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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 15)

Let’s begin….

Rag: plz Sanskar… Leave me
San: for that i should hold you and i didn’t held you till now so….. Are you waiting for me to hold you..samajdaar ke liye ishaara hi kaafi hai😉

Rag: sanskar it’s not the time for joke!
San small smile🙂: u have created mind-blowing twist for me and now you are saying it’s not the time for joke…I loved you i love you and i will keep loving you until my last breath.. Now you haven’t recognised how i crave for your one smile and how i crave for you… Your tears are precious pearls for me and i would never take a risk to lose those pearls but you have not left any choice…

He turns and smiles widely

His words have touched Ragini….

Rag: SS.. Sanskar

San had a victory smile

He turns

Rag: i am sorry..i had gone through the same feelings…i also craved for Laksh and now

San: now what? You want me to forget you

She didn’t say anything!

San: you want me to control my feelings towards you and let you married to laksh?

She didn’t say anything

San😎😎😎:not even in the wildest dreams i would not let you married to laksh

Listening this her jaw dropped out of shock.. She for a moment thought he was sacrificing his love and was heart broken but things seems different 😜

He remembers his ugly dream himself: can’t take a chance be alert sanskar😛

San: get this in your small cute brain my o2 and to become my wife there is few hours wait for me until i won’t take you with me! 😉

He smiles actually smirks seeing her cute shocked face

He turns to go

Rag; sanskar…u can’t do that!

San: you are right but i will do that

Rag: wat are you going to do?

San: when you have created a twist for me then think how would be the result

Rag gets thinking

He smiles

He clocks her photo in his mobile
Rag: hey wat r u doing?
San: when you are tensed..u look so cute i can’t stop myself to click your photos… This is your 706th photo wch i have clicked

Rag Shocked: wat?? Its not even a month you ca….

San: bt you became o2 na my o2.. Ok take rest.. He caresses her cheeks…tmrw is our wedding i don’t want wrinkles or dark circles in your face

Rag: sa….
San covers her lip through his finger: shh…
Rag moves back: i don’t love you plz leave me

San; and if you think.. Like a filmy hero i would sacrifice my love.. No ways in this matter you can take me as villain

Rag: i hate you… And for a moment i thought you hv changed bt no..u r not

San: i can’t too… Until i won’t get my o2.. You know how important an o2 is to live

Rag turns and moves to her house

San:palat…palat…. She doesn’t turns… She reach the door and finally turns and he smiles widely

He then goes from there…..

At mm…
Preparations hv been started as laksh have fixed their marriage tomorrow he didn’t wanted to take a chance!

Sanskar enters

Lak who saw him: aayiye!

San turns towards him:kahiye!

Lak with a smirk; so tomorrow i am getting married to my love … And i don’t want you to attend it

San smirks: i will attend it!

Lak smirks: afterall now i have won from you my dear brother

San: ofcourse ofcourse..tmrw you you will get a Bhabhi double celebration.. By i don’t think so you will have double celebration

Nik who saw this: pakka..isko sadma laga hai..mera bhai mera dosth…i can’t control emotions

Kavya: aisa kuch nai hai Nik… pitchure abhi baaki hai mere dosth!

Next day….

Everybody are busy in working

Sanskar comes..

Sujatha: Sanskar.. Wat are you going to do? But i don’t want you to hurt her or force her to marry you

San looks at her wierdly: are you sure? You are my mom!

Sujatha:i don’t want you to break her

San: mom… May be you will feel wrong! Bt i will do watever my heart says…i don’t want to lose her

Sujatha: by breaking her!?

San: mom..i won’t listen to you…! And i will do watever i want!

He goes

Sujatha: he is sounding selfish! Without her wish how can he force her to do……

Someone calls her.. Bt the worry isn’t up yet

Sharmishta goes to Ragini
Rag looks at her: i am sorry ma

Shar: no beta… Don’t be sorry.. But do you think watever you have took the decision… Is it right for your future? I want you to take a wise decision

She goes

Rag gets thinking

She gets a call..

She picks it without seeing

Voice: are you missing me?

Rag identifies the voice.. Is him! The Mannered Kameena 😉

San: tommorrow i wasn’t you see in the dress which you loved

Rag confused: wat???

San: you will get tommorrow… Oh ho so much desperation

Rag: plz sanskar why don’t stop to irritate me

San: then i should die!

Rag angrily disconnects the call

She recieves a text from him

“Goodnight my o2 and sweet dreams with me!”

She angrily throws her phone on the bed!

To be continued…

So any guesses wat will be going to happen???

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