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Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:05)

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Finding Solace In You-
Life is a mystery that takes eternity to unfold it’s each petal. At times people tire before they even find it out.
Kunj had a stressful day. His board meeting went for what felt like decades, exhausting him to the brims. It tired him both physically and mentally.
Getting seated in the comfortable back seat of his car, he loosened up his tie. Taking a sigh of relief, he sank back into the seat.
The entire day his mind didn’t cease thinking of her. He badly wanted to know what decisions she would take. He was desperately waiting for her to call. It was only a few hours before midnight. Somewhere he knew she wasn’t easy. But he also knew she couldn’t think otherwise in the kind of situation she was intrapped in. With a sneaky smile, he felt at triumph.
Lost in the void of his own demon thoughts, the sudden ringing of his phone intact him back to reality. His screen flashed with an unknown number. He knew it was hers, his sixth sense told him so. A huge smile spread across of his face that genuinely reached up his eyes. He didn’t exactly know why she was affecting him so much or why was he feeling such sudden bliss. It was just a winning antic for him after all. He slide in the lock to pick up the call.
“Kunj Fateen speaking.” He addressed with a sly smile in his voice. But soon the voice on other side of the phone made him frown. “Hello? Hell-” Her terrified voice came in but soon was cut out with a pause.
“Twinkle? Are you okay?” His voice worriedly boomed into his phone.
“He’ll-” Before she could say anything, he heard a loud crashing sound and the call cut. He stared down at his phone in a confounding stare. Joining his brows together confused, he asked his driver take a turn towards Irfan’s house. Something very wrong was going on, his gut feeling warned him.
His stomach lurched with panic with the thought of something bad happening to her. He didn’t realise he was deadly worried about her when a moment ago he thought of her nothing more than a winning chess piece.
The car came to a halt in front of Irfan’s house. Getting out of the car he almost ran towards the house with his stomach setting into the pits of panic. Ignoring his driver yelling at him to stop and call in the cops, he walked faster. On reaching the front entrance door, he saw it broken to the ground. With pieces of shattered glass all over the place.
Men are being with conserved emotions. Nothing can ever break off their casts. But once nature threatens something they care about, their inner demons unleash. And it never ends good.
“Twinkle!” He yelled out her name at the top of his lungs. Adrenaline injected into his body like fire. Sudden interjection of panic and fear made him nauseated. His heart sank for a minute with the thought of losing her. He yelled out her name again without any response. He walked further into the house.
Faint voice perked his senses. “You’re coming with me-” He heard a male’s demanding voice and a woman’s faint screaming in protest. He made a dash at it and entered the living area. The sight before him shackled him. A man dragging a woman forcefully. From the stance of the man, he felt an air of familiarity.
Kunj’s eyes widened with realisation. It was the same man he saw with Twinkle at Irfan’s funeral. Even in her tragic form, he could point out her resemblance with Twinkle. The girl got to be her sister, he thought to himself.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He called out at him in a dangerous voice. On hearing him, Faris’s gaze lifted up to Kunj. Faris was strong and firm but not a competition compared to Kunj.
“And who the hell you think you’re?” He growled back at him, letting go of Azeen. “Oh I know exactly who you are. You’re one of her flings aren’t you? I always knew she was a wh*re and I’d punish her for it… Do not step into my matters or I’ll kill you.” He warned him in a dangerous pitch. Azeen stared between both men in terror.
Kunj seemed to zone out on entire of his warning as soon as he heard him mention the word ‘wh*re’. At that he lost his composure completely and took a swing at him. With full force he punched him square in the jaw, sending him straight to the ground. Faris coughed with the sudden impact and spat out blood. Kunj’s tiredness at gym workout did pay off today, he mused.
As if a man on fire, Faris got up and made a dash at Kunj. With swift reflexes Kunj kicked him hard in the stomach, sending him back to the ground again. Faris laid there with entire of his physical strength in scams. For a fragile woman like Twinkle, he sure was a strong beast. For a well maintained man like Kunj, he stood no grounds.
“You do not call women wh*res and you do not hurt them either.” Kunj angrily roared at him. The incident had stringed old feelings within him. Memories he thought he had buried out.
His driver came in rushing. “Take care of him.” He ordered him. Taking a step towards Azeen, he lifted her up and made her stand on her feet. “I’m fine.” She crooked in a weak voice. “Where’s your sister?” He asked her with a voice filled with emotion. With that question, terror widened her eyes like a hostage. She got out of his grasp and ran towards the other side of the house. He ran after her.
