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Simple Beautiful Life – Kaira – Chapter 2

Here is the next episode,

While the families were talking (there some talks will be revealed) our Kartik and naira were going slowly and silently at terrace.

Kartik- Haaye ,why are you so beautiful .I was going to get heart attack.

Naira- Mendak , What are you saying ? Means my makeup is not done clearly . U know what I was in such a hurry. This is my normal look.

Kartik- what ,I thought if you look like this daily , then I will die .

Naira- Then die .

Kartik was about to come closer but,

Akshara- Naira beta ,pls come .

Naira- bye  mendak

On the hall ,

Suhashini dadi- We loved to meet you and will tell you tomorrow .

Badi dadi in tension- Ok you can tell anytime .

Again radhekrishna 1 by 1 Goenka and Maheshwari have gone to their respective home.

Goenka Villa

Dadi -Kittu  you haven’t come home since go in your room and change clothes .

Kartik-ok dadi

Manish- I didn’t thought he would be owner of Singhania Diamond . I think so we should agree for our business name .

Akhilesh- I also think as a business deal we should think and because of the girl naira Kartik will stay and join the business.

Suhashini dadi – you are saying correct . Tomorrow send them a hamper of Paris that we are ready to make naira as our bahu.

In Singhania Sadan ,

Naira was in her room lost in Kartik s thought.

Then suddenly she hears a voice from window ,

Naira – Mendak , tum (with a loud accent)

Kartik- say slowly , someone will hear.

Naira- what are you doing here ?

Kartik – what happened I am in wife’ room .

Naira- means they said yes. I will tell mama she will be so happy

Kartik- Of course ,they  said yes.

In Kartik s phone , dadi call came.

Naira – Kittu dekho dadi ka phone aya ,abhi niklo kal milenge

Gayu was watching all these  from  door.

Gayu  Comes in room and says

Gayu- So this is going . I haven’t seen anything.

Naira- Gayu didi ,it is nothing like that.

Then like sisters ,Happy cheerful talk.

Next Morning ☀️ ,after pooja ,

Naksh- bhabhi maa ,maa ,papa  dekhiye ye kya aya .

Naitik- naksh what is this hamper?

Akshara- let’s open and see.

Before opening , naira come with half eyes open saying why is so much voice here.

Akshara- naira you haven’t sleep ed neatly yesterday.

Gayu- She was talking with Kartik.

All teases her . And forgot about hamper then suddenly Gayu comes with luggage and says I am going to Mumbai for project .

Naira- Don’t tell lie ,you are going to meet Vivaan.

Gayu – no (shyingly)

And then after talking we all know their talks .

Gayu goes.

Naksh-  I am opening the hamper.

After unwrapping , There was a shiny gold layer  and then , they see a letter.

Naira- what is this?(after washing face)

Akshara- Let me read this letter.

After reading letter aloud.

Devyani – They could have come aand tell na what is this like showoff.

Bhabhi ma- Let it be devyani . They are boys wale(ladkewale).

After saying ,they see an old lady  at door.

Guess who is she .


Precap – Dadi vs Buadadi

And after seeing her the episode end.

Sry for not adding images . I was bored . But will definitely add from epi 3 . Hope you all like this .

Bye  .

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