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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina help Bela and Anand indirectly

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer is speaking to Naina from factory. She asks him if he ate food. He nods. It was tasty. She asks him when he will return. He offers to come right away but she suggests him to focus on work. He speaks of his evening plans for romance. She asks him what she should wear in evening. He tells her she looks good in everything. He suddenly looks at his feet. Where are my socks? It turns out to be his imagination and Sameer is asking for socks in reality from Naina. She asks him who checks socks daily. He tells her to sort ironed clothes every time they come in. How long does it take? She hands him a pair of white socks. Look properly before asking for something.

Bela is mumbling to herself. She is freaked out. Anand feeds her water. You trust me right? We still have 24 hours. Preeti

tells him to speak to Rakesh. He also has a share in it. Anand replies that he has done it already. Plus he is in Lucknow right now. It wont be right to disturb him. Bela tells him to sell her bangles but he reminds her they are for Preeti’s wedding. Preeti also tells her father to use that jewellery. We will see about my marriage later.

Sameer surprises Naina with a wall full of their photos. She smiles broadly. They look lovely. He says they are less lovely than you. Did you like the surprise? She nods. A little less than you! They share an eye lock. She notices an empty frame. He calls it an automatic frame as their reflection shows in it. It will reflect our current moods automatically. They make faces and smile.

Naina wishes all the best to Sameer just when he is about to leave. He hugs her and is reluctant to go but she pushes him towards the door. Call me from your cabin just like Salman Khan called Madhuri in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. He coughs like shown in the movie.

Sameer is welcomed grandly by Mama ji and Devang. Mama ji is sure his Kaku Sa must be pleased seeing him in factory today. He introduces Sameer to everyone. He tells Sameer that he is being welcomed with claps today but from tomorrow his work will decide what he will get. Ashok takes Sameer to show him his seat. Sameer is headed towards the cabin but Ashok points at the desk right outside Mama ji and Devang’s cabin. Sameer does not seem happy. He recalls Naina’s request. Mama ji notices Sameer’s sullen face and asks him if something is wrong. One has to start from the scratch to enjoy the growth up the ladder. This is Kaku Sa’s idea. He made me sit on the same seat when I came to office. He told me to learn everything like a servant. Being the leader wont help you learn anything. Don’t take it wrong way. All the best. Sameer shakes hands with him. Mama ji and Devang go back inside.

Mama ji and Devang are laughing seeing his accounting work. We have to take 1 lac 12 thousand from this company. You have mentioned that we have to pay it to him. Sameer says sorry to him. Mama ji says even the tea vendor here wouldn’t have done this. He tells Devang to double check every doc prepared by Sameer from today or he wont sit here. He advises Sameer to focus on work. Sameer leaves quietly.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I missed Nanu very much that day. If he was here then he would have made me sit next to him and explained everything. he wouldn’t have made fun of me like Mama ji. I felt the worst that day instead of what I felt during my school or college. I advise every youngster to focus on studies along with love life.

He tries dialling out to Naina but it is busy. Don’t know who she is talking to.

Naina is talking to Preeti and finds her lost / tensed. She asks for Bela but she tells her to call a little later. Naina asks her if Bela is still upset with her. Preeti denies. She is busy. Talk to me. Naina asks for Bela again and Preeti makes another excuse. Naina deduces she is hiding something from her. Will you tell me or shall I come over? Preeti is not eager to share but Naina gives her swear. Preeti finally tells her everything. Naina scolds her for telling her so late. I am coming right away. Preeti tells her against it. Papa wont like it. He made us swear we wont tell you. Promise you wont tell him anything. Naina promises her. Sameer tells Naina she has time to talk to everyone except him. He makes her turn towards him and finds her in tears. What happened? She tries to dismiss it but he asks her if she was missing him. She turns to bring tea for him. He decides to ditch factory from tomorrow if it bothers her. Is everything fine? She shares that Bela and Anand are very worried. He asks her to bring her necklace. We would return it to Chacha ji. She denies. I promised Preeti we wont do anything like that. He speaks of returning money but she wants to help Anand in a way which also does not break the promise she just made to Preeti. Sameer gets an idea.

Anand asks Sameer why he called them suddenly. Bela asks him if everything is fine. Sameer assures them that everything is fine till the time he has Jhansi Ki Rani on his side. Sameer tells Chacha ji he wants to give him some money. Flashback shows Sameer thinking to refill money in empty envelopes and give it to Chacha ji as the wedding shagun. She reasons they cannot pay him exact 50k. He tells her they will give 48-49k approximately. She is touched by his gesture. He turns to go to Bank when she says I love you to him. He jokes that every girl says that to him. She makes a confused face. He says I love you too to her and runs. Flashback ends.

Sameer and Naina tell Anand they got this money in shagun. We dong need them at the moment. Anand looks at the envelopes. It is good that you tried to help. I am elder to you and more experienced. We cannot accept this. Sameer acts innocent but Anand tells them they cannot take it. It isn’t shagun. I saw the wrong names and understood everything. we will find a solution if we fell in a problem. Don’t worry. He returns the envelopes to Sameer. Sameer shares that it was his first day in factory. Let’s talk business. Either invest it somewhere or take it on interest of 1.5%. it will serve both the purpose. Naina nods. We have this much right. Anand and Bela smile.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and I tried to be a mature and ideal couple that day. We dint realise you don’t grow mature in a day. It comes gradually. Life taught us everything slowly.

Precap: Naina tells Sameer he enjoys spending money. I thought you would want to use them in every possible manner. She points at the notes on the plate. Use / eat it whichever way you want to. Kanji and Sameer look at Naina.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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