She laid there unconscious on the ground of their tiny dinning room. Azeen tried shaking her back to conscience but she wouldn’t even bulge. “We need to take her to the hospital.” Azeen cried out at him.
He took in her view. A reddish bruise covered entire of her right cheek and a huge cut embellished her jaw. The rest of her body was covered from his gaze to see the damage. She was in clothes from the morning he had seen her in but now with patches teared up here and there. Which was very obvious for the protest she had tried to put against that beast. He could only imagine her fragile self fighting back.
For a moment his world seemed to stop. For ages he hadn’t felt emotions but right then he felt being the most helpless man ever on the face of the earth. He had beaten her mercilessly. Like a brute taming an animal.
Bending down, Kunj carefully cradled her damaged body in his arms. His heard skipped a beat at the contact. Her warmth and fragrance engulfed him in a trance. Picking her up he started walking towards his car with Azeen trailing in behind. He could hear the cop’s sirens in a distance.
Opening the door to his car, he laid her over the back seat. “Get in.” He ordered Azeen. Taking the car’s keys from the driver and giving him instructions, he started off the engine. He wanted to make sure Faris didn’t see the morning sun, once he made sure Twinkle was okay.
The illumination stung her sight. But slowly and painfully she opened her eyes to the bright morning sun, or so she thought. Trying to move her herself, pain shot within her body. She laid there for a second taking in a deep breath. But finally succeeded her attempt in opening up to the world once again.
Looking around she noticed the huge room. Slowly and gradually taking her surrounding. Crimson walls with matching curtains. Furniture that not only looked but also smelt expensive. Well organised but lacked a feminine touch. This wasn’t her room.
A figure caught her attention. Kunj was dozing off in a rest chair beside her bed. From the dark circles decorating his eyes and light stubble indicated he had been here the whole night. The clock at her bed side said three past noon. Confusedly she stared into his sleeping face.
Incidents from last night came flashing back. Each and every moment being played on it’s own. She remembered dialling Kunj’s number and calling him just in time for Faris barging in. He snatched her phone and threw it across the room, it sputtered into million pieces. That was the kind of strength he possessed. He hit her hard on her face, sending her to the ground. Kicked her till she lost count and plunged into deep slumber. On recalling all that, she tried to get up with a jolt. But hissed with a stinging pain that shot within her entire body.
“Hey stop, stop-” Kunj stirred up from his sleep and came rushing to her side. Placing his hands over her shoulders he pleaded her silently to lay back down. She followed his request and relaxed back, not once leaving his tired eyes. She saw genuine concern and hurt flash in them. As if he felt her pain through his body.
“Where’s Azeen?” She asked him in a dry voice. He stared at her blankly before replying. “She’s fine. Downstairs somewhere in the house.” He informed her softly. She looked back at him with glassy eyes. Silently asking him to explain it out to her.
“When you called, I took my cue on guessing something was wrong. I reached your house in time to catch this guy dragging your sister. I saw red but he was easy, with a few punches he was down like a dead man.” He let out a sarcastic laugh but soon stopped as if to swallow down some hurt. “I saw you laying unconscious on the floor with bruises as far as my sight and your clothes allowed me to see. So, I brought you here.” He silently yet painfully finished.
His last sentence made her cheek turn scarlet with embarrassment. Twinkle looked at herself to inspect. She wasn’t wearing her same clothes, though she still had a headscarf on. “Who-” She wanted to ask him but couldn’t find suitable words to voice her questions. However by now Kunj could read her like an open book. “Your sister and the doctor took care of fixing you up.” He answered her question. To which she seemed to relax a bit.
He had a chance of seeing her. A very convenient chance indeed. Where Twinkle wouldn’t have been able to point a blaming finger at him. And he wouldn’t have had to carry on with his sick game on getting her married to him. But with the incident that had just happened, he totally forgot about their proposition. And at the time taking advantage of her, when she laid almost dead and cold in his embrace, seemed the last thing he ever wanted to do on earth. He didn’t ever stoop that low. At such a thought, his heart tug at him.
“What happened to Faris?” She asked again. “In the police custody.” He answered with venom reeking his voice. At this her eyes widened. “They won’t investigate you, I handled that. However, they did investigate your sister, she didn’t give in much. I wonder why.” Twinkle trusted Azeen on keeping them safe.
“Thank you.” She gratefully glanced at him. At her words he gave her a genuine smile and got up to leave. “I’m sending up food, so you can take the medications. And informing your sister, that you’re awake.” He spoke in the doorway and left.
