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A Quest for the Heart – Episode 12

Hi all I’m back..hope you all like this episode too. I am trying to add a bit more thrill into the episodes so pls stay reading and thank you for always supporting me.

Epi starts…

Riddhima was feeling a little sad that she knew she shouldn’t have questioned Vansh. She decided to apologise to him the next morning.

On the other hand..

Vansh (thinking in his room): I didn’t mean to walk away from her, but she questioned me. I don’t have a soft spot for anyone. This has to end. I am going to stay away from her.

He heard a scream from upstairs and wandered what happened. He rushed to the other side of the house and realised it was coming from Riddhima’s room.

Back to Riddhima..that same night (1am)

I held on as tightly as I could, he was here, he was after me. I knew I shouldn’t have ran, but I had too, this is my chance of freedom. I can’t lose it. Let me go! Please..why are you doing this?


Riddhima woke up with a start, she panicked and held her head. She realised Vansh was sitting by her bed and looked up at him.

Riddhima shouting to herself: Get out of my head!

Vansh: Riddhima sweetheart. Shh calm down it’s ok. You are safe here.

Riddhima was scared and grabbed hold of Vansh’s hand. He reached out at the side of the table and handed a glass of water to her.

Vansh (taking out his handkerchief): Here let me.

He gently tapped her forehead and wiped her face while looking at her.

Vansh: What happened?

Riddhima: I..I am so sorry Vansh for earlier..I really didn’t mean what I said. I shouldn’t have questioned you..you are good at your job…pls –

Vansh putting a finger on her lips: you talk too much..Stop..dont worry it’s okay. I understand, so are you going to tell me what happened?

Riddhima: It was nothing, just a stupid nightmare.

Vansh: Heyy, I can help, you can tell me anything, I might be a little fierce on the outside but inside I have feelings too (he laughs a little)

Riddhima: Thank you Vansh but not today. I don’t have the energy to explain.

Vansh: Okay, you rest. I will see you in the morning.

He was about to walk away but Riddhima grabbed his arm.

Riddhima (mumbles): Please stay for the night. I am scared to be alone.

Vansh was stunned, he knew he had to stay away from her but he just couldn’t. He was worried for her and it scared him. He didn’t know what he was feeling but still gently faced her.

Vansh: I am not going anywhere.

Riddhima closed her eyes as Vansh sat down on the floor beside the bed. She was still holding his arm as he tried to remove it but she grabbed it again so decided against it.

Vansh (thinking): What is this girl doing to me?

On the other side in a secluded place not far from VR mansion…

Kabir walked into his cabin and looked around. There was no first aid kit or anything that he could use to get the bullet out. He was loosing a lot of blood as he sat down and pulled out his phone.

Kabir (on phone): Get me a doctor! I don’t care how you do it and for how much, just make sure he is not seen and be as quiet as you can. I am giving you 20 mins.

He hangs up and pours himself some whiskey.

Kabir (thinking): You are going to regret it Vansh for laying a finger and a bullet on me. I know now your weakness is Riddhima; clearly you are blind to see that but I am not. I am on my next move, this time using those close to you starting with Aakash and Aryan

He laughs.

20 mins later..

The door opens and two figures walked in. One was Ahana and the other was the Doctor. (Ahana and Kabir are good friends in Vansh’s office)

Kabir: Finally..what took you so long?

Ahana: Kabir you know bribing a doctor from a hospital is hard work.

Doctor: What can I do for you?

Kabir: Oi mister, look my leg is bleeding. Take a look at it, do what you have to do and get out of my house.

The Doctor was a little scared but went towards Kabir and looked at his leg. He gently used a tweezer to get the bullet out of the leg and wrapped it up.

Doctor: You need to rest and keep it up for at least 2-3 days. The bleeding is not too serious.

Kabir: Good, now Get out of my house

Doctor: Sir, how bout the money?

Kabir: You good for nothing human, here take this money and get out.

He pushed a pile of cash into the chest of the Doctor. The doctor got up and walked away happily.

Kabir: Ugh people these days. So how is it going in that mansion and the office?

Ahana: Dont ask Kabir, I am tired of spying on Vansh, pls let me do something else na..

Kabir: Na na, you know it’s important.

Ahana nods and sighs: Fineeeeee I will do it.

Kabir: Thank you (he winks)

Precap: Kabir and Ahana talk to Aakash and make a deal to destroy Vansh. Meanwhile, Vansh and Riddhima share another moment this time by chance.

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