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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 8

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Episode starts with… 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I need to talk to you.. 

ANGRE: I don’t want to talk about this mehendi topic. Is there anything else you want to speak about?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I don’t have anything else other than this..

ANGRE: Then, I don’t want to speak about it. I’ve already told you that you should apply mehendi and get vansh name written on it. I won’t support you in this. Because, I won’t allow you to go against any ritual. Because, marriage rituals are important.

Saying so, he goes.. 

Riddhima hits her own leg in anger and shouts in pain.. 

UMA: What happened riddhima? 

RIDDHIMA: Nothing aunty…

Riddhima sits for applying mehendi. The designer applies the mehendi first to ishani.. Meanwhile, vansh comes there and notices another mehendi bowl kept for riddhima. He silently comes from behind and mixes some powder in the mehendi bowl. Angre notices this. But, he couldn’t ask anything because the guests were around vansh.. 

After applying mehendi to ishani the designer starts applying mehendi on riddhima’s hands. Within few seconds, she feels a burning sensation. She shouts in pain.. 

CHANCHAL: Riddhu, what happened?

RIDDHIMA: Mom, my hands are itching and burning. I couldn’t tolerate it..

ANGRE: Riddhu, you just remove the mehendi..

Just then, vansh comes there and pours cold water in her hand. He brings ice water in a bowl and asks her to dip her hands in it.. Riddhima dips her hand in the ice water. Just then, she felt relax.. 

Angre takes vansh aside… 

ANGRE: Vansh, what’s happening here? I saw you mixing some powder in that mehendi bowl. I still believe that my friend is not that bad to hurt anyone. Tell me, why did you mix that powder? What did you mix in that?

VANSH: Thanks for trusting me. Actually, I heard riddhima’s talk with you. I came to know that riddhima doesn’t want to write my name on her hand. I thought to help her and mixed that allergy powder in that mehendi bowl. Because of that allergy powder, she got that burning sensation and itching. I know that after this none will ask her to apply mehendi.

ANGRE: Vansh, why did you do this? This is a ritual..

VANSH: Angre, rituals are made by humans for their satisfaction. I don’t believe in all this. Moreover, I have promised riddhima that I won’t force her to do anything in this marriage life. I don’t want to force her and even I don’t expect her to do these rituals. I don’t want her to compromise for me.

So, it’s not a problem for me. Don’t tell this to anyone.. 

Saying so, he goes.. 

Riddhima who was standing there hears their conversation.. 

RIDDHIMA: Did vansh do all this for my convinience. Is this really vansh. Today, he is totally surprising me by his behaviour.. 

Riddhima looks at vansh who was chatting with his friends. Vansh notices this. Riddhima comes near him. Seeing her, vansh comes forward. 

VANSH: Why were you staring at me? Do you want to tell anything? 

RIDDHIMA: Actually, thanks..

VANSH: Thanks for what?

Just then, riddhima recieves a call.. 

RIDDHIMA: What!! When did this happen? Where is she now? Don’t worry.. I’ll come. Don’t worry.. 

Saying so, she cuts the call.. She gets tensed. 

VANSH: What happened? Why are you looking tensed?

RIDDHIMA: Nothing..

Saying so, she goes. Riddhima messages angre to meet her alone immediately. 

Angre reads the message and comes there. 

ANGRE: What happened, riddhu? 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, my friend shwetha has left her home with her boyfriend. Her parents just now informed me and they don’t know how to handle it. I need to go Bhai. They don’t have anyone to help.. They need my help.

ANGRE: But, riddhu..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, please. Even you know them very well. They have just called me. They lost their hope for their life. They lost their only daughter. I promised them that I’ll come and bring their daughter home. Please, help me bhai. It’s not just about shwetha. It’s about two people’s life. We have to save them. For that, we have to get their daughter home. Please, bhai.. I can’t just sit here and enjoy this marriage.. Please, understand me..

ANGRE: Ok.. But, wait for ten minutes. We still have 10 minutes for the function to get over. We have only one dance left. After that, I’ll take you out..

Just then, everyone calls riddhima and Angre to accompany them for the dance. It’s a couple dance.. Ishani and Angre dances and vansh and riddhima joins them.. Riddhima keeps thinking about swetha.. Just then, she was about to fall but vansh holds her. 

VANSH: What happened to you?

RIDDHIMA: Nothing, I’ll be back soon..

Saying so, she goes for making a call.. 

Riddhima calls her friend ayisha, who is an inspector.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ayisha, this is riddhima sharma.. I need an important help from you. My friend shwetha is missing from afternoon. We suspect her boyfriend. He must have kidnapped her. So, I need your help in finding her. I’ll message you her mobile number. Just try to track down her location. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.. I’ll send all her details to you..

AYISHA: Don’t worry, I’ll help you.. You, just message me her details along with her photo..

