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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naina talks about Munna and pandit. Preeti teases her and says matter is about Sameer. Naina says she is missing him. Just then she hears Sameer calling her and comes to balcony. She sees him and comes down. Oh mere sapnon ke saudagar plays. She couldn’t find him….She imagines him as milk man, postman…Milkman asks if the milk is curdles which I gave. Naina comes to postman Sameer and imagines sitting on his cycle . The actual Postman asks what happened? Naina starts dancing on road. People on road laugh. Preeti asks her what is she doing and asks her to call Sameer. Naina calls Sameer from PCO, but his number is busy. Preeti teases her. Naina says she has to tell Sameer about Munna and Pandit’s fight, as he will think I couldn’t take care of their friendship.

Vishaka comes to Sameer and covers him with blanket. Sameer holds her hand. Vishaka says you are awake. Sameer assures her that he will not lose. Keshav informs Sameer that his call came, but then removes the wire. Sameer picks the call excitedly, but he couldn’t hear Naina. Dadi smirks and asks Deepika to show painting to Mr. Sumani. She recalls drawing Sameer pic as if he is smoking. Mr. Sumani shouts calling Vishaka and then questions Sameer if he smoke. Sameer says he don’t smoke. Keshav tells that today’s guys keep it secretly. Mr. Sumani checks his stuff. Dadi smirks. Sameer talks about nana ji’s words. Mr. Sumani warns him and says if he finds cigarette with him then. Vishaka says he didn’t do.

Dadi scolds Keshav for not keeping cigarette in his bag. Keshav says he kept it with his hand and swears of his wife. Dadi asks if you had kept then where it is gone? Vishaka says it is here. Dadi says where did you get it? Vishaka says where Keshav had kept it. Dadi asks her not to tell Mr. Sumani/Bobby and tells that he will kick Sameer out of house. Vishaka says she will fire Keshav now. Dadi asks why Keshav will do such thing. Vishaka says I know, but will not tell anyone.

She says I never asked you anything and asks her to let him leave peacefully. She says I never differentiated between Sameer and Rohan and loved the latter more than Sameer. She says I stayed away from Sameer for them. She says Sameer needs her and if she tries to separate them, then…Dadi says I will not tell anything and says one day you might kick him out of house.

Naina is studying. Bela brings milk and gives to Naina. Sameer gets Naina’s love letters and gets happy. Munna gives Sameer’s love letter to Naina. Naina reads Sameer asks him to concentrate on studies. His voiceover tells that he told her something which he himself didn’t follow. His friends call him and he goes.

Shanti teacher shows the list to Rakesh. Rakesh gets the love letter and is about to read.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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