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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 12 (The Horrible past 2!!)

Hello everyone…

Back with another Boring Episode with the revelations of The Horrible past 2…

I don’t know but I am not in mood to write these emotional ones..

It was 7:00 in evening

None of them talk to each other they all were lost in there own thoughts…

And aksh was asleep while talking to Riddhima..

They all were waiting for Riddhima to wake up..

Then they all heard a voice..

Aksh:- mumma,mamu,badi dadi….. Beautiful woke up…

Everyone rushed to the room..

Sejal goes and hug Riddhima..

Sejal:- You are okay na??

Speak damm it…why you are not speaking..

But Riddhima’s first word shocked Sejal and Aryan..

Riddhima:- Bhai..??

Angre was hidding behind the door..

After listening bhai word from his jaan mouth he was on 9th clouds..

He rushed and hugged her tightly..

Angre:-(crying)I am sorry!!! I am sorry ..I don’t deserve you jaan..I am very bad..

Riddhima didn’t utter a word she was just crying…

Sejal:- How dare you call her jaan with your blo*dy mouth..if you again utter it I will not leave you..😡

Aryan:- You don’t even deserve to call her by her name..😠

Kabir:- Aryan,Sejal wait Let me speak..

Riddhima see here listen..it’s all upto you but just once you have listen it..

She was still hugging her bhai..she didn’t knew why but she was..

She wants to hate but she can’t..afterall she loves him a lot..

Kabir hold her hand and said..

Sometimes the situation are not in our hand…and the way that is left may be very difficult but we have no other option..

And after choosing that way we have to regret a lot..but what to do you have no option..

It is said na:-

Haalat humare bass mein nahi hoti..

Aur jab hum raasta dhone lagte h to vakt humara sath nahi deta..

Bas bachta h toh… vakt humare pachtane ka..

Kyuki voh raasta hume yaado ke siva kuch nahi soochne ko dete ..

You just listen to your heart nothing else..but once listen to angre it’s my request..

Aryan:- Kabir how can you??

Kabir:- No Aryan..you don’t know the whole thing..

Aryan:- I know the whole thing how this Angre wants to sold his own sister..

Kabir:- Aryan you Don’t know what are you talking about..pls for God’s sake..let him explain..

Everyone deserves a second chance..

Angre:- Kabir don’t..he is right.. I don’t deserve..but riddhima I want to ask your permission can I tell my side story..🥺

If you want to give me chance after listening my side story them its okay otherwise I will never show my face to you..

Dadi:- Beta I know I don’t have any rights to speak in your personal matter but as an experienced mother I want to say that give him a chance..I am not speaking in her favour as he is my granddaughter’s husband..I am giving you advise as your grandmother..

Riddhima:- Dadi I have accepted you as my own grandmother..bhai I want to listen your part..

I aways know that you are hepless I want to talk to you but you disappear and after 10 years of long time I am meeting you..I know you can’t do that..pls tell me that I am right..you have your own reasons..??

Angre:- Yes you are right..I am blessed to have a sister like you..who understood me soo well..but promise me what will I say😥 you will not blame yourself..

Riddhima:- Okay.. promise..😟

Kabir:- Angre let me..

Sejal, Riddhima and Aryan were shocked that how Kabir know everything..

Kabir:-I know riddhima,Aryan and Sejal you are shocked and angry that I knew everything but I never told you..I was bonded with a promise not to tell you all..you know I went to Delhi for this reason only but I am not able to succeed with my mission to save my best friend (Angre)and prove him innocent..he still recives threating calls.

Kabir:- let me tell you all from very starting…

Me and Angre were like brothers..he help me a lot and I owed to him..till now..you know Riddhima you are very lucky that you got angre as your elder brother..

Ishani:- Kabir say from starting as we know nothing..pls it’s related to my sister and my husband..

Angre:- Let me tell as I have to tell my bad deeds to my in-laws also..As I never told them about anything related to my family.

Angre:- We have a perfect family (A joint family)where everyone respect eachother..

But one day..the most horrible day of my life..our parents died in an accident..It was an accident only but from that accident our family broke into thousands of pieces..

All properties of my dad ,mom and all family properties and buisness were in my father’s name..and mothers name..

And according to the family rules I and Riddhu we are the owners of all properties and buisness own by our parents..

But After our parents death..Uncle and chachi wants all properties and buisness..and for that they pampered is a lot but after few months..they show their true colours..they start forcing us to sign the properties paper and transfer all buisness and properties to their name…

We don’t want anything but we wanted to fulfill our parents dreams..

My dad wanted me to handle his business..which he started..and mom wanted Riddhu to be a successful doctor..she wanted to become a doctor but according to some situations she has to leave her studies ..but mom wanted Riddhu to fulfill her dream..

