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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa summons demon karnasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with rishi sandeepani saying to kanha and balram, now you both have gained the knowledge of 2 arts from the 16 arts. Soon when you shall complete learning all arts, and the 8 laxmi sanskriti’s, you will attain your complete avatar. Kanha smiles and says yes guru.
In Mathura, kansa plans the 2nd trap and sends the 4 demons at the 2nd trap in his maze. Kansa then says, I have to do something about the people of vrindavan now. Bhadraksh says but bhagwan, what is the use of doing anything because kanha and balram are in ujjaini, it is no use. Kansa says bhadraksh, you fool, if the people of vrindavan are put to a threat now, kanha will come back to vrindavan to save them. Kansa says then I will make my move, make kanha come to Mathura and he will face the maze and

die. Kansa laughs! Bhadraksh says okay bhagwan, but who will hurt the people of vrindavan?
Kansa says I have a plan. Kansa summons the demon karnasura. Karnasura appears flying and says what happened bhagwan kansa? Why have you summoned me? kansa says there is a work for you, go to vrindavan and deafen all the people. Karnasura laughs and says I will do it. Karnasura says I wont leave any of the people of vrindavan.
In vrindavan, people are going on with their daily work. karnasura comes to the hill and says people of vrindavan, now you shall suffer. Karnasura uses his powers and creates sound waves that hit all people, all people close their ears as they get hurt. karnasura then stops and says now try and talk to each other. Karnasura goes back to Mathura.
Radha comes to vrindavan and sees all people. Yashoda is trying to talk to damodar, damodar says I cannot hear you yashoda bhabhi. Yashoda cannot hear damodar and she says what has happened? Radha sees all people not hearing anything and says what happened suddenly? Why cant the people hear? All have turned deaf. Radha says this must be a trick of kansa, kansa may have sent a demon here. Radha says I have to do something.
There kanha meets goddess ila, who seeks help. Kanha sees goddess ila’s hears bleeding and then understands that karnasura did all this and has attacked the people of vrindavan as well. Kanha says devi ila, don’t worry! Everything will be fine soon, radha will save everyone. Kanha smiles.
Karnasura goes back to kansa. Kansa says what happened karnasura? Karnasura says kansa, I have done everything and used my powers on these filthy vrindavan people, now look at them deaf. Karnasura laughs and says these people wont be able to talk to each other because they cannot listen now. Kansa laughs and says let that kanha come, this time Vishnu wont be able to do anything as kanha shall come in my maze and die!

Precap: Radha takes her new avatar to fight karnasura. Radha mounts on a white divya bird as she flies down on karnasura to kill him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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