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“Luvvv Uuuu!!…………Dr. Kabir Kapoor ” Season 2 (Episode 3)


Recape: IN THE PREVIOUS LUvvv Uuuuu!!………………Dr. Kabir Kapoor u read that hoe saanchi read In India…..How Rohini tried to Understand Inder About The Situation…….U read How Saanchi Saved Mr. Rakesh kapoor’s Life….How she met to Riyu Kapoor….How Ritu Brings her @ Kapoor Mention…..Where How she met with Kabir.

Today Here We Go:

Really bhaiya?? Asked Ritu

Sonu smiled and came near to his father…papa please get well soon…I want to talk to you papa…

Kabir Ritu looked at her while Ritu hugged her Kabir hugged both…. Saanchi mesmerized their unity and loads of love… Saanchi smiled.

They broke hug…. but bhaiya how you see him??

I was coming then I saw this girl he pointed towards Saanchi was sitting down…her heads down and he will trying to raise his hand..

Now He noticed her…by the way who is she??

Ohh!! bhaiya she is Saanchi Gupta to hear her name Kabir felt something very special and you know what she saved papa”s life…then Ritu told whole story to him first….he came near to her… and said.

So that means you are physiotherapist??

She nodded…

Okay will you do treatment of my father??


Why not yes you?? You are staying here and it will be best for you to handle him…

Why not sir I’ll do that…. just for uncle… thank you so much sir for believing me.

No need to say thanks to me….it is your duty to do that… I will compensate you for this job because I’m offering you a job..

No sir I not need of it… you all guys giving me shelter for living that’ll for me…. I’ll do it for my happiness..

Ritu smiled.. Kabir nodded hmm… and went in the room.

Ritu took Mr. Rakesh to his room… and she also shows Saanchi to her father’s room.

Next day: 

Sonu got an appointment for represent his designs to Mehta group of textile industries…. she was happy and goes to Kabir’s room to ask permission but Kabir was in his father’s room she went there and saw where Saanchi and Kabir was taking care of her father… after that Kabir was understanding her everything…Sonu went inside.. And she asked to Kabir that she wants to talk to her.. He Smiled and nodded.. While Saanchi looking them.

Sonu tell me what you want to say??

She looks at Saanchi who was staring at them. No bhaiya not here I want to tell you something in personal.. I don’t want that out side’s person will hear our personal matters.

Kabir looking at Saanchi. Sonu you can tell me here.. Saanchi is not other…she is like our family member because she is treating to our papa right??

Phir bhi bhaiya I want to tell you something in privacy..


Sir you need to go if Sonu insisting you.

Sonu frowned at her…accuse me who said you to talk between us??

Sonuuu what is way this way to talk with others..

She scared from him.. bhaiya I..

Say sorry to her.

I’m not going to say sorry to anyone… she denied.

Sonu you are not listening me right??

She remained quiet.

Alright that means your ego is important then respect of elders.. Okay he went

She became upset and went behind her by gazing to Saanchi angrily.

One call come on Ritu’s phone Ritu was hesitated to attend the call… after so much hesitation finally she picked up phone call.


(Shivin is playing Rahul here, and he paired opposite Farnaz aka Ritu)

Hello, Ritu

Hi, Rahul

Why you called me??

Ahh I want to ask you will you coming hospital tomorrow??

Yes off course why not…but have you any work from me??

Work no…Yeah…no I mean yes..

She little smiled ….first decide that what you want to say??

Ahh I mean I want some notes from you actually exams are coming so that’s why I wanted those notes from you Tina told that you made these notes which is I need… that’s it.


That’s it…hmm??


 Yeah that’s it.  


 Ok I’ll bring tomorrow if you want ok??

Thank you 

Your most welcome ❤❤❤


Kabir was sat on the couch then someone from behind taped to his shoulders he put hand on her hand…he said Sonu please leave me alone…he moved and shocked to see Saanchi there. He instantly keep hand back..


You?? Here what are you doing here??

Woh sir actually I wanted to ask you about these medicine.


Ok ask…


Sir these medicine that you are giving to Uncle I want to replace them with others will you please bring some new medicines.


But why you want to replace them?.


Sir I’m going to treat him on the way which is I learned in London…so in that way these medicines is not suitable for treatment.


Ok do as you wish but my papa have to get well soon is it clear that??


She nodded when Kabir was going then Saanchi mistakenly bumped with him. Both fell down on the floor Kabir was top on the Saanchi… their eyes were met…. both had a romantic eye lock…. wind blowing their faces both were lost in each other completely….


After few minutes both realized their positions and stands up.


I..I I’m sorry sir..


It’s ok but next I don’t want that.. And U have to learn that how to walk proper…. this is not Television’s imaginary world where all the time heroines bumped with heroes.


Saanchi shocked with that little smile appeared on her face. Excuse me Sir…..


Kabir noticed her smile….what the mean of excuse in it?? And What why are you smiling?.mene koi joke Mara??


She stopped and nodded no no sir not like that…


So why you are smiling??


Sir smile pe koi tax toh nahi lagta??


Kabir gave confused expressions

What do you mean??

Nothing sir and bye good night…she went immediately


Kabir stood there in shocked manner.

What kind of this girl?? I just not able to understand her… just forget it Kabir focus on your work… which is most important besides thinking about her.

Precap: Kabir and Saanchi will meet @ SDCH.

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