said any one person can stay here kunj said he will be here
Viren – but she said you to be away from her now will she allow you to take care of her so better you come home jeevika will be here dont take tension
Kunj- no bhayya ill be here only kunj and yuvi was there only and everyone goes back to home while whole night kunj with twinkle twinkle slept due to medicine effect so she dont know kunj is with her at morning before she get up kunj went outside and dat there sending yuvi inside
Yuvi- hi drama queen good morning
Twinkle- good morning yuvi he helped her to get up
Yuvi- twinki…
Twinkle- if you want to begin conversation taking kunj name then better end it there only I dont want to discuss about him
Yuvi- no actually i was just saying ill get breakfast for you ok while going yuvi left his phone there only putting it in charge there he got some missed calls he couldn’t receive it due to low battery he went with kunj to get breakfast for her and they also didnt had anything
Ananya called to yuvi mobile again twinkle received it
Twinkle- hello yuvi left phone here only tell your name ill inform him
Ananya- who are you?
Twinkle- I am twinkle yuvi bh…friend
Ananya- twinkle you are fine now
Twinkle- you know me
Ananya- wait for some minutes ill be there ananya came to her ward
Twinkle – an…ananya you are Ananya verma right mahi friends
Ananya- yes I am Ananya but no more friend with her
Twinkle- come here sit
Ananya and twinkle were talking friendly that time too Ananya wasnt liking the way mahi behaving with twinkle at Mumbai and they were good friends there too they talked for while
Twinkle- you know yuvi?
Ananya- yes
Twinkle- how? Oh mahi told you
Ananya- mahi? She get to know about yuvi because of me twinkle dont feel bad because I am saying bad about your sister I am just telling the fact mahi is b*t*h she cheated me badly you know what it was me who loving yuvi and i messaged him mahi was knowing about it and she was knowing that he didn’t looked at my face and dont know name too she used this chance she kidnapped me and came here acted like she is that girl but that was me
Twinkle- oh god she is such characterless that’s what I am thinking what all yuvi told about that girl none of her quality matching with her and yuvi also felt that may be so he is saying always he is not feeling anything he will come now we will tell him everything ok
Ananya- no not now this is not situation and tell me why you tryed to attempt suicide haan answer me why you were screaming on that boy like that i know some problem is there but he really cares for you
Twinkle describes her everything
Ananya- oh so after mahi entry problem started mahi and rashmi connected i guess
Twinkle- may be I am not in situations to believe anyone and i know kunj loves me but now i can’t just forgive him that easily he needs to understand everything
Ananya- yes you are right dont forgive anyone that easily and I am with you always as friend to help you
Twinkle- and I am with you they both joined hands Ananya left after sometime
Twinkle resting there aman comes there holding flowers looking at him kunj’s blood boiling
Kunj- oye stop what you doing here? Haan
Aman- leave me i came to meet twinkle.
Twinkle came outside hearing there noise
Twinkle- aman come inside waw this fowler for me😍😍😍 i just loved it so sweet of you
Aman- how are you now?
Twinkle- feeling good now come inside
Kunj- twinkle..
Twinkle- aman come… kunj felt bad looking at them they talked for hours kunj couldn’t control he held aman caller
Twinkle- excuse me kunj dont you have manners how you can behave this rude with my friend he just cane to talk to me and he is my friend when i dont have any problem why you have
Kunj- because you are my girlfriend you should spend time with me
Twinkle- i already said you WE ARE OVER and dont you think you are thinking too much than needed huh why I am even explaining it to you
Aman pov ( oh my… my plan working now no one can stop me to get twinkle in my life. Kunj in this competition trophy is mine ill be winner and you will be hahaha)
Aman – ill take leave now dear
Twinkle- hmm ok Twinkle ignoring kunj Twinkle discharged from hospital
Kunj trying to speak to her but twinkle not ready aman used situation and offered job to twinkle in his company first twinkle denied but later accepted it. She wanted to show kunj she can also work and she wanted to tell him she just wanted to learn working and she wanted to work so she joined office and not because she dont hae trust on him or wanted to keep eye on him.kunj wasn’t knowing about it yuvi made him busy in work so he can come out from pain. Ananya helping twinkle in everything.
Ananya entered taneja mansion making mahi shocked
Mahi- a…ann.annn
Ananya- dear its not that difficult to say
Twinkle- Ananya may be in happiness she cant tell your name properly
Ananya- yes dear you are absolutely right
Leela- Ananya puttar how are you?
Ananya took her blessing
Leela- its ok puttar
Ananya- arey aunty i want your blessings now because I came here to do some good work
Leela- acha sab changa hoga kab aayi?
Ananya- bahuth pehle hey aana chahthi thi aunty per kya karu ek pagal kutti ne attack karliya aur abh pata chala pagal kutti idhar bhi kuch kar rahi hey usse tho nahi chodungi…
Leela- kya??
Twinkle- maa leave na and she will stay here
Mahi- why?
