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An encounter that will be close to my heart..OS

Hello everyone..This is my first OS.

And honestly this is not my plot..I have read this story from somewhere and I liked it so much that I wanted to write it..

It is just an Remix of it…and credits goes to the original writer..I wanted to write it so I just recreated this plot..

Hope you all like it as I loved it..

A Man nearly 24 in age was sitting in a train..

Man’s pov

I had the train compartment to myself upto Delhi.. when a girl got in..she was not alone..she was with a couple..they seems to be her parents…they seemed very tensed about the girl..and her mother gave her instructions as to where keep her things..and not to lean out of windows,and how to avoid speaking to strangers..

The horn of the train blew and they bid goodbye to the girl..I was going blind at that time..my eyes are sensetive ..and therefore I was not able to see how the girl look like..but I knew she wore slippers from the they slapped against the floor of the train..


2 years ago..I fall from my bedroom’s window..I had fallen flat in my face due to which my eyes muscle beacame weak and I started to turn blind..


I think it would take time to figure out how she looks..or even I fail in figuring out her face.. But I love her voice and the way her slippers slapped against the floor..uff..

I wanted to break the silence so I asked her..”Hello are you going to Delhi?”

I think she didn’t notice me that I am sitting here but when I asked her,she gave a started gasp..But composing herself she told..

I didn’t know that there was someone else sitting here in this compartment..

I smiled and said…Well it often happens that people with good eyesight fail to see what is right in front of them..they have too much to take I suppose.. Where as the people who cannot see have to take only essential..on their remaining senses…

“Honestly I also didn’t notice you”I said,but I Heard you come in..”

She replied ” hmmm…”,by the way you didn’t introduce yourself.”

Oh! My name is Vansh Rai Singhania..and even you didn’t introduce yourself..I asked her.

Oh! Hello I am Riddhima Sharma..I am going to Saharanpur.she replied..

I am figuring her out ad I saw she was smiling while saying this and I can sense her joy in her voice when she replied..

She asked me excitedly.”Have you ever been to any hill station?”

I replied Yaaa!! I have went to mussoorie a couple of times,that too in October.”

“Woooww! You are so lucky to visit Mussoorie! Even I wanted to visit Mussoorie someday..” she replied.

“Mussoorie is very beautiful..” I said remembering all the beautiful memories.” The hills are covered with Rahul’s,and the tempting sun,and at night you can sit infront of logfire and drink coffee.. Everything is very beautiful and snoothing..”

She fell silent..I thought she took me for a romantic fool..

I don’t like the silence so I asked her,”What is it outside?”

First she didn’t reply and I assumed that she got to know that I can’t see..But her answer removed my doubt..

“Why don’t you look outside?”

I felt like an idiot there but still somehow..I open the window and hold the railing..and then turned my face towards the window..Cool wind was hitting my face..and I closed my eyes to feel it..as I can’t see whether my eyes are open or closed..I heard the panting of the engine,the rumbling voice of the railings and

I start imagining the telegraph poles passing and green trees, fields with some people working there..and My imagination broke through a voice..

She asked me “Are there any animals outside..?”

“No ” I replied confidently because no animals are found on this route in October..

“You have an interesting face..” I complimented her..

She smiled and said..

“Thanks for the compliment, otherwise I am fed up of listening to people that I have a pretty face..”

Ohh so you have a pretty face..I thought to myself..

“Well pretty and interesting face means the same only, sweetheart”..I wishpered sweetheart to myself..

“You yourself is a young,man but why are you looking so serious..??” She asked

Perhaps because of my personality, people take me as a arrogant and short tempered man!

We both laughed a bit at this silly joke..

Then heard the faint hustling of people and got to know that the station will be there in few minutes…

“Your station is about to come” I said..

” Thank God, otherwise I won’t ne able to sit here for a long in a train journey.”

We both again felt silence..

I was looking in her direction and could sense her gaze on me..

The slow rumble of train in background…

I felt something strange between us..Is there something??…I questioned myself..

She wanted the journey to end soon..and I was prepared to sit there for almost any length of time..and just listen to her lovely voice..Her voice had a sparkle of a mountain stream..

As soon as she left the train,she would forget the breif encounter..but I will never.. it would stay with me for rest of my life…

The engine’s whistle shreiked and the train stopped…

Riddhima stood up and began to collecting her things..I guess..

I was wondering one thing wheather she had her hair in bun or if it was plaited; There was lotsmof commotion outside and the vendors and cookies were shouting in their high voice..

“Goodbye..it was nice meeting you..she said to me..

She was standing close to me,so close that the perfume of roses from her hair was tantalising..I wanted to touch nher hair..but she moved away.only the scent lingered where she stood..

She soon went out of the compartment and the door banged with a thud… voice..

The guard blew his whistle and I was again ready for another encounter with another passenger..the train started to move slowly and once outside the station,it picked up speed..

I turned my face once Again towards the window and could nfeel many things happening outside it…it broke when I heard a voice..I snapped my head towards the sorce of sound and found that another passenger had come to occupy the seat..No matter what..I will never forget that sweetest encounter with Riddhima..

“You must be disappointed, because I am not that attractive companion of yours as compared to the one who left.”the man said and we both giggle..

Well she was an interesting girl-can you ntell me how she looked like? I asked the man..

“Well I don’t remember” he said sounding puzzled..

It was only her eyes that I noticed..They were beautiful..but they were no use to her..she was completely blind.. Didn’t you notice??…

I hope you all like it..as it is very different..and I am again saying that this story plot does not belongs to me..I have read it and I loved it so I thought to write in my own words..and thought of sharing it with you all….

Do comments..and tell me how is it..

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