“They’re just going to charge him for breaking in and assaulting, and then they’ll let him go.” Azeen blankly made a statement with the spoon halfway to her mouth.
“I know.” Twinkle answered her zoned out sister, reaching forward to shake her back to reality. Azeen shook her head violently.
“No, Twinkie you don’t know. You don’t know that if he’s out there we’re unsafe. The next time he gets a chance at us, we’re good as dead and you know that.” Azeen all but yelled back at her sister.
“Shhhh-” Twinkle hissed at her. “I know all that already, I know. But you do realise if we give a statement against him to the cops, we’re both dead meat the next moment.” That shut her up and she lowered her head in defeat. “Zeen you have got to trust me. Our safety is important I do realise that. Give me time to think things through and I’ll fix everything. Please…” She nodded back in understanding. However, doubting if her sister could fix things anymore.
Thoughts of the proposition ran through Twinkle’s head. If she’d accept Kunj Fateen’s proposal, she can keep them both safe and secure. He was a man who had connections most certainly. And only being within his shade seemed being safe from Faris’s odour even. But was she really going to give into a crude beast while in attempt to run away from another.
Sighing deeply, she sank back into her chair. The sight of Kunj’s soft and vulnerable stance flashed before her eyes. She recalled genuine compassion in his eyes. Maybe he wasn’t all that bad. But then again he was a man, and men are brutes, they’re capable of anything as long as it benefits their vile hungers. Once before she had coped with a disgraceful marriage, this shouldn’t be any different to her. She wasn’t looking out for love anymore, so his proposition seemed legit to her under such knockout circumstances.
It had been a week now that they were staying in the villa. In such a massive house, their existence didn’t seem to flicker much of attention or space but yet again it was Mr. Fateen’s generosity to let them stay this long. After all it was his house.
Stomping her foot in pure anxiety Twinkle felt like running away from life and finding peace in Abbu’s welcoming arms. But she knew that was far from impossible and neither had life ever been gracious to her. Life had fazed her at every breathing second and tested her at every waking hour. She didn’t expected ease to knock at her door any time sooner or maybe ever.
Kunj’s throat felt dry and his stomach growled with hunger. Once again he was walking out of a damaged attempt at trying to resort back his inspiration. At the moment he didn’t want to think of her. He had been strict on taming his thoughts from wandering towards her. Saying he was mad at her, was an understatement.
Now, there was different stuff he was mad about rather than, her not accepting his proposition. By now he had long forgotten about it because concern and frustration had wrapped him up in a dark shawl where no space for little beams of illumination seemed real. His frustrations had changed courses.
Walking towards kitchen at two in the morning, he didn’t feel like waking up the housekeeping. Opening the massive door he took a turn and flickered on the huge chandelier that hung in the middle of the kitchen room. It illuminated the entire vast space. Taking a swift turn he all but yelped in terror.
“You startled me-” He stared wide eyed to a statue like Twinkle sitting on one of the stools beside the kitchen island.
“Guess we both are in a habit of doing that.” She blankly stated and continued making shapes with a bare index finger on the marble of the island, not bothering to look up at him. He dragged a stool himself and sat across of her with the island playing the purpose of separating two wild and angry waves from mingling. They were both massive oceans of angry mysteries and they both knew it well.
“What are you doing here at this hour?” He asked her while stretching out a hand and grabbing the nearby glass jar with chocolate cookies.
“I can ask you the same question.” She shrugged at him. Her such attitude had been all but a fascination to him. She had nerves to be so blunt while sitting under his roof.
“Because I’m a man with needs.” He called out at her and bit a chunk of the cookie as if proving his point. “Astaghfirullah!” She mumbled looking away from him without making an eye contact. He saw disgust flicker through her face for the briefest of seconds or so he presumed.
Twinkle knew men too well and their disgusting needs. They certainly did everything out of need. Nothing in their lives were ever done without need and that mere thought sickened her to the stomach.
“I missed abbu so I came in here. He used to work in here and I just felt-” She tried to explain out but cracked mid sentence. For the first time throughout this encounter she raised her head and made eye contact. She felt his eyes soften at her in understanding.
“You miss him.” Was a statement than a question. “I do.” She replied back. Both stared at each other with an exchange of unspoken words. Both seemed to understand each other’s losses and grooves of time without changing much of an emotion or posture.
