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Barrister Babu 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Manorama prepares for her plan

Barrister Babu 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Binoy getting an invite. He says Manorama’s tea party has pleased the queen, she has invited us in Viceroy’s party, you have made me so happy, tell me, what do you want, any clothes, jewellery. Anirudh says Manorama wants a velvet dress, I have called a special tailor for this work, she will wear that and go in the function. He thinks I know Bondita is feeling bad, but this jealousy will make her go to hostel. Bondita asks Koyli did she hear Anirudh. Koyli says if you got this chance, then he would have got that dress stitched for you and praise you a lot. Bondita thinks. Anirudh asks the tailor to make the best dress. Manorama smiles. Anirudh says you should mention Roy Choudhary in the embriodery.

Manorama thinks you are unknowingly making the dress for me as I want for my mission. Bondita studies and says Anirudh will be proud of me. Manorama fixes a string to her dress. She says this blast will kill Viceroy, I will get sacrificed for my country. She thinks I have placed the bomb, I will stitch it well. She goes. Bondita comes and sees the dress. She says it has something special in it, I will wear it once and see. She sees the strings. Bondita takes the dress from her and thinks thank God, Bondita is fine. She scolds Bondita. Bondita argues with her. Trilochan comes. He looks on.

Manorama says I don’t like sharing my things with anyone, be it my dress, room or husband, what’s mine is just mine. Trilochan shouts stop it Manorama, you have to understand, what’s yours can’t be only yours, you have to learn to share your things and husband, I don’t like reminding always, apologize to Bondita, you did this mistake second time, apologize in a way that you remember it, touch her feet and apologize. Bondita says I don’t want all this, you are a selfish person who thinks just for yourself. She goes. Trilochan says you have snatched everything from her, can’t you give her anything. He goes. Manorama cries. Bondita says Manorama has done mistake, she should be punished, I will go and wear that dress to welcome Viceroy.

Manorama says I can’t tell you Bondita, I will return everything that I snatched from you. Bondita says I will work hard and get this respect to welcome Viceroy. Bondita is in her room. Bihari signals her and comes to her room. She asks where is the tailor. Bihari gets the tailor with him. He says I got him secretly. Koyli says ask him to stitch the dress for you. Bondita shows the dress’ design and says stitch the same dress. She recalls talking to Anirudh about Manorama’s measurements noted down. She asks the tailor to take the measurements. She says I have got all the things, the same material. Bihari gets the cloth and the sewing machine. Bondita says stitch the same way, exactly the same. She thinks I will wear Manorama’s dress.

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