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Yeshu 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu takes Toyseller’s pain on himself

Yeshu 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with the villager giving wrong statement against the toyseller. The toyseller pleads innocence and tells that he didn’t pollute the well. Rabbi Guru ji asks him to either agree to his crime or else accept death when people pelt stone on him and kill him. He asks the villagers to take him. Toyseller cries. Neema hears this and comes to Yeshu’s house. She informs them everything. Mary and Joseph run out from there. Maria’s husband tell that they shall go, but she tells that they can’t go against Rabbi Guru ji as he is giving them water. Yeshu makes Manu drink water. All the kids smile. Neema comes there and informs them about Rabbi Guru ji’s plan to punish toyseller for polluting the well. Yeshu is shocked. Rabbi Guru ji gathers the villagers and tells the people that few business who were going from near the well, saw toyseller throwing dead animal in the well. The businessmen gives fake statement against him. Toyseller tells that he didn’t do this. Joseph asks how can toyseller hurt his own son. He refuses to believe. Rabbi Guru ji says I have the eye witness, his punishment is taken by the God, now I can’t change my verdict. Joseph asks what? Rabbi Guru ji says he has played with everyone’s lives and that’s why the stones will be pelted on him, until he dies. The toyseller says if you are giving me punishment for following Yeshu rather than you, then I accept this punishment. He tells that he was blindly following Rabbi Guru ji, but Yeshu opened his eyes and made him get all the happiness of the world. He says Yeshu is the one whom we shall worship and not Rabbi Guru ji. He says he feels more close to God, when he is with Yeshu. He says when he got leprosy, Rabbi Guru ji brutally throw him out of the village, but Yeshu showed sympathy, care and love towards him and made him and all the lepers freed from the disease. He announces that Yeshu is very much superior than Rabbi Guru ji and he is like God. He says I accept this punishment and will take Yeshu’s name while dying, as you are scared of his name. He says your fraud can’t withstand infront of Yeshu for long. Rabbi Guru ji says don’t forget that Yeshu stopped the animal slaughter and risked everyone’s lives and I was the one who is working in people’s service since many years.

Yeshu prays to God to save the toyseller and don’t let anything happen to him. He asks God to give his pain to him instead. The people start pelting stones on the toyseller, and Yeshu feels the pain. Joseph and Mary try to stop the villagers/people. Yeshu asks his cousins and friends to continue praying with their eyes closed, while he bears all the pain which toyseller is going through. He gets marks of injury. Mary asks Rabbi Guru ji to take the stone and kill the toyseller. She asks him to kill him at once. She says I know that you will not do this, as you don’t want to get blamed for his murder. She says everyone of us are struggling due to the water scarcity and asks them to ask their innerself, if the toyseller can throw the dead animal to pollute the well. Joseph says Toyseller is the one who is staying with you here, and sold his toys to you. He says even he and his son are suffering and yearning to get water. The villagers agree to Mary’s sayings and regret their doings. Mary tells Rabbi Guru ji that the people gave their verdict, now they are taking the toyseller with them. The toyseller finds no marks on his hands and body, and tells that he is fine, as he had taken Yeshu’s name. He says I shall thank yeshu. They all leave. Yeshu prays to God still and asks him to bring Toyseller back to Manu. Toyseller comes there and calls yeshu. Yeshu opens his eyes and sees him. Toyseller hugs him and finds marks on Yeshu’s hands and body. He regrets to take his name, which made yeshu take all his pain on himself. Yeshu says if you are fine then I am fine. Toyseller cries.

Precap: Yeshu asks Mary, why God listens to his prayers and asks her to tell who is he? He asks why every miracle do happens by me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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