Emotions started to flood Kunj’s brims and he seemed to be unprepared for them. No, he didn’t want to face his losses and the harsh imprints of his life after all these years. He wasn’t ready yet or maybe he’d never be. Fearing that her shattered world would unleash his own barren emotions, he got up immediately to leave her on her own accord.
At the moment he didn’t even want to question her on why she and her sister refused to give a statement against Faris? How that guy was linked to them? What was he doing there? Oh, he wanted to ask so many questions, unleash so many tantrums at her but he was at risk. A risk that wouldn’t just unfold her secrets but dig into his old wounds.
Closing his eyes to silence his inner storms, he tried to leave before her voice interrupted his frail escape.
“He was my husband…” She stated with letting the sentence hang mid air. He froze for a moment. For a second the world seemed to have come to an end and wrath of the judgment day had already started. Yes, he was a sinner and he knew all too well how much doomed he already was but he couldn’t care less. He turned around to give her a deadly glare.
He wanted her to continue, he had so many questions to ask. “He was abusive both physically and emotionally. I had no option but to leave but I did try my best to hold it together, I swear I did.” She was talking more to herself than him. Recalling all the times she silently suffered all of Faris’s physical and emotional blows at her and each time she gave herself delusional hope that tomorrow things would changed. Yet, they never changed.
Shutting her eyes she tried to continue, “I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t even for Abbu’s sake. I was weak so I left. It took me everything to get rid of him, the court helped.” She knew she never let her father know about the tortures she was going through. She didn’t want him to feel guilty of his choices. But when finally she decided to walk out, he understood her without a question.
Kunj looked at her both confused and tampered. How could she call herself weak just because she refused to suffer more blows? How did she even manage a single day with a dog? He looked away in pure anger and disgust. He couldn’t bring himself in thinking what this fragile being went through. How horrendous the world had been to her? He wanted to wrap her up in his protectiveness and lend her away from everyone who as much as flickered an eye in her direction.
Maybe Kunj was a selfish man but he certainly wasn’t a dog. Maybe he wanted to use Twinkle, but never had he imagined in his wildest dreams of ever forcing himself on her then how could he avoid seeing red on imagining someone else beating her senseless. ‘I always knew she was a wh*re and I’d punish her for it…’ His words repeated in his head and Kunj closed his eyes to the unseen burning he was suffering. How could he?
Suddenly opening his eyes in reflex, he looked straight ahead to her, piercing right into her soul. “How much did he hurt you, how did he hurt you?” He asked in a low yet dangerous voice. He wanted each cell in that brute’s body to pay for each damage he caused.
“It’s past.” She pleaded with her eyes, to not make her dwell in those moments once again.
“How’d he get to you?” He asked again.
“He got to know about Abbu’s death and h-” Kunj cut her mid sentence by bringing his hand hard onto the table and slamming it with a fist. The voice made her jump up in her seat and terror oozed out of her. “I asked how did he get you?” He all but growled at her.
She looked back at him confounding. If a human body could be on flames, his seemed legit to be so. Suddenly understanding his question she tried answering him. “A-Abbu got his proposal. He investigated and asked around. Everyone seemed to be very fond of his good conduct and everything. So, abbu accepted.” She finished her summary in a hurry.
Hearing her splutter he realised he had scared her. Suddenly regretting his sudden outburst he didn’t want her to think of him the same. Relaxing down his shoulders he sank down onto his stool with an audible sigh. “I’m sorry.” He gave her a soft look. “I’m surprised how a man like Irfan can be fooled like this.”
The same way as he got fooled with you, she all but wanted to yell that in his face. She recalled each time her father spoke so proud and mighty of Kunj Fateen and how generous and humble of soul he was. Right now all she wanted to do was spite on such pleasing words. Only if Abbu could see him now, she angrily thought.
“Why didn’t you tell the cops?” He stated angrily.
She gave out a sarcastic laugh. “Wh-Why didn’t I tell the cops?” She mused. Her such behavior made him pull his brows together in confusion. This woman seemed to do nothing but get on his nerves, she was unbelievable.
Waving her hands in air as in indicating him that he’s crazy, she continued, “You see Mr. Fateen, many people aren’t what they show. The world is full of deception. And people like abbu, a pure soul always are the victims. My father all but fancied him the moment he met him. I did too…” She stated in anguish as if recalling the broken sticking out edges of her existence.
“He works for the underworld. Drug supplying, women supplying, kidnapping, every kind of human crime you can imagine of. That’s one reason I couldn’t leave. And if I went to the cops, I along with my family were dead meat because that’s how powerful connections he have.” She told him what she told Azeen.
