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Ishq Hai…Ya Kuch Aur…Episode 12

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Ishq Hai…Ya Kuch Aur…Episode 11

Tej and Kunj are relaxed now.
Kunj: Jaan le li aapki beti ne toh… (She scared us)
Tej smiles. Kunj could see the happiness in his eyes while smiling.
Kunj takes Tej to cafeteria.
Kunj: May I ask you something?
Tej: Hmm
Kunj: I am sorry; if I am hurting you.You said you couldn’t be with her. She always wanted your love and care. I find it weird that a dad who loves her the most, doesn’t have time for her.
Kunj could see Tej’s face expressions changed.
Kunj: I am sorry. I shouldn’t have asked it.
Tej (after thinking for a while): No, you have all the rights to ask this question. You are her fiancée.
Kunj remains silent.
Tej: Aisa nahi hai ki Twinkle ka koi family nahi hai… Punjab me bada pariwar hain, humara… Joint family hai…Maa,bauji, Chacha chachi, unka beta aur uske family…Acha khaasa business family hai humari… (My family is in Punjab. A joint family. My father, mother, chacha, chachi and my brother (chacha’s son) and his family…A well settled business family…)
Kunj: Hmmm
Tej: Simran (Twinkle ki mummy) jab se ghar me kadam rekha, tabse business aur acha ho gaya…Ghar pe bhi bus khushiyan hi khushiyaan ..Babuji kehte the ki lakshmi ka kadam hain… (Simran(Twinkle’s mom) came to our house as lakshmi to the house. Everything got better after our marriage. Our business was growing. Our family too was in a happy space.)
Tej (with a smile): Me toh kahunga usska pyaar tha jo ghar me barkat aur khushiyan le aaya…Sab usse bohut pyaar karte the…(I would say it was her pure heart and love for others which brought the change in our life. My family too loved her so much.)
His love for his wife was clearly seen in Tej’s eyes. Kunj could see his eyes shining when he talked about his wife.
Tej: Pura ghar jhum uta ta jab simran ki pregnancy ki baat pata chala…Itna khayal rekhte the usse…Mano rani jaisa rekha tha… (We were all excited to know about her pregnancy. Everyone took care of her like a princess.)
Tej: Puri pregnancy me koi issues nahi thi…Delivery ke time kuch complications ho gaye…Aur meri simran chali gayi…Twinkle ko muje dekar… (Pregnancy period was smooth. There were some complications during delivery. Simran left us with a new born behind.)
Tej: Shayad chachi ne ye baat pehle kehi thi ki Twinkle maa ko kha gayi…Me ne daatke tab muh band kera di ti..Per shayad vo baat sab ke mann me reh gayi thi… (I think Chachi started this non sense. She called my daughter a bad omen. She said she killed her mother. I scolded her and stopped that talk at that point. But other family members kept that in mind.)
Thode din baad sab vapas office jane leg gaye…Me bhi…Twinkle ke dekh baal ke liye maa,chachi aur bhabhi thii.. (After few days everyone got back to normal life. I also started going office. I left Twinkle with Maa, chachi and Bhabhi.)
Business me problems hone lage…Shayad mera dil simran ke saath tha…Drinking bhi kerne lag gaya tha…business me dhyaan nahi de paa reha tha..Isliye…Per sab Twinkle ko hi dosh dene lage..Mere saamne sab chup the…Per piche sab usse alag treat kerte the… (I couldn’t get back to normal life. I started drinking and couldn’t concentrate much on business. Business was getting into deep troubles. Probably my carelessness was the reason. But my family chose to blame Twinkle.. They never said it in front of me. )
Twinkle jab 5 saal ki huye, Tab ussne mujse aake pucha ki mujse koi ache se baat kyu nahi kerte aur maa ko maine mara hain… (I was unaware of this, until my baby started speaking. Once she asked me why everyone doesn’t talk to her nicely and Am I the reason for mom leaving us)
Me toh chok gaya tha ki bachi ye kya keh rehi hain…Aur sawaal kerne pe pata chala ki mere gharwale simran ki jaane ke gam uspe nikalte the…Koi uss se ache se baat nahi kerte the aur kuch khane peene ko de to bhi taane marte the…. (I was shocked to hear such words from a 5 year old. When I questioned about it and had a huge fight on this. I came to know that everyone treated her badly. They consider Twinkle to be the reason for Simran’s death and all the loss in business.)
Meri choti si bachi…Usse kya pata hain….Uss sawaal ne muje jaga diya….Simran ke jaane ke baad inn 5 saalon me sirf drinking aur business hi mera duniya thi…Twinkle ka dhyaan rekhna bhul hi gaya tha…Aur jinhe maine uska dhyaan rekhne diya, vo aise dhyaan rekh rehe the… (They treated my child like that and I never got to know that…After Simran, I was either into drinks or into business. I didn’t bother about my child.)
Jab maine gharwalon se iss bare me pucha…bohut ladai huyee…Unhe mujse koi problem nahi hai…Per Twinkle se… Me samaj gaya simran se unka pyaar, meri Twinkle ke liye zeher ban gaya tha…Ye tak bhul gaye the ki Twinkle bhi simran ki hi ansh hain… (I fought for my child. Sadly I came to know that their love for Simran has turned into hatred for Twinkle.)
Jab me samaj gaya ki gharwale kabhi meri Twinkle se pyaar nahi ker sakte, to maine usko leke vahan se aa gaya… (I thought time will heal everything and waited for a while. But understood that it is never gonna happen. Their behavior towards Twinkle became even worse and obvious. I took Twinkle and left my home.)
