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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana continues telling the story.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana saying the story of first avatar of mahadev, Piplath. Ravana says so the story starts from the birth of shani dev, first you should know why shani dev himself was born. Ganesh says so shani dev is the reason for the avatar? Ravana says yes ganesh ji, Karmafal data shani, one of the 9 planets and the god of karma and shani, he is a very stern and short-tempered god and you should know his story first and how Mahadev’s Piplath avatar came to being.
Ravana says shani dev is the son of surya dev, but he was born from the nemesis form of surya dev’s wife Devi sandhya. Surya dev and devi sandhya were married but devi sandhya could not handle the extreme tej and light of suryadev, her eyes would be blinded from surya dev’s light. In flashback, devi sandhya says

swami I cannot handle your extreme tej. Surya dev is saddened and says so now even my wife wont see me? what do I do? surya dev walks away sad. Devi sandhya tries to stop him but in vain. Sandhya is hurt and she says why cant I look at my swami? We both are in sorrow because of this, but no! I will meditate for years, but how can I walk away from surya lok just like that? who will look after my swami? Devi sandhya uses her power and creates a shadow form of herself looking like her, named Devi chaya. Sandhya tells chaya that you have to take care of my husband, surya dev until I finish meditating. Devi chaya says but how will I do it? Devi sandhya says you are my shadow form, so surya dev’s tej and light wont hurt you as well. Devi sandhya goes and from then devi chaya lives with surya dev.
Surya dev comes in his palace and he meets devi chaya, who serves him well but one day surya dev gets a doubt of who the real form of devi chaya is.
Suddenly ganesh interrupts and says ravana ji, drink the water. Ravana drinks water and continues telling the story.
Surya dev speaks with devi chaya and says how is my tej not hurting you? devi chaya does a mistake and says why would it hurt me swami? I am your wife. Devi chaya is pregnant and surya dev believes she is not the true form of his wife devi sandhya. Surya dev tests devi chaya and one day the secret is unraveled and surya dev says go away devi, you are not sandhya because I don’t feel you are my wife. Devi chaya is tried to playing an act for devi sandhya, she goes on earth to find devi sandhya.
Ganesh interrupts again and tells ravana to drink more water. Ravana drinks more water and says ganesh ji, don’t interrupt me as you are disrupting my flow of the story telling. Ganesh says okay I wont. Ganesh thinks, this is my plan ravana, I will make you drink more water so that you are forced to go and freshen up, this way the aatma king will stay out of lanka.
Ravana continues the story. Devi chaya finds devi sandhya in a forest meditating in the form of a horse. Ravana says devi chaya forgot that nothing can hide surya dev’s eyesight as his sunrays go everywhere in the universe. Devi chaya pleads to devi sandhya that she is tried and can no more act for her, because surya dev is also not accepting her as he may have known who she is. As devi sandhya reveals her true self, surya dev appears and says devi you are here! I knew chaya is not you, because it never felt like you whenever I hugged or touched devi chaya. Devi sandhya says swami, I have missed you all these years but I cannot handle your extreme tej. Surya dev is sad and devi chaya is sad too as she thinks, these many years I served surya dev with all love but I did not get anything in return, now I am pregnant then what do I do?
Ravana says this way devi chaya could not find any way because devi sandhya went back with surya dev and now devi chaya had to do something herself. So she took the road to meditation and prayers and started praying to mahadev in harsh conditions, also being pregnant.

Precap: Mahadev appears and blesses devi chaya that her son would be a divya child and be born as shani devm the god of karma and Saturn!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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