His eyes widened at her blunt confession. Terror seemed to tense his body. No, he wasn’t afraid of an inhuman criminal but the thought of a woman like Twinkle living under same roof as him. Anger reeked his seams. “Tell me how much he has hurt you?” He demanded with suddenly getting up from his stool again.
He abruptly took a turn and strode towards where she sat. In one swift move he grabbed her stool to make her face him. Their fronts opposing each other. He placed both his arms on each side of the stool and pulled her even more closer. Bending down and invading her private space, he came face to face with her.
“Tell me how much he has hurt you and I’ll make each bone in his body pay for it.” Anger radiated like hot heat from his body. His mint cologne stung her nose. Terror engulfed her. It had only been a few months that she had gotten her liberty from cages of human viciousness and yet she found herself intrapped in another.
Her breath hitched in her throat and she couldn’t tear off her eyes from his. The big vein pulsed in his forehead and his eyes seemed to turn into a shade of slight red.
He could hear the rapid thumping of her terrified heart. “Please d-don’t-” She pleaded to him. Closing his eyes, Kunj felt so helpless. It was the second time ever that he felt this helpless. He didn’t want to recall the first. He didn’t understand his reaction but all he knew was that he won’t let that man see another day of bright light.
Instantly moving back, he grabbed the nearest thing in grasp and threw it against wall on the side. The glass jar shattered with too many audible sounds. He grabbed his face in both his hands and yelled as hard and loud as he could. He was all but defeated. He didn’t want past repeat itself once again.
Twinkle didn’t understand why he was reacting like a madman. She didn’t even know who he was mad at, her or Faris. They both stayed like that for a minute or so till Kunj seemed to calm his nerves.
“No one is hurting you again I promise. I want that man behind the bars for the rest of his rotting life.” He took a stern decision. She knew too well that there was no room for her to argue.
He bent down and brought his face to her level. She could feel his warm breath on her face. “I won’t ever let anyone hurt you again. Can you trust me?” He looked into her eyes and pleaded with unspoken accord. Her eyes flickered between both his eyes as if searching his soul for the truth of his statement.
How could she trust a man? And most of all a man like Kunj Fateen, who’d do anything to get what he wants. Even lay out a proposition of marrying him. A marriage where no love, no affection, nothing would be involved, only his selfish objectives, of what she didn’t know yet. How could she trust him? How could he be different from Faris?
“Yes, I can.” She heard herself speak which surprised her more than it surprised him. A genuine smile spread across his delicate features. She wanted to reach out and touch it. Touch him. But before she could, he sank onto the ground. Trust is just a word with too many immense definitions. And the problem is everyone’s got their own definition to it, maybe that’s why we often get ourselves shattered in someone else’s definition of trust.
He sank on to the ground as if suddenly tired with the life burdens. Sourness in both body and emotions. On hearing her approval of trusting him, his heart pumped with genuine bliss. But did he deserve this bliss? He asked himself. After all that he had thought of her and subjected her as a piece of some game, did he deserve her trust? Game, he repeated those words mentally to himself.
Was he plainly doing this all out of sympathy? Or was he doing it because somehow her story interjected his own past wounds? He shut his eyes to all the noises in his head.
Looking up at her again, he reached out and engulfed her tiny fragile clasped hands in both of his, atop her lap. Bending down his head in emotional tiredness he laid it over their connected hands and closed his eyes again. “Thank you.” He murmured.
But soon his moment of pure seventh heaven was interrupted with the words she chose to speak. “I accept your proposal.”
He jerked his head up and looked back at her in pure horror, “No.”
A person had messaged me specially to announce the cast of Azeen and Faris, though I haven’t thought much about it but seeing her request I couldn’t stop myself of telling the actors whom I’m imagining as these characters. Also I’m so touched at that person’s request…


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Coming to episode, woah! So much happened. What do you think about Kunj’s behavior? Is there something in his past bothering him? And the most important question- Why did he say ‘no’? Is it some of his plan or is he genuinely doing all this? Well you’ve to wait for the revelation. But we do came to know about Faris man today and you all were correct about him. Kudos to you all:) Personally I’m loving Kunj for his amazing attitude;) What do you think? Do share your opinions about the story so far. And how do you guys feel about Kunj? About next episode… Uh, you know that XD it’ll depend on the way you guys would shower love on this one. Stay awesome till next time;)
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