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Woh Apna Sa 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano kicks Jia out of the house

Woh Apna Sa 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ambika gives Jia her first jewel. Rano is angry. Akash wonders why Rano isn’t happy.
Jia calls kaki ma and tells her everything. Rano says soon her trust on you will end. Jia laughs and says you thought I was an idiot? You are so angry. Rano says don’t be so happy. Jia says you will see how I win my love. Rano says you will see. I will show everyone who you are. Jia says they will see your real face. Rano says I will take Arjun. I will take him from that old woman too. Jia says she is Arjun’s mom. Rano says I don’t care. She is stupid old woman. I just had to tolerate her. rano says I dont’ care. She leaves. jia plays the video. She recorded everything. jia says don’t dare snatching the phone. You have one hour to get this video from me after that

I will send it to everyone.

Rano tries to steal jia’s phone. She looks for the video but it isn’t there. Jia says you are so stupid. You thought I would leave it here. I think its in a pen drive or Tv. Rano looks everywhere in the house. she finds a pen drive and plugs it in a computer. There is nothing in it.

Jia shows Rano’s reality to Akash. He says rano is just pretending to be nice. Jjia says I knew no one would trust me. I saw her fake letter. Akash says I am with you. jia says arjun isn’t home. I am not sure how will ma react. Akash says show this to ma. Ma should see Rano’s reality too. She chooses what is right. Jia says keep this with you. Don’t let rano come near it.

Scene 2
At night, Jia says to Ambika ma i want to show you something. Akash says jia wants to show you all this. Akash plugs in the usb. The video plays. Rano has edited the video. Everything Rano said is being said by Jia. Jia and Akash are dazed. Arjun says what is this.. Shut up I don’t want to hear a word. Jia says Arjun please listen. Ambika says there wont be any competition. She takes off the cradles. Ambika says I can’t tolerate you for a second in this house. jia says to Rano how dare you do all this. Arjun says don’t say a word to Rano jia. Akash says I saw the real video. Jia is right. Ambika says you shut up. Arjun says I never knew you would stoop so low Jia. Rano says mai please give her one chance. Ambika says she doesn’t deserve it. Arjun are you still in love with her? Will you still want to own her? I know you are hut but open your eyes and save yourself for life. This girl has no respect for anyone. Kick her out of your house and life. Arjun takes jia’s hand and drags her out of the house. Jia says Arjun please listen. He shoves her out of the house.

Precap-Rano pretends that Akash was trying to rape her. Arjun comes in and beats akash.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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