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#Riansh #Immj2 An unexpected accident giving new life (Part 13)

Okay guys I am very sad that you guys think that I don’t love love you all and not replies it is because and only because of lack of time. Please 🥺🥺🥺 forgive me. Sorry Myni,Kifu, Gabrrili di that I am not able to do reply or chat as before. All ones who have commented so much thanks to you all and till exam I will be like this only sorry

@Yashi thanks yar

@Shivangi thanks yar

@Sweety thanks yar

@ Myni thankyouuuu sisi

@Aishu am doing it 😊 thanks

@Priyudi thankyou am too missing

@Jayashree thankyou am doing it

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@Gabriela thankyou so much di and I am happy to know you are addicted love you so much

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My dears these days I was thinking 🤔🤔 that why are authors not replying and now I get why and Myni a big salute how much you post and reply phew… My dear friends I am not getting time so I will be not able to reply and see FF sorry 😭😭

Is it animating or not it’s new cover.So dears, I was preparing for a happy ending but it’s getting tragic and through the cover you can understand that one more person is there.

Hmm, I knew finally ,finally ……..( If you want you wait it is name of lead)

All ( numbers not mentioned) are under my masterplan and you know dear this is dedicated to you and I clearly remember that day…….(will continue in flashback) . I was crying when….. . But now I am not the wrong side or a suspecting person because I made every one cooperated.

A party has finished and meeting conducted

Thankyou for wonderful presentation. Every thing was on fire and enjoyed very much I too was mesmerized.

I think you are correct you were the one who were conducting this pary. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Thankyou so much.

Party organisers – No mention it is our big privileged that we were working for you and misunderstanding are common .

I am feeling bad

No need for that dude


Another place Ahhh,my head . What happened. Is it a flashback or present incident?

Vansh Point Of Situation

Oh God it is amazing never in my life I have cried for this much. I am not getting why I am doing this for a unknown person. But her eyes have broken through my rude over suit. But I don’t think it is this hospitals hospitality as I have done so much test and did it.

Angre Point Of Situation


Who is that person for whom my boss scold me

Ahh I am very sad it is second day I am crying.

Ishani Point Of Situation

Oh my heart is aching for Angre he is being crying for two days. I can’t see him like this . 🤧🤧😭😭.

Siya Point of Situation

Oh my God this two are crying for this much time. Cry babies. Now I shall do something.

Ahana Point Of Situation

Hmm Siya I can see someone is lost in thought and two are crying and Dadi enjoying everything.

Siya, Siya what are you thinking.

Same thing which am thinking.


I will go to Ishani.

Hmm then me Angre do all arrangement.

Siya – Angre Ishani is jumping into pool you know na phobia

Ahana- Ishu look Angre is lying in pool and could not breath you know na.

Both ran Angre was already reached into poolside but Ishani was not visible then loo and behold when Angre turned Ishani Bumped into Angre and both in arms managing to stand straight but fall down to pool .

Both crying and flattering in pool. Siaanna are laughing and saying why crybabies you should be cautious couldn’t you see the oil

Both giggled

So I tried today too and one quiz where is Sejal . If you find out a single clue for sure next update you will get recap. So remember no replies in comment section nor in update . Ok cuties. Pray for the ones who are preparing and who are I’ll. With love

Your unstable author,



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