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The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (part 15)


Sanchi had managed to hide her hickey with the help of the silk scarf that she was having. Kabir smirked as he saw his girl tensing and her hand involuntarily moving to her neck every time he came across her. He was contented to see her reaction. His mere presence affected her to much extent now after the prank. He enjoyed her nervousness due to their proximity and she was too stubborn to accept the fact that even she craved for his warmth and closeness.

Priya was a bit sad one day. Sanchi observed this and she wanted to inquire about it but everyone was busy and Priya’s condition was not so good. Sanchi was worrying about Priya. She was anxious but she could do nothing. She wanted to distract her mind and hence she decided to clean the store room. It was not too dirty but a bit disoriented. She began cleaning the desks and then came to the shelves. While she was cleaning one of the upper shelves, a box fell due to misbalance. The stuff in the box was scattered around the room. ‘One more work’ she grumbled in her mind and began to clean the mess. While collecting the materials her eyes fell on one of the photographs that were covered with dirt. She could see Priya’s face through the dirty surface. Sanchi instantly got up and cleaned the photo with a spear cloth. She was shocked to the core when she saw the photograph. She felt the world around her spinning. She caught the wooden table for support and stood for a few seconds in stupefaction. She was not able to breathe properly. The ‘spacious room’ was suffocating her. She staggered as she came out of the room to breathe properly. She leaned against the wall surrounding the door of the store room. She sank down on the floor as tears made their way out of her eyes.

‘I was so dumb not to think it before. Today’s date and her condition. She is just like how he used to describe her. I could not sense it. I was so dumb.’ All these thoughts were running in her mind. She abruptly got up and ran to Priya di’s room on the second floor. Her vision was blurred due to the continuous down pour of tears. She approached the room and found it to be empty. She searched the whole house madly but did not find her. It was important for Sanchi to talk to Priya di. Lastly, only Kabir’s room was left. Sanchi stood in front of his room and knocked on the door. She wanted to push open the door abruptly but then his punishments forbid her. Kabir opened the door irritably as he was disturbed while doing something important. He glanced at Sanchi who stood there breathlessly. Her body was shaking and she was in a mess. Her hairs were disheveled and she was breathing heavily. Her chest was moving up and down as she made attempts to breath. Her face was all watery due to sweat and tears. He stood there gazing at her with questioning eyes. She spoke slowly.

S: Where is Priya di?

Kabir just moved aside and Sanchi saw a crying Priya sitting on the couch in his room. She ran to Priya at once and sat down besides her. She stared at the floor blankly for some time and then turned to Priya.

S: Are you Mrs.Priya Sanket Sharma? Her words fell on Priya’s ears as a thunder clap and she snapped her head in Sanchi’s direction. Even Kabir’s eyes showed amazement. Priya stared at Sanchi for a long time and then she gathered her courage to speak something.

P: How do you know? Sanchi handed her the photograph she got from the store room. It was a beautiful photograph of Priya and Sanket. Sanket was back hugging Priya and they were smiling to their fullest as they were together. Priya stared at the photograph as her memories that she spent with Sanket came back to her mind. Kabir took the picture and grinded his teeth. His jaw hardened and his face reflected anger. He crumpled the picture in his hands and threw it on the floor. Sanchi was shocked to see Kabir’s reaction. She quietly got up and picked the photograph. Straightened it and held it safely to her heart. Kabir saw this and his anger rose to new heights. His jaw ticked as he saw Priya crying again for that bastard.

S: What happened, Priya di? Priya threw herself in Sanchi’s arms as she cried her heart out. Kabir gave Sanchi a piercing look and made a move to throw her out of the room. Priya stopped him and he controlled himself by fisting his hands. Priya’s cries had subsided into hiccups. She drank little water and turned towards Sanchi.

P: I loved Sanket a lot. We were happily married for three years. His parents stayed in Delhi and we were staying in Mumbai. He left his job for me and we settled here in Mumbai. One day when I returned from the job I found him on our bed with… she stopped as her voice broke. She gathered some courage and spoke in a low tone. I saw him with Payal, the wife of his business partner. They were sleeping in each other’s embrace. He cheated on me Sanchi. He cheated on me. Saying this Priya broke down into sobs again. Veer and Arjun came running in the room to pacify Priya. They had seen Sanchi moving around in a helpless state and hence followed her. They had listened to all her conversations. They could not see their Priya di crying like this.

Sanchi was shocked. She stood there blankly. Her mind was grasping all the words that Priya told her. She came back to her senses after some time and then she questioned Priya.