RIDDHIMA: Ok.. Thank you..

Saying so, she cuts the call and goes. Vansh overhears her conversation. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I have informed ayisha about shwetha and messaged her details. I asked her to track down her location. We must go there immediately..

Just then, she recieves a call.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry.. I’ll send my bhai immediately..

She cuts the call.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, you better go to shwetha’s house and take care of her parents. I don’t want them to take any wrong decision. You better go and be with them. I’ll meet ayisha and come there..

ANGRE: But, how will you come out? It won’t be easy for you to escape..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I know. But, don’t delay by waiting for me. You go first. I’ll somehow manage and go there..

ANGRE: Ok. Then, I’ll go first.

Saying so, he leaves.. 

Riddhima calls sejal and informs her about shwetha.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, do you really think that you’ll be able to go out. If aunty comes to know about this, then..

RIDDHIMA: We don’t have time for all this.. Come with me..

Saying so, she takes sejal along with her and goes.. 

As the family members were busy with the guests, riddhima and sejal hides from them and goes out.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, start the car fast.. 

SEJAL: I can only get the car keys for you.. You know, that I don’t know to drive.. Now, I’m so tensed too. I can’t drive at all..

RIDDHIMA: Oh my God!! What will I do now? What’s your problem in learning driving?

SEJAL: Why can’t you drive?

RIDDHIMA: Can’t you see my hands? It’s itching and burning. I can’t drive.. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you at all..

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

VANSH: Give me the keys.. I’ll drive the car..

RIDDHIMA: Why should I give you the keys? I don’t need your help..

VANSH: You don’t have any other choice other than me.

Riddhima, recieves a message from ayisha… 

SEJAL: What should we do now?

RIDDHIMA: Give him the keys idiot..

Vansh takes the car and riddhima and sejal gets in..

SEJAL: Riddhu, I have an doubt.. 


SEJAL: Why did you tell ayisha that her boyfriend kidnapped shwetha? Why didn’t you tell her the truth?

VANSH: Then, isn’t it the truth?

Saying so, he turns in shock. 

RIDDHIMA: Idiot, look at the road and drive. You are just turning as if someone is driving the car..

VANSH: Then, tell me.. What is the truth? Who is this shwetha?

RIDDHIMA: Actually, She is our college friend. she ran with her boyfriend..

VANSH: Then, why did you lie?


RIDDHIMA: Actually, my friend is in anti kidnapping branch. I can’t belive other policeman. She’ll handle only kidnapping cases. So, I lied to her. Moreover, I want the case to proceed faster. We need to find her before she goes out of this city. Now, the whole city Police will search for her, we’ll definitely get her.. I just thought about their parents. So, I lied to her. I know it’s wrong.. But, I don’t have any other option. 

Meanwhile they reach the police station.. 

AYISHA: Riddhu, from past minutes shwetha’s number is switched off. The last location is her area. If we get her boyfriend’s number then, it would help us. Is there any way to get his number?

RIDDHIMA: I’ll get it.. Just ten minutes.

Saying so, riddhima comes out of the police station.. 

While walking, she was about to fall just then, vansh holds her.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, just stop.

RIDDHIMA: We have no time to speak..

VANSH: Stop it!! Your friend must be major right?


VANSH: Then, why are you trying to stop her? Its her right to marry anyone as per her wish. What’s your problem in it? Why are you behaving like this?Love is not a wrong one. Everyone people have their own right to love anyone and marry them. Can’t you see that you are disturbing many people here? Why do you want to stop her?

Riddhima, hearing all this gets angry.. 

RIDDHIMA: So, you are supporting her? You want all your answers, right? I’ll tell you. But, not here..

Come with me.. 

Saying so, he pulls vansh and gets in car. She sits in the driver seat.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, you can’t drive. Look at your hand, it’s still red.. You must have pain..

RIDDHIMA: You don’t have to care about my wounds anymore.. Just get inside.. I’ll give all your answers..

Saying so, she suts the car door. While shutting she hurts her hands.. 

Vansh, sees this.. 

VANSH: Have you gone mad? you are bleeding.

RIDDHIMA: It’s none of your business. Just get in..

SEJAL: Riddhu, you are hurt.. How can you drive? Let him drive the car..

RIDDHIMA: I told you both to get in. Otherwise, I’ll leave you both and go.

Sejal and vansh gets in.. 

Riddhima drives the car with the bleeding hand.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, you are bleeding..

She horns continuously in anger.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, the road is free..

RIDDHIMA: I can see it..

VANSH: ( thinking) What did I ask her, that she is in this much anger? I don’t mean anything wrong. Her hands are bleeding. Definitely, she must have pain. Without even caring about it, where is she going like this?

PRECAP: Ayisha admits shwetha in the hospital and calls riddhima.. 

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