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A Royal Love Story (Riansh) (IMMJ 2) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

V’s pov


Hi !! I am Vansh Rai Singhania .. a great business man .. I love to live my Life in my own ways .. Now I am in my office’s cabine … I am living in London from last 18 years .. but still I feel like something is missing ….. !!


But I don’t know what it is …..


Actually I am Indian .. but due dad’s work we have to shift London …. We never went India from 18 years.. yeah from 18 years we never went India for once … at least once…..


I was 7 year old when we move to London but the last 10 minutes before leaving Jaipur … Was … not .. Is… Is the most beautiful moment in my life ..

Till now .. That day when …………….





When we were about to leave from Rai Singhania palace I excluded myself from them went in my room …..

There she was , crying my little cry baby … Ruhi she should be happy na as I living and that I will not trouble her anymore … But I know …. I and she we both cannot live without taunting and fighting with each other …


I went near her Whispered :- ” why are you crying ruhi you were happy na , from the day we got to know I am shifting to London …. ‘


She quickly weeped her tears and said in most cute voice I have aware heard :- ” I am not crying because you are going … I am crying as kabbu and kakusa and kakisa is going ..”

( Kabbu , uncle and aunt are going )


( It’s Kabir plz .. don’t mind 😅😅 )


Lie … Again a lie …

I know I annoy her but she liked it too ..


I :-” Jhooti .. , tu mujhe miss Nahi karegi .. ”

( I :- lier .. won’t you miss me .. )


Ruhi :- ” mmm .. , na … Nahi ”


” Ok me ja Raha hu ” said and started moving out … I know she can’t let me go and .. Yes she held my hand and said :- ” thoda… thoda miss karungi .. ” and that it’s my heart melted …

( ” Ok I am Going ” said and started moving out … I know she can’t let me go and .. Yes she held my hand and said: – ” I will do a little … little miss. ” and that it’s my heart melted … )


I :- ” hmmm .. ok ek kaam karte hai .. Tu ye le .. ( handovering a ring in a chain ) ye Papa ne diya tha mujhe ki jab me Bada ho jaunga tab me tab mein pahnunga .. Tu ye mere liya rakhegi …

( I: – ”  Hmmm .. ok do one thing .. you take it .. (handovering a ring in a chain) This father had given me .. that when I grow up, I will wear it  .. You are keep it for me  .. )


” Par main to sab Kuch bhul jaati hun … ” She spoke … I know she is a world’s biggest bulakkad ……


( ” But I forget everything …” She spoke … I know she is the world’s biggest forgettable …… )


” So you always wear it around your neck .. so you don’t lost it … ”

She nodded….

” Aur Tu le .. it a key of my bracelet … Tu jab Aayega na tab Tu he ye kolna Mera bracelet …. Tu vapsa Aayega na …. Bol ”

( “And you take this  .. This is the key of my bracelet … When you will come, then you will open my bracelet …. You will come back …. Speak ” )


I don’t know that when I will come back India but still there was some instinct that I will return ….. And I promised her ” yes I will return …. ”

And I saw the most pretty smile for which I can spend millions of dollars now ……

But still I can’t see … In London toh never ….


We both bid each other … And then we left in car to live Jaipur …..






” Bhai , Bhai , where are you lost ..” my trance was broken by my fellow brother one in all Kabir Rai Singhania….


” Nothing actually I was missing you a lot so just thinking of you….. ”


Oo No what did I said , now he will definitely doubt on me… And yes I saw his jaw dropping …. I have fix it fast otherwise he pull my legs that ” Vansh Bhai was lost in someone’s thought ” .. however it is true …. Idiot what are you doing Vansh …


” Ac … Actually , that Sharma ‘s file was with you … And in half an hour there is a meeting …. Of my with him hence ….” I diverted the topic ….

Well Vansh you are great in that …


” Ha that file is with me wait , I just bring it from my cabin .. ” l nodded…


After five minutes …


” Bhai , take this … ” handovering the file to me …. ” Ok , you see about that construction site … which is stop because of some issues … Go clean the matter …. Till that I clean the meeting with this Sharma … ” I said left the cabin .. 

Hii !! Guys .. I made the dialogue in English … Also .. 

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