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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh tells mahadev’s origin.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Jalandhar saying shiv is nothing, I am the real god, he is worthless, you shall pray to me. Ganesh says but Jalandhar ji praying to lord shiv is not wrong, even you should say the mantra om namah shivay! After all it is the most pure mantra in the universe. Jalandhar gets angry and says no, you will say om jalandharay namah! Ganesh says Jalandhar ji you must be knowing how the word OM came to existence and how my father mahadev came to existence himself, after all you are the god now so you are very intelligent too. Jalandhar thinks I don’t know how mahadev came to existence. Ganesh says Jalandhar ji you don’t know? Okay I will tell you. Vrinda says now he will tell the origin of shiv! That I don’t want to know.
Ganesh says the flower of para brahma ganpati,

that was a huge brahma lotus existed and lord shiv originated from the brahmakamal after para brahma ganpati blessed the flower. Ganesh says father came into existence since that day and then even mother parvati originated from the flower, mahadev was the one who was entitled to bring the balance in the entire universe and multiverses and also the destroyer of iniquity and protector of dharma! He created lord Vishnu with the help of the brahma flower. Lord Vishnu got his home as vaikunth dham amidst the waters of the universe and he lived there. Ganesh says and you know brahma dev? Jalandhar says now don’t rant about brahma dev’s origin. Ganesh says Jalandhar ji you are a god and you don’t know the origin of brahma dev? Jalandhar thinks how don’t I know brahma dev’s origin? Ganesh says anyway, I will tell you, in flashback brahma dev is originated from lord vishnu’s chest as a light glows and it sits on a brahma lotus flower, brahma dev originates with his 5 heads as he sits on the flower. Brahma dev then looks at the universe and wonders who I am? Am I alone in this entire universe? What is my purpose? He then appears at lord Vishnu in vaikunth dham. He says who am i? how did I come to origin? Lord Vishnu says brahma dev you have been born from me, you originated from my chest. Ganesh says to Jalandhar, as brahma dev had no knowledge yet of the world and himself, so he gained an ego. Ganesh says Jalandhar ji, just like you are not having any knowledge and have gained an ego declaring yourself supreme god. Ganesh continues. In flashback, brahma dev says this is not possible, I cannot originate from your body Vishnu dev, I have been in this universe long before you were there and I am greater than anyone, I am the greatest god and creator of this entire universe. Lord Vishnu smiles and says it is true that you originated from me. Brahma dev says that is not possible, I am greater than everyone. Suddenly a long fiery line appears that never ends, mahadev’s voice says if you want to prove who the greater god is, then both find the start and end of this line. Brahma dev says okay, that is fair. Lord Vishnu says okay prabhu, both sit on their vehicles and then travel through the lines for years and years until both of them stop and wait. Mahadev’s voice says were you able to find the end of this line? Lord Vishnu says no prabhu, I tried but I did not find it. Brahma dev thinks Vishnu dev did not find, then I will say I found the line. Brahma dev says yes I have found the end and start of the line. Mahadev says brahma dev, are you saying the truth? Brahma dev says who are you? How dare you doubt my answer? I am brahma dev, I know everything and who the hell are you? From the line, mahadev emerges and stands very huge. Brahma dev says I will not follow you, you are no one, I am the true god. Mahadev gets angry and to destroy brahma dev’s ego, he brings out the form of kaal bhairav, kaal bhairav takes out 2 heads of brahma dev leaving only 3. Brahma dev realizes his mistake and says mahadev, forgive me, I know the truth now, forgive me prabhu. Mahadev forgives brahma dev. brahma dev says what is my purpose prabhu? Mahadev says lord Vishnu, you are the creator of the universe and the creator of worlds, that is your purpose as well as its protection, my purpose is to destroy iniquity and to maintain the balance in the universe and protect it, brahma dev you are the writer of the universe and the writer of everyone’s future.
There ganesh says this way the tridev were formed. Jalandhar gets angry and says kid you wasted my time by telling me all this, but I will destroy this shivling by kicking it, it is just made of mud and dirt. Jalandhar picks his leg.

Precap: ganesh says Jalandhar! Stop! Jalandhar says I allow you to pray to shiv but you will pray to me too. Ganesh and kartikeya wake up vrinda and Jalandhar by throwing water on them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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