Kunj: Ohh…
Tej: I had to start my life fresh. I joined Army.
Few years later I got to know that babuji was ill from a friend. That was the last time we went to Punjab. By the time I reached, babuji passed away. I came to know that my mother passed away a year ago. The entire business and the properties were handed over to Chacha and his son legally. My father considered me as dead and didn’t want me to get back to family. I was okay with his decision. I never wanted his money or business. But yes, I couldn’t forget what chachi did to my Twinkle that day.
We were leaving and chachi stopped Twinkle and gave her some money and said
“Now that your dad has nothing left…. I don’t think your dad can get you what you wish…A lowest post in army can’t afford to have a good life…Keep this change with you. You can buy something of your wish for one last time”
Those words pierced my heart like anything and I decided that I would work hard and reach at a postion where I could make every wish of Twinkle true…I thought my daughter was happy as I have fulfilled her every wish. Every single thing she has wished, I have made sure that she got it. Untill I saw her in the hospital bed. I realized she needed me than the material things which I provided her.
Kunj: Hmm…It’s okay Sir.She will be back soon and you can spent time with her.
Tej: I want her to be back soon.
Few days later,
Kunj was with Twinkle at hospital. Kunj has gone out to take a call. Twinkle is trying to take the glass of water from the table near to bed. Twinkle is at the edge of the bed and about to fall. Kunj enters the room watching this. Kunj rushes to the table and holds Twinkle. He helps her in sitting using a pillow. Kunj gives her a glass of water.
Twinkle: Thank you…Aap ne bacha liya muje… (Thanks…You saved me from falling.)
Kunj: Welcome..You are getting back to normal life. But be careful, you have an injury at the leg and will take some more time to move.
Kunj sits on chair near by Twinkle.
Twinkle: Ab me tikh hun…Aapko kahin jaana hai to, It’s okay… (I am fine…If you want to leave…you can…)
Kunj: Acha hai…Tume tikh leg reha hai…Per muje koi jaldi nahi hai…Vaise bhi tume kuch aur chahiye to? (I am happy you are feeling good. I am not in a hurry…Anyways…You may need something else too..Better I stay back…)
Twinkle finds it weird…
Twinkle looks at him as if he is an unwanted guest over there…
Twinkle: Aap yahan kyu baitoge? (Why would you sit here?)
Kunj: Don’t worry about me..I am fine. You take rest…
Kunj thinks, ‘Ye aap aap kya laga rekha hai…Ohhh…Shayad ye vo typical purane zamane vale type ke ladki hai…Apne vo ko aap se bulati hogi…’ (Why is she calling me aap? Got it…May be she is like those typical grils who call their lover aap…Out of respect..)
Kunj takes a magazine from the table and pretends to be reading it.
Kunj (peeping from the sides of newspaper) thinks, ‘Beta Kunj, Thodi chipku lagti hai…Abhi tak toh mujse pucha bhi nahi ki muje interest hai ki nai…Aur aap aap keh rehi hai…’ (I think she is desperate to be with me. She didn’t ask me whether I am interested or not and has started calling me aap.)
Twinkle tries to close her eyes. But she was feeling uncomfortable as Kunj was in that room.
Kunj thinks, ‘Vaise tumhari galti nahi hai…Me hu hi itna smart…’ (I know it’s not your fault. I am so smart and dashing that you can’t stop falling for me..)
Twinkle looks at him weirdly as she understood that he is checking her out…
Twinkle: Dekhiye…
Kunj: dekh toh reha hun…
Twinkle: I mean…Suniye…
Kunj (keeping the paper aside) thinks, ‘Tumse itna kuch sun ne ko hai ki kya batau…Bus tum puri tarah tikh ho jao…Stress nahi dena chahta abhi’ (I am eagerly waiting for you to talk. I have a lot of questions to be answered. It’s just that I don’t want you to take stress. Get well soon.)
Twinkle: Aap ne muje girne se bachaya…Isliye me chup thi…Per ab…Bohut hua…Aap kabse muje ghure jaa rehe ho…Vo bhi hospital me…Tameez naam ki cheez hai ya nahi…(I understand you have saved me from falling…But it’s going over the top..I can’t handle this anymore. You have been checking me out for a while…And that to in a hospital…You don’t have manners…)
Kunj: Tume lagta hai me tum me interested hun, aur peeche pada hun…(What? Are you out of your mind?)
Twinkle: Itna toh clearly dikh reha hai…Kabse keh rehi hun…Per jaane ka naam hi nai le rehe ho… (It’s obvious from your moves. I have told you in the most decent way to get lost and you are still here…)
Kunj (gets up and in a firm voice): Oh…hello…Piche toh tum padi ho meri…Vo bhi haath dhoke… (Excuse me…You are desperate about me…)
Twinkle: Paagal ho kya? Me toh pehli baar dekh rehi hun tumhe? (Are you in senses? I am meeting you for the first time)
Kunj: Acha ji…Ab seedha aap se tum pe aa gayi..Kitni chalu cheez ho yaar tum… (Ohh…So now your respect and love for me has all vanished…Wow…I can’t believe you…)
Twinkle: Ho kya reha hai…Muje kuch samaj nahi aa reha hai? (What are you talking? What’s going on?)
Kunj: Fine..I will tell you…For that… madam Twinkle, I need your precious time…I hope you don’t misjudge me as a jerk.
Precap:- Kunj getting answers to his questions.
Jisha 😉

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