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Pyaar Ke Papad 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Triloki spies on Omkar’s family

Pyaar Ke Papad 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Omkar getting sack home. Jagat and Mangal try to hide the sack. Gupta asks him what’s going on. Jagat says Mangal did this, its not Omkar’s mistake. Gupta catches their lie and scolds them for their foolishness. Shivika defends them. She says I have seen such sack in Seth ji’s house. Omkar says it means he is related to this. He asks Jagat and Mangal not to do anything. Mangal says it means someone gave this to us intentionally, we should throw the sack somewhere and end the problem. Mangal tries to hide the sack.

Kishore sees them and calls Triloki to inform him. Triloki asks Kishore to keep an eye and catch them, so that they can cancel the marriage. Shivika says I will stay here and wait for you, Sweety will get angry seeing me. Omkar says if I get late, think

I m in trouble. He goes in and sees the decorations. He sees Sweety decked up as the bride. Sweety says I won’t let you go anywhere today. Omkar tries to get away. Kishore comes there. Shivika enters the house and sees decorations. She says what’s all this, where is Omkar. She looks around. Omkar shouts Shivika. She sees many sacks inside the room. Omkar hides in the washroom. He calls Shivika and asks her to save him. She says Seth ji is running illegal business of drugs. He says just come and save me. Mangal and Jagat try to dump the sacks and run away. Kishore and Triloki look on. Triloki hides his face and goes to ask them about the sacks. He asks them to pick the sacks.

Sweety asks Omkar to come out. Omkar comes to her and says thanks for doing this for me. She says I love you and hugs him. He says what you want doesn’t happen like this. She asks is there anything wrong, tell me. He says yes, just think. She thinks. Shivika takes pics of the sacks. Mangal says I think I heard this voice. Jagat says all problems look same. Triloki asks what’s inside the sacks. Mangal asks why do you care. Triloki says I have a right to ask, tell me. Jagat says mind your own business. They argue. Mangal and Jagat run away with the sacks. Triloki says now police will find their truth, call the police. Sweety says I have put the ghunghat. Shivika comes to take him. Sweety scolds her. Omkar and Shivika manage to run. Manga and Jagat come back home with the sacks, and says we couldn’t dump it. Police comes and scolds him.

Alankar says I m going to come to Kanpur. Omkar says we both will not do a job after marriage, we will just love. Triloki says Alankar is coming, we have to make Omkar and Shivika away.

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