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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi reprimands Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Vivaan is no more, but his parents are alive, they can claim his child, who knows what will happen in future. Naira worries. Dadi says I can accept Gayu, but I can’t give Goenkas name to the baby, even Samarth shouldn’t give the name, he struggled for this name. She asks Samarth to prepare to become a husband, become a father later, tell Gayu to get rid of the burden. They get shocked. Manish says Maa… Dadi signs him to stop. She says Gayu’s name will be stained, people won’t spare her. Samarth says I don’t care for any people. Manish says people have a weak memory, they will forget it soon. Dadi says no, someone always questions Naira’s past, I can’t explain more, I have presented to you two things, you don’t have a third option

Samarth. Naira says something is wrong, we should go in. Samarth comes out. Naira asks did Dadi say anything. Samarth says I will be back in a bit. Naira asks Kartik to go and ask Samarth what happened. Dadi comes and says start the preparations for the engagement Naira.

Naksh and Kirti see Devyaani angry. Rama asks Devyaani to prepare for engagement. Devyaani says then you do it, why are you telling me, you are hiding the matters which you should tell me. She goes. Naksh asks what happened. Kirti says don’t know, maybe Naira knows, I will ask her. Dadi prays for Samarth. Naira gets the ring. Dadi asks her to do tika to it. Dadi says you did what you felt right, I m doing what I felt right. Kartik comes to Naira and asks did you talk to Gayu or Samarth. Naira says no. He says Rama called and said Samarth and Gayu aren’t there. Dadi thinks maybe Samarth took the right decision. Rama checks arrangements. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa to have darshan and come back home soon. Rama asks her about Gayu.

They get arguing. Naksh and Kirti come there. Kirti says sometimes, a certain thing hurts someone so much that it fills bitterness in relations. Naksh says I already made this mistake. Dadi and everyone come. Dadi asks will we get such a cold welcome, shall we come here or wait here. Rama asks them to come. Rama welcomes them. Puru and Ila say we will take pics today. Dadi asks why do you all seem worried, is not Gayu home. Rama says she went out. Dadi says so what, I know she has gone out with Samarth, they will be back, don’t worry. She says we will wait, maybe they went to meet the doctor today, the procedure will take time. Kartik and Naira see each other. They say sorry, this engagement can’t happen. Manish asks why. Everyone asks what happened. Naira says Samarth and Naira have eloped. They all get shocked. Rama and Dadi cry.

FB shows Samarth coming to Kartik and Naira. They ask what did Dadi say. Samarth says abortion, she has no objection with my marriage to Gayu, but she doesn’t want the child, she has her own logics, its not totally baseless, I have no problem with the baby. Naira says you both run away, we will save this baby, nothing should happen to anyone’s baby. She cries. Kartik says nothing will happen to baby. Puru comes at the door and knocks. Kartik says well…. we…

Puru says you are right, Naira said right, I m with you in this, it doesn’t matter if baby is conceived out of wedlock or not, its a life, its out duty to protect it. FB ends. Dadi asks what enmity do you have with me and my family, I trusted you and changed so much, you never considered us as yours, you have just adopted our name, not family, you cheated us like we don’t matter to you, am I lying, tell me, you even brainwashed Samarth. Kartik says Naira didn’t cheat anyone, she wanted to tell you the truth. Dadi says Naira has to decide if she is a daughter or bahu. Everyone looks on. Kartik asks can I girl become bahu when she isn’t a daughter, she never discriminate between both families, she always kept her duties, Naira will think as Naira always, not as a bahu or daughter. Dadi says you all fooled me. Naira asks how can you take such a stern decision, speaking of killing a baby, its not humanity. Dadi asks how dare you talk to me like this.

Naira says even your words would have hurt someone. Dadi says I have no problem to become wrong for someone’s good. Naira says we know the pain of losing a baby. Dadi says I have also lost my heir. Naira asks why do you keep speaking about heir, if you can’t the value of life, what does this mean. Kartik says you misguided us, Samarth was ready with Gayu and baby to start a new life, you confused him. Naira says you are always concerned of your name, the baby will think he is Goenka, if no one tells him anything, he will learn speaking and call you Dadi, you would have had another member in the family if you accepted Gayu and baby, Gayu has run away, she didn’t do anything, you were doing a big crime, I m happy that I stopped you.
Everyone dances on Teri hui. Mansi pushes Puru away when he goes to touch Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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