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Krishna Chali London 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sunaina gets mean towards Krishna

Krishna Chali London 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina asking Veer to control himself and come with her. Gajanan and Lali come to see Krishna. Krishna cries. Lali asks what’s all this. Veer says I won’t spare him. Sunaina says we can’t worsen this matter. Veer asks what, what’s left now, Krishna is behind bars, its because of Shukla. Shukla comes and says so you have been missing me, wow, entire family is gathered here great. He asks Veer are you alive. Veer says don’t think that you have won, no, you have made a mockery of Radhe’s death, right, I promise you Shukla, now you wait and watch, I will expose Radhe’s real murderer. Sunaina gets shocked. Veer says even the one who has framed Krishna, its my promise. Sunaina thinks you don’t know the truth, this can’t happen. Veer asks lawyer to do anything

and get Krishna out of the jail. Sunaina worries. Veer says I will have food later, you have food. Sunaina says what shall I do now. Nayani asks Sunaina how is Krishna now, when will Veer be able to help her. Sunaina says I m fed up hearing this, did anyone enquire about my son, do you know his condition, he hasn’t eaten anything, he has been running around since morning, I don’t know how is Krishna. She gets angry.

Dubey and Bua meet Krishna in the jail. Krishna says Shukla did this, don’t do anything Bua ji, Veer is handling things. Shukla asks Bela to serve the food. Bela finds all the bowls empty. She says a hunger strike is going on. Triloki asks what do they want. Shukla says you think I will melt down if you don’t give me food, if I lose my mental balance, I will throw everyone out of here, get lost, Shuklain is doing this. Bua and Dubey come there. Bua beats up Shukla. Shukla asks Dubey to explain his sister, else she will send them to jail too. Bua beats Shukla more. Bela says we will get bashed. She hides under the table. Shuklain stops Bua and asks what are you doing, sit down and relax. Bua spits there and curses Shukla. Dubey takes her. Shukla asks was she drunk, I want police protection, Triloki call the police, I will see all of them. He sits worried.

Veer talks to lawyer. He asks what, are you sure, I didn’t know that Radhe had died in London, its quite late, we have to meet Krishna and find the exact dates, I can get the investigations done . Sunaina thinks I won’t let this happen. Veer checks the calendar and recalls Radhe. He tries to get the dates. He calls his London friend Amar and asks him to find Krishna’s husband Radhe’s accident details. He says I want all the details. Amar says I will get all the details by tomorrow. Sunaina comes to meet Krishna and says Veer didn’t eat anything since morning. Krishna says bad time is going on. Sunaina says Shukla is your enemy, but Veer is paying for it, do you understand that.

Krishna says what are you saying, time is going bad. Sunaina says no, you are bad, you aren’t suitable for Veer, I was scared that your former inlaws won’t let us live in peace, just think about it once, what good you did with him, that hospital, attack on Veer, his arrest and now this, it will never end. Krishna says you are scaring me, you are like my mum. Sunaina says but I m just Veer’s mum. Krishna says don’t talk to me like this, I promise to make things fine. Sunaina says you have confessed this in the statement, tell the police that its true, its the right way, if you ever loved and respected Veer, then don’t refuse, go away from Veer’s life. Krishna says everything will be fine, you are under stress. Sunaina says you promised me, you can’t deny it now.

Krishna gives her statement to lawyer. Veer gets a message. He gets shocked and thinks this can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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