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RadhaKrishn 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Makdikasur Attacks Barsana

RadhaKrishn 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna tells Radha that there are many items and if she will be able to sell them all. Radha says why not as these are Krishna’s favorite items. Once she leaves, Balram asks Krishna what will he sell when he has given all his items to Radha. Krishna says those are Radha’s Krishna’s items. Radha shows Krishna’s stall board and announces people to buy Krishna’s items for 10 coins. They ask what the can do if it is Krishna’s items and 10 coins are very costly for this. On the other side, Ayan tells Jatila they should destroy this mela at any cost. Jatila says Kans would be sending some asur/monster. A few kids enter roaring like monster. Ayan asks who are these kids. Kids say he is not kid, he is Makdikasur sent by Kans, where should he start disaster. Jatila

shows him way.

Radha continues trying to sell Krishna’s items, but no one buys them. Krishna carrying bamboo sticks and greets a passerby friend. He walks to Radha and says she must have sold a lot of items. She says she could not even after telling they are Krishna’s items. Krishna says he is going to prepare bansuris. Radha stops him and asks to try and sell his items now. Krishna announces his items for 2 coins each. Radha says she needs 10 coins at least. Krishna asks her to demonstrate. She tries but fails again and says why people are not believing even after telling they are Krishna’s. Krishna says they are lacking Radha’s love in it as Krishna is incomplete without Radha. Radha angrily asks him to go and make bansuris and never return till he completes all. Krishna picks bamboo sticks and walks away saying he will prepares pretty bansuris and walks away.

Jatila and Ayan bring Makdikasur and seeing Krishna going rejoice. Makdikasur changes to a bug-looking monster/asur from kids and starts destroying all stalls. Radha warns asur that she willl not let him destroy Krishna’s items, but asur succeeds. Krishna notices asur and runs towards mela. Balram angrily tries to stop asur, but he turns back to kids and escapes. Radha feels sad seeing Krishna items totally shattered allover. Ayan and Jatila smirk. They reach Kans and inform that Makdikasur destroyed whole mela. Kans laughs and says now Radha cannot pay her debt and Krishna has to come forward and help her.

In Basana, everyone feel sad seeing mela destroyed. Krishna encourages them that today is another devi’s day and describing devi’s story says devi will help them rebuild mela again. Radha returns to her room and sadly tries to fix Krishna’s items. Krishna walks to her and offers help. She says she will fix it alone and fumes over Makdikasur who destroyed whole mela and desires to destroy him. Krishna says thathasthu… Radha asks what. Krishna smiles.

Krishna gives moral gyan that human is made of mind, which imagines and makes one work hard to fulfill their goals, mind gets towards greedy and mind gets them towards destroyal; but if gets into right path, it can throw them towards success; if mind is under our control, it is our slave, and if controls us, it is our boss and destroys us.

Precap: Balram with his friends returns in the morning and is amused to see Mela back to its glory again, asks who did this. Radha says she did it. Balram says she would have taken their help instead of working alone. Jatila thinks Makdikasur will destroy mela again. Krishna warns Makdikasur to return back, else he will be killed.

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