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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil targets Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman asking the workers what’s the problem, he already gave them salary and bonus. Sharma says what will they say, I will say. Raman says be quiet, let them speak, why did they stop the work. Sharma says I will say, workers want an increment, you have to make working hours less and provide free medical insurances. Raman says we gave them increment some months ago, we can’t make working hours less, else it will affect production and profits, I can just give insurance, sorry. Sharma says until the demands are fulfilled, strike won’t end. Ruhi gets a call and says its written, help, we are forced to strike………… She says I m sure Sharma did this. He says no, Sharma can’t do this, someone else is behind this. Sahil says you did good Shamshad,

Sharma will work for us by threatening the workers, did you talk to Seema and Abir. Shamshad says they already left for the work. Ruhi is on the way.

Her car breaks down. Two bikers come and try to misbehave. She uses pepper spray on them. They catch her. She shouts leave me. Seema and Abir come there and shout. The bikers leave. Ruhi says thanks, you….She hugs Seema. Abir asks do you know her Seema. Seema says he is my BF Abir. Ruhi says my car broke down. Abir checks the car. Seema asks do you have a BF. Ruhi says no. Seema says I want to marry Abir, my parents aren’t not agreeing. Ruhi says he seems to be a nice guy. Seema says yes, he is trying to impress my parents, I have no friends. Ruhi says I m just a call away. Seema says I will invite you in my marriage, surely come. Abir says car is fine now, someone compromised the wires. Ruhi says what, thanks. Manish takes their pics. Sahil asks him to be careful in next step.

Sahil says Raman doesn’t know what will happen with Ruhi now, she will be trapped, Raman will come to me and tell me who killed Muskaan. Ruhi comes to Raman and gives papers. She says we have to surprise Sahil, he can’t stop our work. Seema says Ruhi won’t doubt, she will never think that I m your gang member. Sahil says make sure Ruhi doesn’t come to know anything, Shamshad will explain you everything. He says Ruhi Bhalla, now wait and watch, what I do with you. Raman gives the forms of medical insurances. He says we can’t fulfill inappropriate demands, you will get a raise soon. Ruhi requests them. Sharma says until you give us a written statement, this strike won’t end. Ruhi says you can’t come from outside and provoke them. Sharma says no one will resume work. Raman asks him to stay in limits. Ruhi asks workers what’s the problem, I will solve it, don’t be scared of him. Raman slaps Sharma in anger.

Aaliya asks Adi how are you feeling now. Yug says better. Rohan comes there at the hospital and asks what are you doing here, you would have come for Aaliya’s checkup. She asks my checkup. Yug says I was feeling anxiety and thought to meet psychiatrist. Rohan says really, don’t tell me you also started hallucinating, nice that you got check up done at initial stage. He says hats off to you Aaliya, you are with someone who can attack you anytime. She says don’t worry, Adi loves me a lot, I m sure he won’t do this again. Yug says I have an advice for you, when there is a mental patient around, you should support, no one is normal here, everyone has some madness in them. Yug says I will send the psychiatrist number to you, you will need it. Rohan thanks him and smiles. They leave.

Sharma says you did a big mistake. Raman asks him to get lost, else he will kill him. Ruhi tries hard to explain workers. They go. She worries. Simmi says there is no network, we will miss the entire award ceremony. Yug and Aaliya come. Aaliya says its good, we can avoid telling Ishita about the situation here. Simmi asks where are Raman and Ruhi. They come home. Simmi asks what happened. Raman says what shall I say now, its not a big deal. Seema calls Ruhi and asks her to come home, it will be good if she is with her to give her courage, Abir will be meeting her parents. Ruhi agrees. Seema says she is coming. Sahil says great, you will get your reward. Ruhi says my friend invited me home. Raman says you should go, you will also feel good. Karan comes home. Raman asks how are you now. Karan says I m fine. Raman says please come.

Karan says I heard about factory workers strike, if I can help you and send my workers, I mean work shouldn’t stop. Bala says he is right, we should talk to Mani too. Karan sees Ruhi. She asks how are you. He says I m fine. Raman says sorry, I gave off to driver. Ruhi says I will go. Karan says I will drop you. She says its okay, I will go. She goes. Karan says let me know if you need workers, I will go. He goes to stop Ruhi. He says I wanted to thank you. She says this was my duty, you got hurt while saving us. He says you reminded Shyamlal about medicines, that’s very sweets of you. She says its equal now, lets move on, we have thanked each other as well, and I hope I m clear. She goes. He says she is right, why am I concerned for her and her family, am I ….

Manish clicks Ruhi and Seema’s pics. He asks what’s in this bag that Sahil asked me to click many pics. Sahil says a bad will ruin their lives now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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