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Udaariyaan 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh decides to shift to Canada

Udaariyaan 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Tejo’s family discussing about the money. Rupinder/Rupy says we have no money to spend in the marriage. Viraj says we have many tasks to finish, how will we manage. Harman says I will try to arrange some funds. Rupy says its not possible. Viraj consoles Satti and says I will try to handle this. Fateh comes home. Amrik asks will you go to Canada, when did you decide this. Fateh says I had decided to forget Jasmin, but when love is true, then Lord shows some sign, I will fulfill Jasmin’s dream. Jasmin wards off bad sight from Tejo. Tejo says you will also get someone. Jasmin says I have got someone, that imported lover isn’t imported, Fateh has proposed me today.

Mahi says you will go, but what about here. Fateh says I will not break dad’s promise or heart, I will not go against him, I will convince him, dad has to understand that love is worship. Amrik says he will never agree. Fateh says I will convince him, I have to search for a job in Canada before Jas finds a guy for her. Jasmin says he loves me a lot, I told him that if he has a visa for Canada, then I will marry him. Tejo asks how will he go to Canada. Fateh applies for jobs. Mahi says you said Jasmin gave you a month’s deadline, what did she reply to your love. Fateh says relax. She asks what did she say when you said I love you. He says she was shocked, very soon she will fall for me. She says I care for you, I don’t want you to have a heartbreak. He says I didn’t get rejected, don’t cry. He hugs her. He asks her to go and sleep. She goes.

Jasmin says the guy is nice, handsome, plays dhol well, I wish he was from Canada. Tejo recalls his words. Jasmin says you know what he said, until he gets Canada job letter, we will become friends. Jasmin sees the flight and says very soon, I will be going in this plan. Harman and Lovely get worried about arranging money. Tejo comes to meet Fateh. She sees his family giving a media interview. She gets shocked seeing Fateh with his family. Fateh says I have to go to college to get a letter of recommendation, then I can get a job in Canada. Amrik shows Tejo to him. Fateh says I will handle her. He goes to her and makes her away from the gate. He asks what are you doing here. She says you are Khushbeer’s son, you know his thinking, you promised to take Jasmin to Canada, you are a liar. He says no, I love Jasmin, I will fulfill her dream and also convince family. She says no chance, Jasmin isn’t in your fate. He says I love Jasmin, no one can keep me away from her. She goes. He says I will die if I get away from Jasmin.

Jasmin is with her friends. Preeto calls her and says I know you are busy. She tells about Neetu’s groom, who has come away before marriage. She asks Jasmin to show the pic to the entire pind. Jasmin says send the pic. Preeto sends Jas’ pic to Jasmin. Jasmin says there is no network. Preeto consoles Neetu and says I will not leave Jas. Viraj tells Rupy about pending payments. Satti gets her savings. Rupy asks did you sell your jewellery. She says no, I have mortgaged it, everyone wears imitation jewellery these days. Tejo comes. Everyone acts busy and leaves. Satti hides the matter. Tejo asks are you hiding anything from me. Satti prays. Fateh meets his coach and says I have to fulfill someone’s dreams, I had to do this. Coach asks are you in someone’s pressure. Fateh says no, I m doing this by my happiness. Tejo says Jas, all this isn’t needed. Jas says its needed, its my right to plan a beautiful honeymoon with my beautiful wife, its a matter of one week. Fateh thinks to tell his dad. Jas talks to her mum. He says Jas is sensible and educated, I m doing this drama to end her doubts, its just 4 days for the marriage now. Tejo sees him and smiles.

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