S: You did not talk to him? You did not make any attempts to know the truth? You believed what you saw? Kabir now had enough of it. He held Sanchi from her shoulders and shook her vigorously. He vent out his anger on Sanchi and pushed her towards the door.

K: Get out.

Sanchi had tears in her eyes as she remembered something. She turned around and said in a low but firm voice.

S: I will go after I fulfill my promise. She went towards Priya and bent on her knees. She held Priya’s face in her hands and spoke in an emotionally affected, shaking voice.

S: He never betrayed you Priya di. He never did that. He loved you, loves you and will love you for life long. She broke into tears after completing her sentence and everyone in the room was astonished hearing Sanchi. Veer got up from the couch and made Sanchi sit there. He held her hand and asked her in a low voice.

V: How do you know him? How are you confident that he never did that?

S: Sanket was my neighbor. He was my best friend since childhood. I knew everything about him and so did he. I knew about his affair with Priya di and I convinced his parents to send him to Mumbai. I was away for my studies when they were getting married and hence I never saw Priya di’s face. I was in contact with him since he left Delhi but then one day he came home without Priya di. Everyone questioned him but he told nothing to them. I was out of town for my studies. When I returned, his mother told me that Sanket was here. I went to meet him and saw that he had cut his veins and there was heavy blood loss. We rushed him to hospital and luckily he was saved. After days of persuading, I came to know that Priya di had left him as she thought him to be a cheater. He told me that Vikram, his business partner and his wife Payal had come for tea that evening. Priya was not at home so he served them. Vikram helped him in preparing the tea. Vikram mixed some sleeping pills in Sanket and Payal’s tea and hence they both lost their consciousness after drinking the tea. Vikram took advantage of the situation and made them lie on the bed and framed them in an extra marital affair. Vikram wanted a divorce from Payal and she was not ready to give him divorce so he framed Payal in a false scandal and they got divorced also burning your house. She saw Priya whose face went blank hearing the full story. She cursed herself for not trusting Sanket and she had guilt which reflected in her eyes. Her back straightened and she turned towards Sanchi. She whispered as her voice was quirky and shivering.

P: Where is he now? Which promise were you talking about?

S: When you came to the house to collect your belongings, Sanket called me so that I could explain you everything as you were not ready to listen to him. He tried to stop you but you were very adamant on your decision. He ran behind you to stop you and one car hit him. By the time I reached, you already left. I took Sanket to hospital and he took a promise from me that if I would meet you then I will tell you everything that he wanted to say. He never betrayed you Priya di. He was loyal to you. He loved you truly. Hearing this Priya sank down on the floor and began to weep. Everyone in the room was shocked with the sudden encounter with the truth that they had never tried to discover. Sanchi kneeled down to Priya and held her hand.

S: Priya di, he needs you. He is not dead. He slipped into comma after the accident and it has been two years since he has not showed any improvement. He will recover if you forgive him. Please Priya di. Please. He needs you. He is in Shimla. We have admitted him in one of the hospitals in Shimla.

P: I want to meet him. I am the one responsible for his condition. If he will gain consciousness then I will be the happiest person. Please take me to him Sanchi. Please. Sanchi nodded and she looked at Veer who in turn turned his head towards Kabir. Kabir was lost in his thoughts as he was figuring out the possibilities of attack and accommodation arrangement. He nodded to Veer and they both went out of the room.

V: Kabir we need to take Priya di there. She got her happiness after two years. Please we have to go there.

K: Okay. Book a lodge there with all the staff out. We will take our men from here. I don’t want to take a chance. Even the chef will be from our side. Get all the cars ready as we leave in few hours and also get the charter plane ready. Veer started to work as fast he got the orders from Kabir.

After a few hours; Sanchi, Priya, Veer, Arjun and Kabir were at the airport. They entered into the lavish jet plane that they owned. It was really big with many partitions. The first compartment contained a small hall with teapoys surrounded by lounges. The second compartment contained a small room with a large U shaped table and a projector. It looked like a conference room. The last compartment had one king size bed. Once the take off was successful, Sanchi made Priya lie down on the bed as Priya needed rest due to the crying that she had done from hours. Priya’s eyes were red and sunken. She was looking horribly tired. Sanchi sat besides Priya and Priya kept her head on her lap. Sanchi gently stroked Priya’s head and soon Priya dozed off to sleep. Sanchi was also tired. She tried moving Priya but then she was not able to move her. She rested her efforts and slept in the sitting position.

