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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira gains access of Akhilesh’s kitchen

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mishri asks Vansh if their plan was a success last night or not. Vansh says you wouldn’t have smelled that oil ever so you doubt it. Mamu must have run away in a second! She smells it and makes a face. It is worse than your socks! She closes the lid but can still smell the oil. Vansh points at Kunika. Mishri asks her if she dint bathe since morning. You smell so bad. Mapu brought a new soap for me. Shall I bring it for you? Kunika tells her to shut up. I will take care of you both now! Vansh makes fun of her twisted neck. Mishri also teases her and calls her a goat. Mishri runs around but Kunika manages to grab hold of her hand. Laugh now. Mishri requests her to leave her hand as it is paining but Kunika raises her hand to slap her. Ira holds her hand. Leave Mishri’s hand. Kunika refuses

so Ira twists her hand. Don’t think to do this again as I am here now! I will cut your hand right away if you try to raise your hand on Mishri again! I can cross any line for that. No one will be able to stop me. Kunika asks her if she will be able to snatch Akhilesh from her by acting nice. Ira tells her not to mistake the misunderstandings between them. Akhilesh might not trust me right now but I will bring out your truth in front of him soon. How can I snatch something that’s already mine? Kunika advises her to stop dreaming but Ira challenges her that she will win over Akhilesh in a week. My husband will be mine in next 7 days! Stop me if you can! Kunika accepts her challenge.

Kunika is fuming in her room. She wont be able to snatch Akhilesh from me for 7 births! Devina tells her not to misunderstand Ira. She knows very well how to twist Akhilesh in her favour. If you really wish to defeat Ira, then find her weakness. Vansh comes to show his certificate to Devina. She is impressed that he has been chosen to go to an International Seminar. They hug. I knew you are smartest. Vansh says we have to submit 1 lac for the same. Devina tells him not to worry about money. I will arrange everything. we must celebrate your success first. She takes him for an ice cream treat. Kunika wonders what could be Ira’s weak point.

Mishri comes downstairs stealthily but stops at the dividing line. Mapu’s stuff is scattered. How do I fix it as Mapu has told me not to go to that side? She thinks of an idea and brings a long stick. She sets Ira’s stuff properly and smiles. Ira is surprised to see her side of the house so clean. Who did this? Mishri says I did. Ira asks her how she did this. Why did you have to do this? Mishri says you are my sweet Mapu. I can help you this much. Ira thanks her. Mishri tries to hug her but does it in imaginary style. Ira does the same. Mishri asks her if she wants some parathas. Ira tells her against it. I don’t need it. There will be world war 3 if anyone finds out. They both smile. Ira shows her a makeshift old type kitchen that she has made for herself. Ira asks Mishri if she has completed her homework. Mishri nods. Ira decides to check it from tomorrow. Mishri notices that the ghee has fallen outside and a fire has spread. Ira steps aside. It is spreading way too fast. Mishri crosses the line to save her mother but Ira sends her back on that side. Akhilesh is shocked to see the fire. He keeps Mishri away and tries to douse the fire. She tells him to be careful. Mishri notices that her Mapu’s saree has also caught fire and shouts. Akhilesh turns to save her but they fall on top of each other and tumble. They share an eye lock. Everyone else comes there and asks them as to what’s happening here. How did the house catch fire? Akhilesh replies that Ira was cooking food when the oil caught fire. Kunika calls it her attempt to catch attention. Akhilesh tries to deny but Ira tells her not to talk to her like this. She tells Pushpa she used this to cook. There is no kitchen on my side. I will learn in 2-3 times. They tell her against it but Akhilesh allows her to use their kitchen. Fix a time and tell us. Don’t light this again. There are kids in the house. What if I wasn’t here? Pushpa tells her to make sure they don’t cross each other’s paths. Everyone leaves except Ira and Kunika. Kunika glares at Ira and fixes the belt again. Ira tells her to think of it as her first defeat. I have been here for less than 24 hours and I got entry in kitchen. I will very soon gain entry in Akhilesh’s heart too.

Everyone is seated on dining table. Vansh tries to pass food to Ira but Devina stops him. He is about to eat burger when Pushpa asks him if he does not like parathas. Why are you eating Vada Pao? Devina explains that this is burger. He got rewarded for getting selected for international seminar. Pushpa and Akhilesh congratulate Vansh. Pushpa thinks of making laddoos for Vansh but Devina tells her not to make laddoos for him. He will otherwise become slow like Mishri. He needs brain food.

Vansh shares that he is not the only one who got selected for the seminar. Mishri also got selected. Everyone smiles except Devina and Kunika. Pushpa asks Mishri why she dint tell them. Mishri says I thought to tell Bapu, Mapu and everyone together but dint get a chance. Ira says you don’t have to wait to tell this. You should just say it. I am very proud of you. You have to study and grow a lot. Mishri nods. Everyone else sits quietly. Devina tells Akhilesh to submit fees for both the kids. Akhilesh tells her not to worry. Kunika calls his deed sweet. Devina calls Kunika their lucky mascot. Since the time she is here, we have been hearing good news. Kunika acts modest but Pushpa seconds Devina. I got a surprise for her. Jeweller greets them just then. Pushpa tells Kunika to select a necklace for herself. Kunika calls her best MIL.

The ladies sit down to look at the jewellery. Kunika asks Pushpa to give her money in return of jewellery. Ira thinks Kunika finally asked for money herself. Her truth will be out now.

Precap: Kunika asks Ira why she is begging for money from Akhilesh. You were bragging earlier that you would use your money to send Mishri to the seminar but you ended up coming here to seek help. I was right about you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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