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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 4)

Recap – Sayi meets with an accident

Chapter 4

Advay – Virat take her to the hospital.

Virat immediately ran towards the auditorium and took his police car, within seconds he reached the spot. He picked Sayi up and placed her in the back seat, he started the car and was in full speed. Since it was a police car, he switched on the siren also. Advay sat in the back seat with Sayi.

Advay – Virat, will you be able to reach hospital within 10min?

Virat – Of course yes.

Advay – Listen, be very sure of it. Because Sayi’s pulse rate rate is dropping and her breathing is also shallow. Also go to Global Hospital, that’s the nearest emergency hospital.

Virat – Okay. How long can she hold?

Advay – Max 10min. Not more than that.

By the time, they finished talking, they almost reached Global Hospital.

Advay – You take her out. I’ll be here with my team.

Virat – Okay.

Virat’s uniform was full of Sayi’s blood stains.

Advay – Lie her on the stretcher Virat. And team, call the MD immediately. Formalities must be completed within 10min.

Advay and team went with Sayi to the Operation theatre.

Virat stood outside all alone. He was tensed as well as worried.

Virat’s Pov :

It’s all my mistake. I shouldn’t have scolded her at that moment itself. What was the need for doing all this Sayi? What did you gain by doing all this? You don’t know how much I value you in my life. I started feeling empty without you and fragrance. Please come back Sayi. I want my Gadchiroli girl to come back. Please Bhaapa, do a miracle on her. I’ll definitely take care of her, and will make sure that she doesn’t end up doing such stupid things again.

End of Pov.

Advay is seen talking to few doctors regarding Sayi. He’s having few of her reports.

Pulkit came to the hospital and talking to the receptionist when he noticed Virat.

Pulkit – Virat, how’s Sayi? Advay said it’s quite complicated. What happened?

Virat – It’s all because of you Mr. You were the one who brain washed my wife. You manipulated her with your innocent talks and made her your pawn. You wanted to destroy us through her right? And you even succeeded. Good job!Listen, if something happens to Sayi, you’ll be the only person facing everything and not anyone else.

Pulkit slapped Virat.

Pulkit – Come to your so called senses Virat. I’m here as a Doctor and not as your family member. Where’s Advay ?

Virat – How do you know that stranger?

Pulkit – He’s not a stranger Virat. He’s Sayi’s family.

Virat – Sayi has only Me and Usha Mausi. No one else is there in her world.

Pulkit – There’s long story which you are not aware. All that I can say is be careful, because this time Sayi is not alone. She has her family with her, who’ll go to any extent.

Advay who were listening to their convo wanted to stop them going further. Advay didn’t want Virat to know about Sayi’s family.

Advay – Pulkit, is this time to bring up such talks?

Pulkit – I was asking Virat how Sayi is. Looks like you didn’t tell him anything.

Advay looked at Virat who looked confused at what was currently happening.

Advay – Virat, there are few complications with Sayi. You better go back. We’ll inform you if there’s any progress.

Virat – NO! I won’t move a step from here. Sayi needs me. And I’ll stay here, that’s final.

Pulkit looked at Virat helplessly. Advay assured Virat.

Pulkit – Inform your family Virat.

Virat nodded. Pulkit and Advay walked away and was talking.

Pulkit – Are you very sure ?

Advay – Yes Pulkit.

Pulkit – I was there the whole time. I left only when Virat came towards you both.

Advay – Listen Pulkit, this is not an accident. I’m very sure this is a murder. And their aim was Sayi.

Pulkit – I can’t believe this.

Advay – The lorry driver didn’t switch on the front lights. He didn’t even horn when he saw Sayi. So there’s no other assumptions, they planned to kill Sayi.

Pulkit – But why? Sayi is new to Nagpur. She doesn’t have any rivalry for now.

Advay – Someone has planned this Pulkit. We’ll complain it to police?

Pulkit – Virat is there right. We can tell him. He’ll be more responsible now, because they tried to snatch Sayi from him. He won’t stay calm. We’ll talk to Virat after Sayi’s operation. Let’s not complicate things for him now. How’s Sayi? What does her report says?

Advay – That girl na, she’s very strong. She tried her best to hold her breath till we reached hospital. Regarding her reports, there are chances for her to have a memory loss.

Pulkit – Oh no. That’s bad. Anything serious?

Advay – Unless she recovers, we can’t say how serious it will be. Regarding her scan reports, nothing. Around 12-14 stitches will be there.

Pulkit – So there are chances for her to forget Virat. Right ?

Advay – Yes. There are more chances. I know I shouldn’t be selfish now, but I guess it’ll be better if I move Sayi from Nagpur and take her home.

Pulkit – What ? Are you serious? Take some time, explain her everything and then take her. That will sound more better.

Advay – I thought that. But what if Virat holds her back? After all, I’m her fiance, I’ll have to make sure that she doesn’t go back to him.

Pulkit signed him not to say anything further, but Advay shrugged it off.

Advay – Moreover, dadu is very angry with the deal between Sayi and Virat. Mostly dadu will help her with her studies and ask her to divorce Virat.

Advay looked back at Pulkit who was in a daze.

Advay – Pulkit ? I’m talking to you! Who do you think will Sayi believe? Me or that IPS?

……… : Of course me.

Advay and Pulkit looked at the direction and found that it was Virat.

Virat – She’ll believe me.

Advay – When did you come?

Virat – When I came to know your some dadu will help Sayi in divorcing me.

Advay – Be careful with your words Virat. He’s my dadu. Mr. Vikram Singh Joshi.

………: Yes Advay, why did you have to call out my name so loudly?

Advay (happy) : Dadu. Finally you are back.

Virat looked at Vikram Singh Joshi, he was shocked.

Virat – Excuse me sir. Are you Mr. Vikram Singh Joshi Rathore?

Dadu : Yes, Who are you?

Precap –

Virat : Hello sir. I’m Virat Chavan IPS.

Dadu : Oh, Sayi’s husband.

Pulkit – Virat, how do you know Vikram Uncle?

Virat – Who doesn’t know him? The most efficient Ex DSP.

……. : Did Sayi die?

Driver : Yes.

Paakhi is shown smiling at herself.


Advay Singh Joshi will be Kunal Jaisingh

Vikram Singh Joshi Rathore will be Mahesh Thakur

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