Kabir came to check upon Priya after half an hour. He found both the ladies fast asleep. He moved Priya away from Sanchi’s lap and made Sanchi lie down on the bed carefully as he did not want to disturb their sleep. Kabir stood there adoring both the beauties and then turned to go. He saw Veer smirking at the entrance of the door. Veer very well knew Kabir’s emotions but Kabir was closing himself up in black rooms. Kabir had built strong walls across his heart that no one could penetrate. He had stabbed his emotions to death which had made him weak years ago and exposed him to the worst devils of the underworld. His emotions were eaten up alive in front of him and then he had decided to rule this ruthless world on his terms and conditions. He then started his journey to become the mafia king and in no time success was at his doorstep. Kabir just rolled his eyes as he knew what Veer’s smirk meant. They closed the door of the room and went out in the hall.

The plane landed in Chandigarh and then there was a journey of about three hours to reach Shimla. Priya was still asleep due to the tiredness but Sanchi could not control her excitement. She had wished to meet Priya one day and tell her the reality. Today was the same date when Sanket had met with an accident, 10th April. She was having tears in her eyes as she reminisced her memories with Sanket. How she used to share all her pains and sorrows with him. How he was always a part of her happiness and how she had teased him when she came to know about his affair. How he had begged her to help him convince his parents and how she had witnessed him laying in a pool of blood but still thinking about his lady love and taking a promise from her to tell the reality to his only love. She had tears and a ray of hope that shined through her eyes. The hope, that Sanket will come out of comma soon. She just closed her eyes as her lips mumbled prayers to god for Sanket’s wellness and for the favor he did on her by making her meet Priya.

They reached the hospital and Priya was wide awake by then. She was now looking good and fresh. They rushed to hospital at once but to their misfortune the visiting hours of the hospital were over. The staff was adamant to not let anyone of them go in. Kabir’s anger was rising with every passing minute. Just as he was going to take out his revolver from his pocket, Sanchi held his hand and stopped him. She gave him an ‘are you insane’ look and he glared her angrily in return. Sanchi noticed a familiar face standing and talking to someone at some distance. She walked towards him with Veer and Kabir following her. They approached the man as he finished his conversation.

S: Dr.Akshay, how are you? The man turned around hearing her voice and he was pleasantly surprised to find Sanchi here.

A: On my god, Sanchi! What a pleasant surprise. They hugged each other. Kabir grinded his teeth seeing them and Veer smirked looking at Kabir’s change of reaction.

A: How come you are here? Well there’s still no improvement in his condition. Akshay asked as he eyed the men around Sanchi. Who are they? A new patient?

S: No. Nothing like that. Actually we wanted to meet Sanket and as you are the consulting doctor, we need your permission to meet him.

A: Sanchi, you know the hospital rules. The visiting hours are over. Now you can visit him tomorrow.

S: It is very important Akshay.

A: Then I must know the reason before sending you in. Sanchi took a deep breath and said in a firm voice.

S: Priya is here. She wants to meet him. You said that there are chances of his coming out of the comma when he overcomes his past. Please let us in. Please.

A: Alright but only three can go. I will talk to the concerned authorities to let you in. Now I will take your leave I have some work.

S: Thank you so much Akshay.

A: Welcome Sanchi. Akshay departs and the trio walks back to the seats near the reception. Priya and Arjun stand up seeing them. Sanchi, Priya and Kabir go inside the ICU to meet Sanket and Veer and Arjun head back to the lodge to set the things in correct order before Kabir’s arrival.

Inside the ICU

Priya went alone inside the ICU and Sanchi and Kabir waited in the room near the entrance of the ICU built for visitors. Priya went near Sanket and sat on the stool next to the bed. She was guilty for her behavior due to which Sanket was in comma for the past two years. She could have listened to him at least once but she was way too stubborn. She held his hands in hers and began to weep and convey her feelings that she had been hiding for the past two years. Sanket could hear each and every word that his Priya was saying. He was itching to touch Priya, to take her in his embrace, to tell her how much he loved her and to wipe off those big tears that hung down her delicate eyelashes. His fingers began to move and Priya noticed the change. Her tears were now replaced with a glee that filled her eyes. She was happy that Sanket was making an attempt to get up. She encouraged his efforts. She held his hands tightly as he too reciprocated her hold.

