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Mere Sai 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Gives a Motto To Srikanth’s Life

Mere Sai 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chihu continues panicking seeing Govinda’s high fever and unconscious state. Rukmini gets Sai’s given ash in water and asks Chihu to feed it to Govinda. Chihu asks what is it. Rukmini fears that Chihu will not accept Sai’s holi ash and lies it is Kulkarni Sarkar’s medicine. Chihu sees ash and shouts if she got that beggar’s ash, if she wants daada/Kulkarni to kick me out. Rukmini says Sai is not a common man and describes stories where Kulkarni and Chihu torture her and Sai helps her repeatedly when she chants Ram Krishna Hari as per Sai’s suggestion. Out of flashback, she tells Chihu that this is the only way to cure Govinda’s fever and Sai will help them for sure. She feeds holi ash water to Govinda and sees his fever subsiding immediately. Govinda says

he is fine now. Chichu checks Govinda and is amused to see him normal and says this cannot be. Rukmini says Sai can do anything, he is divine. Chihu thinks she and her brother always hated Sai, then why did he help her.

Srikanth asks Sai how to help Govinda. Sai tells him a story where a teacher puts 2 mangoes in student’s bag and gives 2 in his hands and asks who many mangoes are there. Student says 5. Teacher scolds him and asks to explain. Student says he had 1 mango already in his bag, so there are total 5 mangoes. Teacher is speechless hearing this. Srikanth asks what is the moral of this story. Sai says if he finds out 5th mango in his life, he will know how ot help Govinda.

Barber goes to a person he lent his service and asks to pay his wages. Person says he can understand his problem, but cannot help him. He goes to another person who offers grocery in place of money and he thinks he spent half day trying to recover his debt. Srikanth walks on street thinking what did Sai meant to know whole truth. He clashes with a man and sees a newspaper falling down. He requests man if he can keep this news paper. Man agrees. Srikanth reads Jyotiba Phule’s widow marriage drive and requesting barbers not to tonsure widows’ heads, etc.. and his ideology of considering widows as one among them and let them live normally among others. He reminisces Govinda confronting barber not to tonsure his mother’s head and concern for his mother and thinks he found his 5th mango. Sai smiles seeing this via telepathy.

Bheema serves aamras/mango juice to his cousins. Siblings fight for mango juice. Sai passes by and pours water in a pot for birds. They both throw mango juice on Sai while fighting. Bheema rushes to Sai, scolds his cousins and apologizes Sai. Sai says it is okay and walks away. Cousins ask Bheema who was he because of whom Bheema scolded them. Bheema says he is Sai and praises Sai’s qualities. He further says Sai keeps his guru’s gifted brick in his bag always and helps everyone without getting angry and he never saw Sai getting angry in life. Cousins say if he gives so much respect to Sai, he will not get angry, but if they provoke Sai, he will. Bheema says Sai never gets angry for himself and gets angry only for others. Cousins challenge him that they will make Sai angry for himself by evening. Bheema warns that he will not let them do this stupidity. They ask him to go on his work and let them do their work. They walk to Dwarkamayi and seeing Sai washing his kurta and hanging it to dry silently pick kurta and smear dirt on it. They then show it to Sai and say they thought dirt can remove dirt. Sai smilingly says he did not know, let us try. He takes kurta and puts it in water bucket.

Barber gets busy cutting a customer’s hair for 5 paisa. Anta and Panta pass by and taunt him that instead of spending some time in his house, he is still trying to earn money, he has to sell his house to Kulkarni by evening anyways. After sometime, Srikanth walks to Barber and showing him news paper asks him to not tonsure widow’s head like city barbers have decided. Barber says he is the lone barber of Shirdi. Srikanth says that is why he is requesting him. Barber says he is busy in his problem and walks away. Srikanth asks to describe his problem.

Sai washes cloth in water and dirt vanishes both from water and kurta. He then hangs kurta saying Bheema’s cousin that they were right. They both are amused to see that and walk away. Younger one ask how can this happen. Elder one says there is a soil which cleans dirt just like ganga water which cleans human sins, maybe this soil was one among it.

Bheema’s mischievous cousins pick Sai’s bag and run away. They get afraid seeing multiple Sai appearing around him asking to return his brick.

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