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Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 2)

Problems…and problems

” Akash, wake up! “

” Let him be na, Sara. He’s dead tired! “

” But Kunj, he should at least have something na. He didn’t have lunch too! “

” Let him rest first, Sara. Then he’ll have something. “

” But — “

” Will you both shut up and let me sleep ?! “

Both Kunj and Sara stopped their banter and looked at the bed tofind an annoyed Akash glaring at them. Both smiled sheepishly for destroying his sleep, as he shook his head in disbelief.

It’s been a week since both of them had met Akash unexpectedly, and since then, he had been staying at their house. In Akash’s words, they had forced him, literally, to stay at their house. Not that he minded it, but still.

And since then, the trio had been having a lot of fun. Both the boys used to tease Sara to hell, not letting her live in peace even for a second. Even though she got angry, it was only for a while. All in all, they were having the time of their life. It was like reliving their childhood.

Akash and Sara were on better terms now, much to the relief of Mr. Kunj Sarna. If you’d look at them now, your first thoughts about them will be ” Aren’t they the perfect example of besties ?”

Since the past two days, both the boys had been very busy with their patients. And today too, like the past two days, they had come back home dead tired!

“Okay okay, stop giving us those death glares. They don’t work now!” Kunj winked, as both he and Sara burst out laughing, looking at Akash in amusement.

” Boys, it’s time for dinner! C’mon get up! ” Sara then moved out of the room, Kunj following her, as Akash went to get freshened up.

Soon after some time, the trio were sitting at the dining table, having a great time in each other’s company. Akash being a foodie, quickly finished his food and left for his room to attend some important calls, as the other two went to have some coffee time.

Both kunj and Sara were sitting in the garden, looking at the stars and sipping ontotheir coffee silenty. But soon, kunj broke the silence.

” Do youlike him ? ” And the look on Sara’s face was priceless!

” Are you freaking nuts Kunj Sarna ?!!! ” She literally blasted, as kunj looked at her innocently.

” What ?! I just said what I noticed! “

” But how could you even think that I like Akash ?! “

” I never took the name, baby! ” Kunj winked, as Sara mentally banged her forehead.

“So it’s Akash, hmm! Nice choice!! “

” Kunj!!! “

” I know my name is awesome, but you need not shout it, Sara! “

” Aurghhhh…. Fine, I’m leaving. You can have your coffee in peace, Mr. Sarna! Goodnight!!! “

” See ya! Goodnight! ” And she was out of the garden in a blink, steam pouring out of her ears, as Kunj silently laughed to himself.

” Ah! Mr. Kunj Sarna, better get to sleep now, it’s too late. Before that mad girl comes back again and seriously kills me this time! ” Soon kunj too left for his room after having his coffee, and directly went to bed, not noticing a pair of eyes that were silently staring at him from the window.


Next morning

There came another morning, as the sun shone brightly in the blue, cloudless sky. Both Sara and Kunj were getting ready for work, as Sara too had an important meeting to attend.

But before leaving, they went to Akash’s room to check on him. Akash was always an early riser. He never used to sleep till late. But today was an exception. Because as both of them reached his room, they found him sleeping uncomfortably, sweat clearly visible on his face.

” Akash ? ” Kunj whispered, worried for his buddy.

” Ahh.. ” Both looked at him worriedly, as he groaned in pain.

As Sara moved her hand towards his forehead, her eyes widened.

” Kunj !! He’s burning up with fever! “

” What ?! Lemme check! “

” Buddy, you have high fever. “

” Yeah Kunj. I guess I worked a little too hard this time. ” Akash laughed lightly, as both glared at him.

” No way in hell am I allowing you to go somewhere in this condition, Mr. Singhania! “

If it would have been some other situation, Kunj would have teased Sara to hell for her this statement, but this was not the time for jokes.

” Guys, I’m ok–“

” No you’re not!!! ” Both shouted together, as Akash sighed, indicating his surrender against the two angry birds!

” Okay okay calm down people. I’m not going anywhere, happy ?! But, you guys are not skipping your work! And no excuses! ” Akash added at the end with a strict expression, noticing the defying looks on the faces of his friends.

” Okay fine! We’ll go. But if something happens, you’ll call us right away! ” Kunj agreed with a sulking expression, as Akash nodded.

Soon after some time, Kunj and Sara were on their way to their respective works, after giving n number of lectures to Akash about the do’s and dont’s, momentarily forgetting that he himself is a doctor!


Kunj was fully drowned in the pool of files, when a knock broke the silence.

” Come in. “

” Sir, the next patient is a bit late. Shall we cancel the appointment ? The other patients are there too. “

” No need to cancel the appointment, Ansh. They may be in some problem. So it’s fine. Do one thing. Send the waiting patients for now, and once they arrive, you can send them. I’ve a lot of work so I’m not going home anytime soon. ” Kunj ended with a smile, which was reflected upon the face of his assistant, Ansh, as he left the cabin after a nod.

And after that, Kunj got quite busy with his patients, but that late one never came. And after some more time, even he forgot about that.

tring tring

He looked at his ringing phone, to see Sara calling him. He picked up the call with a sigh, only to be greeted by a crying voice ?

” Ku…kunj… I..it’s me, Akash.. Sa…Sara… ” Kunj was really worried now. He had never seen Akashcrying, never! So if he was breaking down like this, then it must be something very serious.

” What happened buddy ? Why are you crying ?! And, Sara!!! What about her ?!! “

” Kunj, Sara… She met with an acc… accident.. I got a call from the hospital. Her… her condition is very serious. I’m on my way to the hospital, and I’ve sent you the address.. Ple–“

The line went dead as Kunj stared into thin air. All those times, when she used to irritate him like a sisterwith her weird obsession with paper napkins, when she used to scold him like his mom, spoil him like his dad, and support him in his weak moments like atrue best friend, it all flashed through his eyes. And then Akash’s words rang in his ears.

” Sara met with an accident. Her condition is very serious. “

Quickly getting out of his stupor, Kunj dashed out of his cabin, and for the first time, there was a hollowness in his eyes. He was totally emotionless, as he drove towards the hospital at a high speed. His mind wasn’t working. All in all, he was a total mess! And that was the moment, the moment he realised how important Sara is for him. It’s not like he didn’t value her before, he did! But, as they say, you realise the value of someone, when you’re so close to lose them!

Hello my lovely readers!!

So, SURPRISE!!!!!!

Well, I’m gonna be quite busy with school in the upcoming week so posting chapter 2 now only!!

Anyways, how was the chapter ?

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