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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 19

Hello lovelys i m back and i m.so happy on the response of my OS i got so many new readers and guys if u r reading this do comment on it too

So episode starts here

Scene 1

Night before engagement

Everyone is sitting in hall suddenly a voice come


Vansh – riddhima

Angre – sonaa

Ishani – riddhima

Siya – riddhu di..

And everyone rushed to her room

The voice was of riddhu

Scene 2

Riddhima’s room

Everyone come

Ridhima is crying sitting on bed by keeping both her hands on her face

Vansh (tensed) – what happened sweetheart

Angre – sona why r u crying

Riddhima ( crying) – i can’t do this engagement sry vansh

Vansh (perplexed) – what why r u saying this

Ishani – what happened riddhu..

Riddhima (crying) – i can’t do this engagement vansh

Vansh – just spill the beans sweetheart u r killing me

Riddhima (showing her face) – i got a pimple vansh i will look bad tomorrow

And everyone just banged their head and started laughing

Riddhima (angry) – u guys r laughing get lost

Siya – di..c’mon it just a pimple

Vansh – yes sweetheart

Ragini – its ok di u r indeed beautiful

Riddhima – this pimples are better than our future husbands ragini they won’t leave us  whole life even when our husband will leave us.

(Hahah lol😂😂 so this was the idea by my dear frnd priyanshi_13 she said this in our random convo bt i took and use this here thnq dear)

Angre – vansh u take care of her we r going

Everyone leaves

Vansh (cupping her face) – see from my eyes sweetheart u r the most beautiful girl on this planet

Riddhima (hugging him) – i love u vansh

Vansh (kissing her crown) – i love u too sweetheart

They hugged each other

Scene 3

Ishani is going to talk to angre about her insecurity

But she gets the biggest shock of her life when she reached angre’s room

She is standing on door and she saw

Angre is lying on ragini and they both are on bed and kissing each other.. (now don’t throw chappals on me for this guys😂)

Ragini (moans)- do it fast darling fast..oh its hurting angre c’mon fast

Angre (groans)- i m doing .. Wait..

(I hope u all imagine the situation well becoz i couldn’t write that exactly)

And they both were on each other

Ishani has now tears in her eyes..

She ran away from there..
And cried in her room badly

Her pov

Why i m crying she is his fiancé they were not doing anything wrong bt i felt my heart was piercing seeing angre with that b*t*h ragini

She says

Jiske liye mera dil bar bar roya hai..
Kmbakht wo kisi or ki baaho me soya hai…
Chlo mujh se ishq na shi ..pr hmdardi to hogi hi
Kahi na kahi mere ashq dekh kr..jaan toh uski bhi jlti hi hogi
Uski isi ada pr to hmne khud ko br br khoya h..
Or wahi kambkht aaj kisi or ki baaho me soya h
Me uski yaado me na sahi..chlo me uske khwabo me na sahi pr uske zehen me toh hu…
Meri yaado ko..meri baato ko..usne bhi dil k kisi kone me piroya hai..
Phir kyu wo aaj kisi or ki baaho me soya hai..

(Its too long bt bear this plz😅)

Next day

Engagement starts

Everyone get ready

I m in love with this look guys

Kindly imagine a wheelchair yourself


(She is wearing blue guys 😂😂)

Vansh – may i have your attention everyone

So today me and my brother are going to get engaged to our lady loves 😉 ( lady love like seriously vansh dont drag angre in this)

So let’s have a dance guys

Everyone started dancing in pair

Angre – riddhima

Vansh – ishani

Raginii – random guy

After one song

The partners switches

Now riddhima is dancing with vansh

Angre with ragini and ishani is  with a random guy

Vansh and riddhima started dancing on bol na halke halke

(A true riansh fan will remember both bol na halke halke version #poolside # bedroom)

They are so engrossed in each other

Vansh pulls riddhima by her waist..



Vansh – u will kill me one day by your looks sweetheart😉

Riddhima (putting her hand on his lips) -shh!! Dont talk like this i won’t let anything happen to

Vansh – i can’t control myself now yr sweetheart lets run and get married (winking)

Ridhima – shut up vansh..have some shame..for God’s sake

And they both hugged each other

And then

Angre and ragini are dancing on aaj phir tum pe pyr aya hai..

Ragini is touching angre in very seductive manner she is being very close to him

And angre left with no option held her so closely and he is touching her waist and..they are dancing in very romantic way

Ishani is continuously watching angre and ragini with anger

And then the partners switches again

And this time ishani is with angre

They lost in each other’s eyes

They are looking at each other with all the affection and love they have for each other

Angre – why are u crying ishani

Ishani – won’t u call me jaan now..

Angre – ishani why are u saying like this

Ishani – oh yes i forgot now u have your jaan ragini..your wife..

Angre – its to be wife ishani

He said emphasising on to be wife..
Ishani looked at him with painful eyes

Then the songs play
Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa.

Khamoshiyan. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Angre ‘s POV
I love u ishani and i can see in your eyes that u r affecting by this engagement for God’s sake ishani plz say something just tell me once that u love me i will break this engagement immediately bt plz speak up damn it.. do u still love that bastard aryan

He says

Mohabbat ka kissa bhi kitna ajib hota hai,
Ham chahte hai unko, Jin k Dil me koi aur hota hai,
Shyd Humari mohabbat hi kamzor hogi,
Jiski dor…teri saaso se judi hogi..
Mere dil ki dhadkan ye toh nhi jaan payi..
Shyd kamzor hi thi..isliye teri yaado se picha nhi chhuda payi


Then the dance ends

Dadi – lets start the ring ceremony now

Angre and ragini u will do first

Angre and ragini stands on stage

Angre took ragini’s hand hesitantly and about to put the ring

Riddhima – they are looking so perfect with each other just like made for each other

Ishani started remembering all her memories with angre

She remember how angre supported her in her tough time how he gave her strength how he helped her when we needed a shoulder to cry.. their talks their fun all the momemts are roaming in her mind

She says

Aaj apne har zakhm ke daag ko dho dia hmne..
Lgta hai aaj sch me tumhe kho diya hmne..
Kese dekh lu tujhe kisi or ki baaho me..
Maano jese tu bhul gya hai hme..

Angre is about to put the ring bt

Ishani shouts

Ishani – ye engagement nhi ho skti..
(This engagement can’t happen)

Done for today guys i hope u won’t find this boring becoz i found it while writing bear me guys..

Do comment if u don’t like still do comment and say that i will improve

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