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where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 7)


Again here I have a question


Whats your fav. song…?


Mine LAG JA GALE 🙈 ofcrs and New rules ❤


Talkin’ in my sleepless night makin myself crazy *New rules*




Epi start with twi running in a garden like someone chasing her she hide behinde a tree but someome caught her wrist


Twi: Kunj *whisper*


kunj: Twinkle *in same voice* comin closer to her but twi stop because of tree


Twi: what are you doing?


kunj: romance


twi: but kunj


Kunj: Shhhhhh.. Can’t i spend sometime with my wife

he come closer and touch her lips twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touc


kunj: Twinkle *whisper in her ear*


Twi: hmmmm..


Kunj: i wanna say something


twi: bolo


Kunj: Twinkle I…


Twi: you…


Kunj: I lo..


And thudddddddddd…


kunj~Twi: Damnnn it.. It was a dream 😳



Ohhhh.. Baba ji what a dream that was he was gonna say that those THREE MAGICAL WORDS but i fall 😒 Best dream ever But worst also beacause it was incomplete MAMA 😭

POV end


Kunj POV

i was going to say her that words but this dream left incomplete i wanna see ger expression her reaction But nothing to worry one day i will say it in real and she will be mine Forever ❤

POV end


Next day Twi went to uni because it was her first she was nervous but alos excited on the very first day she makes many friend she become Fav. of many teachers because its her personality


( Twinkle studying Law *L.L.B*)



Twinkle decide to roam in the city she wear a casual yet beautiful dress



with red jacket



and her fav. Red heels she can wear them with anytype of dress or outfits



She left for her hostel taking he bag but not before informing SIYA and ROSY

Twi reach station waiting for train the train arrive she is gonna enter in train but her heel broke


Twi: Ohhhh.. shit Now what to do..? ok first sit in train and thn think


She sit in train and just thinking about what to do thn she feel someone presence on her side she lift her eyes and saw a Ghostt Aaaaaaaa… Not a ghost thats kunj (Bunny 😘)



Kunj: what happened..?


twi: Ummmm.. wo


kunj: kia woo


twi: my heel broke


kunj: ohhhh.. let me see


after seeing her broken heel kunj bent down take off his shoes and give to them


kunj: take my shoes


twi: but how can you go bare feet


I can walk bare feet in whole TURKEY but i can’t see her like that *kunj thinks*


kunj: i can manage


twi: are you sure


kunj: yeah ofcrs


She wear his shoea that are 10 times bigger thn her feets

soon they reach at station They start walking twi look down at his feet and that was bleeding


twi: Kunj Bloood… 😶


kunj: its nothing i can bear this much


twi: but


kunj: i said na its ok


soon they reach a mall they buy shoes for twinkle and come out


Kunj: ummm.. twinkle


twi: hmmmm…


Kunj: wanna have dinner


Twi: Yes i am straving btw kis khushi main


kunj: tumhari is red jacket ki khushi main


twi: 😊😊😊


The waiter come and aks for there order


Waiter: What you want?


Kunj~Twi: Butter chicken 😊😊


Waiter: Drink


Kunj: Coffe


Twi: Apple juice (my Fav.)


They were having dinner stealing glances


kunj: Twi you had something on corner on your lips


twi: where


and she try to clean it but can’t


kunj: may i


Twi: hmmmm


He clean her lips with thumb twi oclose her eyes feeling his touch thn open her eyes they share an intense eyelock but broken by kunj


kunj: Hoagaya


twi: thank u


They had there dinner and left for there places

Twinkle reach hostel greeted by SIA (siya change to sia) and Rosy


Rosy: want a date..?


Twi: no way why..?


Rosy: The one who wear red and roam lonely means she want a date


Ohhhh… that mean kunj think i want a date 😐 *Twi thinks*


twi: no i just like red color


Rosy: Ok as u say


sia: so is your bua has any handsone son


twi: yup but he is married *Possessive*


sia: ohhhh.. that means i have no chance

Twi: yeah you had no chance now sleep

Sia: Huh.. Good Night


Twi: Good Night


they trio sleep but twi thinking about kunj and her day Only




Yeah the short epi ends here


Ok so some twinj scene




Nisa ♡


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