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Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 8

Mannat comes to room and scolds Shivaansh, What he was thinking himself? Rachna says Yeah he behaves like he is super hero.
They both Says these boys are? They stop a moment and Wait about who you are talking about Mannat, She says that Kanji Ankhae
Shivaansh. What you met Shivaansh. Mannat says Yeah He spoiled all my day. Wait and you are talking about Rachna says me ,
Is there some Mr. Romeo banda. Mannat says Oh Mr Romeo

Shivaansh at room talks to Khanna how dare she was, Khanna says as dare she was, Shivaansh looks at him and you are supporting her.
Khanna says Arey Yaar What was the thing you are talking and who was she here. Wait the girl you took lift. Shivaansh says yes that
was big mistake in my life. Khanna asks what she said. Shivaansh remembers Mannat words. he says leave it. Khanna says wow you
started matter and now you are saying leave it. Who was that girl that affects you so much? Shivaansh says the same girl who said I can’t
do action movies. Khanna says what.

Rachna skips topic , Mannat asks so you met Mr. Romeo today. What he was like? Really Mannat First you tell me how you meet Shivaansh.
I met him at hotel. Khanna says what you met her in lift in hotel. Rachna says but I have not seen him. Shivaansh says you are at lobby.
Rachna says yeah I went to bring my phone back. Then, Mannat says I met him at road. So you car got trouble. Tell me one thing Oberoi’s
car will never get trouble. What you mean I gave him lift for spend some time with him. Rachna says I think so. Stop it
(Shivaansh & Mannat) If she was last man in world, I will never have interested on him. Today was bad day for my(Shivaansh) life and
I met her. Khanna says today was good day that I met her in my life(He thinks about Rachna). Shivaansh asks what. Khanna asks what
happened. Shivaansh asks Khanna you said something. Khanna replies nothing and leaves from there.Shivaansh thinks why Khanna is
behaving oddly today.

Mannat says really so he throw a flower bouquet on you. Yes, Idiot , Stupid. She scolds Khanna . common Rachna may be he was right.
He was throwing and you came between. Really Mannat you are supporting that Idiot. Who your Romeo. Stop it .Don’t say that.
They think (Shivaansh-Mannat , Rachna -Khanna) thinks about each other (Background Music)

At Kitchen while making breakfast Dhruv asks Radhika about holi plans. Shivani says these holi will be top class. What you are saying
Mami lines.Yeah Shivani says I listen these holi mami is planning some surprise. Manjari comes and says what bache gang what are you
doing special today. Prem asks maa you are organizing holi party this year with suprise. Yeah Of course. Radhika asks what surprise party,
Manjari says how I can say. Dhruv asks please mami say, Ok Manjari says I will fix Shivaansh marriage this year and girl is coming to
meet him. Shivaansh is drining water and gulps. All look at him. Shivani-What Radhika- When, Dhruv – Why Prem -Poor girl(Bechari).
They all laugh looking at Shivaansh. Shivaansh says what mami. They all say bhaya getting married. Shivani says I want to pic costly
lehangas. Radhika says me too. Dhruv I will dance superb in his Sangeet. Prem says Bhayya arranged marriage. Shivaansh shouts
Ok Enough. He says what Mami. Manjari looks them and break smile and says don’t trouble my shivaansh. I was just joking.
Wait for surprise. Shivaansh says Mami will give more twists than my films and he calls Prem Bacha what you said Poor girl.
Prem Says Bhayya and moving back, Shivani catches him. He asks leave me DI. Arey be silent Chota Packet. You know what Di
you were Biggest Villan in my life. Shivaansh holds Prem ear and laughs and hug him. Dhruv asks Bhayya Mami has started topic
so do you have any dream girl. Shivaansh remberes a girl running in lawn and suddenly remembers Mannat. He says No.
I’am Waiting for her entry in my life.Shivani asks About Dhruv. He says why me I had a Que. First Bhayya and then Radhika Di
and after my number. Shivani asks how your partner wants to be. He says my heart will realize her before my eyes. Shivani same
as Om Chachu Poetry. They all laugh (Dhruv remembers Shreya)

Shreya comes to dining table and eating breakfast Priyam asks Di this time holi we will celebrate with full enjoy. She says yes.
Manju comes there and says to his husband I need 5 thousand. He asks why? She says I want to do shopping. I gave you money
2 weeks before . She says it was finished. He says I’m Middle class man and I can’t afford money every time you ask.
Shreya and Priyam look at Manju & Arun. Manju says you will never want to look me happy and starts crying. Shreya says wait
Chachi I have my money I will give to you. She asks really, Arun says no need that was your money and you have some plans about it.
She says it’s ok Chachu i will manage. Manju takes money and says you are my best kid Shreya and leaves from there .
Arun thinks these woman was .Shreya says ok Chachu I’m Leaving for college.He stops her and give money to her.
She says no need Chachu. I know my daughter. Holi is coming. Keep it.

Deepak comes to Mannat and Rachna and says what about holi plans. They say we are thinking. Deepak asks Mannat you are not going
your hometown in Punjab. She says no I came few days back only. I’m missing badly Papa and Jiya. Every Year me & Jiya used to color all
our family members even our cattle also. Deepak & Rachna laugh. Deepak says don’t worry these holi will be new & memorable one for
you. She says how? Actually here is holi party and I invite you both to there. Mannat says but how? Deepak says stop we all are friends
and I will show you how Holi celebrated in Mumbai. She says fine I will come. Rachna says hello what about me. Deepak says arey I ask
you also come. She says ok.

A man comes and says the Oberois are arranging big Holi Party this year. He says they will remember this holi for all their lifes and throws
dart at photo(Prem was shown in photo). At wall all Oberois pics are shown (Shivaansh, Shivani, Dhruv, Radhika, Prem, Sahil, Manjari,
Dadi) & Khanna. He smiled with malicious glee and Says Happy Holi

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