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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky tricks RV smartly

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rocky arguing with Happy. She says none knows RV better than me. He says he should have been here to meet me, where is he, he isn’t a right person. She gets angry and says he saved me and helped me always, he is my support system. He says he saw the hotel in loss and went away, you are here and so is the hotel, but he is missing, its his true face. She says once we get the DNA report, your mask will come off. He gets shocked and smiles. RV calls her and says the DNA reports are negative, Shaan can’t be Rocky. She thinks why do I feel that he is surely Rocky, did he play any new trick. Rocky recalls telling Babbi that RV will get DNA test done. Happy says the reports are wrong, throw the reports away.

RV says please don’t say anything in front of him. Shaan

says RV should have lied that Dna reports matched, sorry, well, let me tell you one truth, you might feel at peace, I never had such great buttermilk ever, its the truth. She cries. He says you still suspect me, despite knowing the results of Dna reports, you have to believe it. Happy says maybe there is some tampering with the Dna samples. RV says I got Shaan’s hairbrush. Rocky recalls that RV got Babbi’s hairbrush. RV says I m sure of it. Rocky recalls fooling RV and sending RV to his room. RV says he is ahead of him, let him be happy and feel that he won, stop him there, I m coming. Rocky does Shayari. Sandhya asks Smiley to watch tv. Smiley gets angered seeing Rocky on the news. The family gets shocked seeing Rocky, who is introduced as Shaan. Kulwant angrily goes.

Sandhya goes to Happy and asks when did you start lying to me, you knew Rocky is out of jail, you didn’t think of telling us, you went to meet him in the party, why. She asks can you explain what Rocky did with Smiley, you didn’t think of him. She sees Rocky there and scolds him. His guards come. RV comes and stops Sandhya. He says I m here to manage everything. He sends Sandhya with Happy. Rocky taunts RV for treating him in a special way. He says I understand the pain of Happy’s mom, you should focus on me more than the case, I will be investing in the hotel if everything goes on fine, so I m out of your suspicion, I m not that defamed Rocky, you maybe sure that you can deal with me. They shake hands. Rocky says I will see you and Happy in the evening. Rocky leaves.

Madhu comes there to meet him. He gets emotional and wears the glasses. Guard moves her. Rocky scolds the guard and helps Madhu. He cares for Madhu. Madhu cries seeing him. Rocky says she is my mom. She says call me mom once. He says she is like my mom. He says you can lie to the world, but not me, call me mom and hug me, I m yearning to hug you, how can you cheat me. She cries. He leaves. Lukka chupi….plays…. Rocky cries. RV sees Madhu. He thinks she fell down and Shaan couldn’t tolerate it.

Happy says I was going to tell you, we wanted to confirm if he is Rocky or Shaan. Smiley cries in fear. Sandhya says keep us away from that animal. Kulwant says trust me, he can’t be Rocky, every person has lookalikes in the world, Shaan resembles Rocky. Rocky says a person can act in front of the world, but not in front of mum. He turns to see….

Sania comes to him and says I can recognize you, you are my Rocky. Kulwant says he shouldn’t know it. RV agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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