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Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 9

Hai friends here is next episode

Adi is shocked on hearing Karan’s name

Adi: Karan?

Call: Well done Virat , you found me so soon. Seems like you have a huge fan following. A girl has put herself in risk to save you. But you cant hide for so long. Ill get you soon buddy

The call disconnects

Adi: Bhai was it Karan who?

Virat nods his head

Jeevika: Mister may I know who Karan is?

Virat: Of course you can mam. Its your sister who is affected now

Adi: Ji woh…Karan is…is…. the grandson of Mr.Khundra. The reason behind the enemity of Vadheras and Deewans. He continues the legacynand creates problems always. Patha nahi kya bigda humne unka

Virat: Bestfriends became worst enemies because of them. And even now he is blood thirsty

Jeevika: Matlab Deewans and Vadheras were friends once..

Virat: Haan Dadaji and Harvinder ji were close friends. Started their business together. Then something happened..

Before he could complete Purshottam and Avantika rush there

Avantika: Virat..how is the girl? Is she alright?

Virat: Haan bua. She is being checked now

Purhsottam: Who is the cause? I have to ask the police to

Adi: Naanu no need for it

Purshottam looks questioningly

Virat: Its Karan

Avantika:We should increase the security now dad. Virat has to be kept safe

Virat: Bua everyone close to me has to be  safe first. He will be targeting them

Purshottam: Im giving a police complaint

Virat: We dont have proof Dadu. We cant do anything now

Just then doctor comes out. Jeevika and Virat run to him

Virat: Sir how is..

Doctor: Perfectly alright sir. The injury was not deep or eyes werent hurt luckily. She has to be at rest at home for few days . Im discharging her in sometime

Jeevika: Thank you so much doctor

Doctor: Its my duty mam

Jeevika: Can we meet her?

Doctor: She is in sedation now. You can meet her later

The doctor leaves

Jeevika: Thank you Virat ji

Virat: Virat is fine and its my responsibility . She risked herself for me

Jeevika: If she likes someone she will do anything for them

Just then she remembers Manvi telling her about the fight with Virat. She realises that Manvi has secretly started to like Virat. Virat is also stuck with Jeevika’s statement that Manvi will do anything if she likes someone.

Virat in mind: She likes me? I thought Im the one unable to pull her out of my thoughts. She too likes me..but…what if..no Virat dont jump into conclusions. She has saved you thats a huge thing

Adi: Bhai…bhai..

Virat jerks and comes to reality

Virat: Haan

Adi: Bill…we need to pay the bill to perform the discharge

Adi takes Virat with him . The scene freezes

Vadhera Office Next Morning 

Radhika is sitting in her place when Arjun comes there. Radhika gets tensed and her heartbeat raises

Radhika: Good morning sir

Arjun: Good morning. Where are your friends?

Radhika: Sir Neha and Rishabh are working with Jenny. Jeevika will be here in an hour. Her sister had an accident

Arjun: I heard it. She got hurt badly it seems. Let her take her time. If you have doubts feel free to contact me . Im saying this because you have come in the middle

Radhika: Okay sir

Arjun walks away smiling. Radhika feels her heartbeat return to normal

Radhika in mind: Even Viren sir doesn’t scare me like this. Arjun raises my heartbeat like anything

As she is lost in her words Jeevika runs inside

Jeevika: Hey Rads..sorry dear I got..

Radhika: Everyone knows it dear

Jenny comes there

Jenny: Jeevika Viren sir wants to meet you

Jeevika follows Jenny without a word

Once into the cabin Jenny leaves Jeevika and gets out to work. Viren comes to Jeevika

Viren: Ms.Arora how is your sister? Is she fine? What caused her accident?

Jeevika is shocked at the last question

Jeevika in mind: What will he say if he knows that my sister saved his rival and got hurt? What if he knows it and asks me to check it? Should I tell or not..May be I should not

Viren: Miss..Arora?

Jeevika: Sir..woh..accident…tha

Viren: Dont worry she will be alright. Im sorry for yesterday

Jeevika: Sir its not your fault please dont say sorry and embarrass me.

Viren nods

Jeevika: Ill take your leave sir.
Viren agrees and Jeevika gets out leaving a huge sigh

Jeevika in mind: I hid the truth to avoid confusion. Mannu will get alright soon and he will not know it anyway

Is Jeevika right??? The scene freezes


Adi Pankhuri and Payal are chattering in the canteen

Payal: Rubel followed me all the way to the department

Pankhuri: What? Thats crazy

Adi: I expected this much earlier

Payal and Pankhuri in unison: What? How?

Adi: I know him better than himself. He is clearly into Payal..right from freshers

Payal: Adi are you serious?

Adi: Im damn serious Payal. Latika will not get him anyway. I don’t mean that you must feel the same for him..woh bas..

Payal: Adi I know that…and regarding my feelings Im not sure neither positively nor negatively. Lets give it some time

Adi: Ab chalo we have talked a lot and

Pankhuri: Ate a lot too

Payal: I bet Ill sleep in class now

Adi: Ill say lets bunk..

Pankhuri stares at him

Adi: See ..your friend’s eyes will burn me into ashes

Payal: Pankhuri yaar..

Pankhuri: Not this lecture…we will go in the evening…Robertson’s lecture..what say Adi

Adi places his hand on his left chest and acts shocked

Adi: Pankhuri is this you?

Pankhuri gets red

Payal: Dont make her change her mind. Lets go to class now and bunk the last lecture

Adi: Set then..we are going for

Pankhuri: Icecream at the David’s

Adi: Superb then..

They disperse to class. The episode freezes




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