But uncle and aunt don’t want to spend money in these things.. according to them we were not there family member but a bank which will provide them money..I don’t know why but they wanted everything to sell ..but we don’t want to sell as it were our last meomories of our parents..and mom dad wanted to use these Ancestral properties to open orphanages..And

one of uncle’s friend wanted Riddhu to marry his son he don’t want Riddhu but the properties which she owns..and uncle used to torcher Riddhu.. force her to say yes to marriage..she wanted to fulfill her mother’s dream she wanted to become a doctor and she knew if this marriage will take place ..her studies will not able to complete..He used to beat me so that I can sell my sister..to them but I always denied as she was the only one left close to me and I also knew that she will not be happy from this marriage..uncle and his friend were just greedy of properties..

This was okay to me when they used to beat me but when they started same with riddhu I am not able to control myself..

I slapped him in front of media…and this was my first mistake…but I am not feeling guilty for that..It was my duty to protect my sister..

It was after the day when I slapped him infront of media..he locked me in my room..

And they kidnapped Riddhu and forcefully started the rituals of wedding..

My Riddhu was waiting for his brother that he will rescue her..and help her..but all in vain..

Angre was crying very badly..Kabir came and put his hand on his shoulder..

Kabir:’ Angre let me continue.

How some he called me and said that to help Riddhu in running from this marriage..

And I did as he said..

I was somehow able to escape with riddhu but angre’s aunt catch us..

And then angre come with his uncle and what he did was unexpected..

He said to Riddhu that you have to marry uncle’s friend’s son..or else he will broke all ties with her..

He said that I am elder than you and all properties will be mine..if you want them you have to marry Raghav (his uncle’s friend’s son..)

And this broke Riddhu…her brother whom he loves so much is asking her to spoil her whole life marrying a gold digger..

I somehow manage to escape with riddhu..but she was in truama her brother wanted her to get sold..

She was in truama for 5 months…she always ask me to find his bhai..

But angre used to refuse me that he will not meet her.

Hmm..this all was a plan made by angre..he was helpless..he was forced to behave with you like this…

He was threaten that If he will not act as they said they will kill Riddhu..

And this is why Riddhu he did not come to meet you.

He sign all the papers and transfer all the properties to his uncle’s name..and he came here and get a job in VR Enterprises as personal assistant of Vansh..

I was there with riddhu but angre was all alone what he suffered was much more..he was not able to meet his jaan for 10 years..whom he loved soo much..

Aryan you were saying about his bad deeds he have done a lot for you and Sejal..

He was the only one sejal who invested in your office to start your party planner office..and Aryan he was the one who give you the idea of starting your business in other countries also..he was the one who help me in spreading your business..he was very glad to help you all as you helped his jaan in her difficult times..

He was in contact with me..he used to call me asked about his jaan…

Riddhu He behaved very bad because he wanted your safety first…

There men were keeping an eye on Riddhu..but after I get to know about their whereabouts they all go to Delhi and started their new life I was on mission to catch them but I failed…

They have many strong sources..

Riddhu now it’s your choice to forgive him or not..

According to me he is the best brother..

Everyone one was crying…

Arayn:- Angre I am sorry I don’t..

Angre:- Don’t be sorry it was not your fault..the face which is visible from outside people will see only that..

Don’t worry I don’t have any grudges with both of you…but I am very Happy thaat my jaan has such a caring brother like you Aryan who was there with her..and such a protective sisiter like sejal….

Ishani :- I am proud of you angre..what you have done is not easy…

Vansh:- Angre I am proud to have you in my life as a best friend…

All were very emotional..🥺

Riddhima:- bhai I am sorry I misunderstood you…I am sorry..I knew somewhere that you were helpless but I am not able to understand you…our heart was connected na ??then why I were not able to see you helplessness..why??😭😭

Angre:- Riddhima you promised me na that you will not blame yourself..

Dadi:- Now No more discussions lets go first we will have dinner..

Riddhima beta you have to take rest also…

Siya:- dadi dinner is ready..we should go..no-one has eaten anything after lunch..

Riddhima was very happy to get her brother back but there was something she was not convinced with..

Riddhima wanted to ask many questions but ..

She wanted to ask but thought she will ask afterwards..as angre just came from Jaipur and this much happen..

Precap:- Riansh moments ..+ Family fun

Hope you like it…as it was a boring one..

Do comments..as I am very sad because the previous episode has many less comments..

And if there are any mistakes pardon me as I have written this in a hurry and it was long too…

Stay safe…

And next episode will be posted when there will be 20 comments excluding mine..🥺

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