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Yeh hai ashique (A twinj love story) _ Shot 2

Shot_ 1

Hey everyone thanks for your likes and comments. So let’s start with today’s episode.

Episode starts with twinkle and leela returning to taneja mansion. Aditi was super happy as she was going to meet twinkle after many months. Twinkle and leela entered Taneja mansion while additi saw them and rushed to twinkle and hugged her tight while twinkle just responded.

A_twinkle di u know I am super happy to meet u. bdy how r u and how is your health.

T_(with fadedvoice) I am fine aditi .

Aditi could sense something wrong in her behaviour as she was not that bubbly twinkle. And also her smile was a fake one.

A_ OK twinkle u go to your room and take rest I will see u later as I am going to cllg now.

L_ ha twinkle beta go and take rest.

Twinkle just went to her room like a lifeless body and laid down on bed crying inside her heart . This all was noticed by aditi but she decided to give twinkle her space.

Other side Sarna mansion

Kunj was sleeping in his room with his back facing to celling. Just then usha entered his room to wake him up.

U_ kunj wake up beta how much will u sleep

K_(in sleepy Toni)ma 5 more min please.

U_no kunj wake up or I will send ur papa here.

Hearing his father’s name he woke up with a jerk as he knew he was very strict in this all.

U_now u woke up so go and get freshn up.

Kunj with a cute puppy face goes inside the washroom while usha chuckled.

Dinning hall Sarna mansion

Everyone was having their bf when Manohar spoke up

M_kunj I think u should join our business as u have completed ur studies.

Kunj_yes das I Will but at first I want some days break so please dad I will join our business after some days please dad.

M_ok then kunj but do it as soon as possible.

Like this whole day went.evening taneja mansion

Aditi  regurret from cllg as she wanted to behind twinkles fake smile so she went to her room to talk. Twinkle was just sittinj 8n her bed like a lifeless body.

A_di how r u now.

T_i am fine adu.

A_di can I ask u one thing.

T_yes but what.

A_di why r u sad what happened why u became like a lifeless body. where is that my bubb ly do lost.

T_nothing happened adu just due to weakness

A_dekh di tu mujehse jooth mat bolt. May be we are not own sisters but we understand each other more that that. I can see in our eyes that u r suffering from some pain but why r u not sharing it . U only used to tell Na that when we share our pain it gets lessen so tell me and what about ayush jiju.

Twinkle on listening ayush name started crying hard . WhioW aditi was just shocked . Aditi made her drink water and calmed down.

T_ ayush cheated me adu. He just wanted my money and my body. After that he just threw me away like a tissue paper. He never yndunderst my love adu. He broke my hrt. U remember chinki used to say that love doesn’t exisit yes adu she was right after what ayush did with me I really don’t believe on love. He took my everything thing away. U know Adu for a girl her self respect is very important but he snatched that away from me ….. I gave him my body my everything but he just cheated me. (She could not speak properly words were choking )

Aditi was shocked like hell she just wanted to smash ayush and kill him. After what he did with twinkle.

Episode ends with twinkles crying face and addit s shocked face.


So bye everyone . Hope u all like it.ples like it and comment on it please it’s my humble request . Ignore all mistakes and if u have any problem then u can let me know. Good bye everyone .




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