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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop plans to protect Himani

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Roop requests to let him talk to Ishika. Inspector says follow rules. Roop sees Ishika behind bars. She sadly looks at him. Roop says good surprise. Ishika says you kept giving me surprises, Himani could have been arrested, did you feel shock that I took this blame or that Himani didnt get arrested? I am praying that you are not involved in this otherwise Himani will lose hope from this relation. Roop looks away and thinks sometimes we have to be away from our own to protect them. Inspector tells commissioner that we investigated, Ishika and Himani are not involved in any bribery case. They leave Ishika. Ishika asks Commissioner that Himani will still this case right?

Shamsher is drinking wine and recalls his insult because of Himani and Ishika.


tells that Himani will lead this case. Ishika says thank you, when Himani was blamed, I knew I had to save her, she can never do this and truth is out, she is an honest officer. Commissioner says I am proud of you Ishika. He tells Himani that we want to give you bravery medal, tomorrow will be a function. Himani says I want to present criminal in court tomorrow first. Commissioner says great and leaves.

Roop thinks that Himani’s life is in danger. He calls Parag but his phone is off.

At night, Kamla is tensed and waiting for Ishika. Bua asks what happened? Roop and Ishika comes there. Kamla tells him about people chanting against Ishika and how Shamsher have locked himself in room. Roop goes to knock on door and breaks it. He comes inside to see Shamsher sleeping and wine bottles there. He sees him holding medals and covers him with blanket. Roop thinks that I was about to make him leave wine but now his life is in danger.

Scene 2
Roop comes to Ishika and holds her hand. She says leave it. Roop says its easy to do mistake but not easy to erase it. Ishika is removing chants against her from walls. Roop says how will you remove disrespect from our relation? Ishika says if you keep holding my hand like this then our relation will be respected. Roop leaves her hand. Ishika says I am sad that you left my hand, tomorrow is Himani’s honor function, please do come and I will not do anything. She sadly looks at him and leaves.

Himanshu calls Himani and asks her to eat dinner, she says I have work, I will be late. He says okay, take care.

In morning, Roop says I am not going to Himani’s function. Shamsher says all have gone mad here. Ishika leaves with Kamla and Bua to market.
Roop calls Parag and asks where are you? Parag says goon have given Himani’s task to a hitman. They have kidnapped Himanshu and will shoot Himani when she finds truck driver.

Himani tells officers that I will drive this truck to court.

Ishika says to Bua that if we dont go to Himani’s function then Himani’s inlaws will be angry and media will be there. Bua says dont worry, we will go.

Ishika brings Kinjal, Kamla and Bua to Himani’s function. Himani’s inlaws greet them. Bua asys its good to be here. Ishika sees Parag there and goes to him. She says I see you with Roop. Parag says we are friends, where is he? Ishika says he will come later. Ishika says I want to request you to take Himani’s photo and print it in newspaper, Roop should feel proud.

PRECAP- Driver says to Himani that think about this, you have 1KM to think about it. You want to save your husband or your career? Roop jumps on truck too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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