Twinkle – because i want her to stay here she have some work here mom see your daughter now she have problems with her friend to stay here
Leela- mahi why you asking like that see twinkle helping your friends and not youband Ananya is also like my daughter only she will stay here only
Twinkle said servent to keep Ananya bag inside Ananya giving angry glare to mahi.mahi is scared too much now.
Chinki coming to taneja mansion mahi looks at her and take her to side
Chinki- what the hell leave me
Mahi- where you going?
Chinki- I know you are behind this so ill tell twinkle that you are the one who messaged rashmi boyfriend from twinkle mobile you broke her engagement and kunj bhayya blamed twinkle for it and see twinkle attempt to suicide because of you because you put in twinkle mind that kunj giving her place to rashmi
Mahi- oh you are speaking like you didn’t do anything huh you were knowing that I am creating difference between twinj and that time you supported me right because you dont wanted twinkle to become your bhabhi because of her you got good scolding and slap too right if i remember correctly and about your relationship she was suspicious about you loving abhay and she followed you too you forgotten this dear
Chinki- yes i remember everything but i dont wanted twinkle to die and I was angry on that time ut doesn’t mean ill let you do anything to her. Ill not allow you to make them seperate.
Mahi- ok then go and tell truth to everyone and ill tell you are loving abhay and this days you haven’t gobe to any friends wedding but you went with him for trip
Chinki- dont blackmail me
Mahi- no baba wait now only ill tell everyone about your affair then will see what will happen ok and i think your kunj bhayya surely kill you
Chinki- no please
Mahi- good girl go and talk normal with twinkle then get lost
After everyone got to know about twinj loving each other everyone were happy chinki too because her beastie is going to become her bhabhi . But now problem is she cant share news that she is in relationship with abhay to twinkle because she will definetly tell it to kunj . And she was angry on twinkle because of her abhay went to jail as she thinks. And abhay too filled her ears against twinkle. One day chinki goes to meet abhay in pub actually it was his plan that hotel wasn’t good it is used for other stuff there were pr*stitutes and he didnt went to meet her suddenly police raid happened and chinki requested them she is not doing any wrong things she wasnt knowing it is not good place police arrest her to
Chinki calls twinkle and tell her to come and take her home from police station and tell her not to inform anyone in home
Twinkle inform kunj also because its big matter and also she cant go alone its not safe for her also kunj gets angry on chinki she told she is going to friends home for combined study and now this. He tells viren and everyone in home and leaves home with twinkle
Chinki look only at twinkle she tells her she took so much time kunj comes there chinki become shocked he looks at her angrily chinki tell that its birthday party kept there snd she dont know anything kunj doesn’t say anything there he request police to leave his sister they all say big people do this work only and talks cheaply chinki drag twinkle to other side and scold her for telling it to kunj, kunj comes there and scold chinki so much and they reach home all were looking at chinki angrily everyone scold her from then chinki started to hate twinkle.
And after somedays chinki saying she has special class and leaving home twinkle tell there is no special class because they are in same college and same department too. Kunj gets suspicious about her having affairs they question her chinki thinks its because of twinkle all this is happening and she dont want twinkle to become her bhabhi so she started to help mahi as she helped her sometime from getting caught.
Flashback end..
Chinki- see abhay for you what all i have to do
Abhay- jaan we will get marry soon and i told you right to arrange some money for my sorry our company
Chinki- money? Ill try to arrange give me time …all money will be in kunj bhayya room or else ill take maa jewellery and we will tell about our relationship in home and make them agree for our marriage
Abhay- not now dear (pov marry you??? Want to have you its enough then sarna’s will be destroyed hahaha)
Everyone trying to unite twinj but not happening twinkle denied for it she is ignoring kunj to the core and hurting him.
To be continued…
Precap or promo
Ananya in sarna industry working there with yuvi mahi shocked
Twinkle working in aman’s company she is coming to sarna industry for project meeting with kunj
Kunj shocked looking at twinkle
Someone gave juice to kunj
Kunj unconscious in room
Rashmi- 😢😢😢😢😢kunj raped me
Kunj- noo😠😠😠 its lie
Rashmi- no marry me now
Twinkle – 😮😮😮😮 shocked
Sorry for late update guys i wanted to write but time didnt permit me I am sorry khaan pakad key. In few days have exams have to read hope you guys understand but sure whenever i get time ill write this and post ok . Ignore if there are any mistake no proof reading forgive me for posting late
Ufff finished for today tell me hpw is the episode share your views suggestions via comments are you liking it share me your views
Episode dedicated to everyone who asked it . And kiya and ms.mahi dear very sorry for not posting one more chance to hold you i thought ill write and dedicate it to you both but bad luck i wrote half of it and something happened and that document got deleted iam so sorry for that when ill get time ill write that ok .
(Guys what I am thinking is remember ff last part left whenever ill get time ill write that and finish it then this ff ill continue because if i concentrate on one ff now then i can give justice to characters so but if you want anything say me no problem.
Ok dont forget to comment if you like this track ill start to write next part of it and i may post soon so share your views snd suggestions ok .
Love you all

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