Meanwhile Sanchi was feeling weird to be in a room with Kabir. He was just staring at her with a blank face. It was difficult for her to make out what he was thinking from his gestures. She stared at his eyes as he threw a look at her from head to toe. She could identify something in his eyes. His eyes were actually ‘thankful’ but before she could decipher more, their attention was drawn towards the voice from the ICU. They ran at the very instance and soon Akshay came in the ICU. They saw Sanket making attempts to open his eyes and move his body parts. He had succeeded to move is hand freely and he was struggling to come back to normal. Sanchi held his other hand as she encouraged him to try harder. It took much time for Sanket but at last he was out of his state of comma. He had been like a living dead body for almost two years and now it felt so good to come back in the normal form. Priya hugged him at once and began to weep in his embrace. She felt secured and complete being with him. Sanchi also hugged Sanket and she was also having tears of happiness. She moved back as she saw her best friend perfectly happy after so many years. She unknowingly leaned on Kabir’s shoulder. Her head rested on his strong arms and she snaked her hands around his hand as she staggered due to the overflow of emotions she was going through seeing his best friend’s now complete happiness. Kabir wanted to chide her away but he somehow could not. He felt good. Sanchi came into senses when Akshay came to her. She quickly left Kabir’s arm and faced Akshay.

A: Sanchi, I can allow only one person to stay for the night.

S: I know you don’t worry we are leaving now.

A: Just come to my cabin before leaving. I have to talk to you. He said while going away. Sanchi nodded and then went to Sanket to talk to him. Sanket was obliged to Sanchi as she had brought his Priya to him. They had some emotional talks which did not interest Kabir. He stood there as if he was getting bored. The trio continued their talking for half an hour. After that Sanchi glanced at her watch. It was almost 2:00 am. She got up.

S: Okay now I think we should leave. See you tomorrow. Bye. She went out followed by Kabir. She turned to Kabir and said in a low voice as he still affected her.

S: I will come. I have visit Akshay.

K: I’m coming.

S: It’s okay you can go. It is not necessary for you to come. There must be some formalities to be completed.

K: I don’t trust you. Go ahead. Sanchi rested her case without any protest as she was tired and also afraid. Kabir meanwhile was thinking about the work Akshay would have with Sanchi and that too at this time of night.

Akshay’s cabin

S: May we come in.

A: Yes Sanchi. You know you don’t need to ask. He said with a friendly smile that she returned. He gave the same smile to Kabir but he did not respond. Sanchi and Kabir took the seat opposite to the large table covered with files.

S: Akshay, you wanted to talk to me?

A: Sanchi actually, Sanket has just got up from comma so we need to do his tests to know if there is any internal injury or if the accident has done some damage to him.

S: How many days will he have to be here?

A: At most one week.

Sanchi glanced towards Kabir as she was anticipating an answer. He just nodded his head and she turned to Akshay.

S: Okay. You just get all the tests done. We will be here for a week.

A: Here are some forms that you need to sign for the procedures of test and discharge to start. Sanchi took the pen, filled the form and signed. Just as they were about to leave Akshay said something.

A: By the way Sanchi you will need to be at the airport tomorrow to receive Isha and Pragya. They are coming here.

Sanchi froze in her very state. She shivered at the thought of her besties being involved in this situation. She turned around abruptly and almost yelled at Akshay.

S: Are you mad? Why did you call them? What did you say to them?

A: Relax Sanchi. You know that if I would not have informed them about Sanket’s recovery they would have killed me. Why are shouting at me like a mad person?

S: Did you tell them that I am here?

A: Actually they were so excited that they did not listen to me. They simply heard that Sanket was out of comma and then they cut the call. Sanchi breathed in relief. She sat on the chair and drank the full glass of water in one go. Akshay stared at her weirdly and before he could say anything Kabir cut their conversation.

K: We are getting late. He gestured Sanchi to come and she obliged at once. Just as she was leaving the room Akshay whispered in her ears.

A: You have a very rude husband.

S: He is not my husband.

A: Oh then a very weird boyfriend. I must tell you don’t marry him. You will regret.

S: Shut up Akshay and keep your wise advice to yourself only. With that she left.

The drive was silent. Sanchi had opened the window of her side to feel the fresh air. Her hairs tangled and flew in different directions as the wind blew past them. It was a sight worth seeing. Kabir admired her for some time and then abruptly closed the window. She turned her face towards him. He just kept his hard exterior on his face and concentrated on the drive. He did not want to ruin her solace but then it was not safe as he was the mafia king. There were chances of being attacked at any hour of the day.

She leaned back on the seat exhausted from the day’s happenings. She was happy about Sanket and also pretty excited to meet her besties tomorrow. Thank god that they were not aware of her presence as they would be smart enough to call the police and create a big issue. They would eventually drag her home which she did not want to happen. It was bizarre but she was happy here. She felt lively, good and secure in her ‘kidnapper’s house’. She drifted to sleep while having a conflict in her mind regarding her differing thoughts.

Kabir tried to wake up Sanchi as they reached the lodge. He shook her only to gain groans from her. She was in a state of deep sleep. He had no other choice but to drop her to her room. He lifted her in his arms and went to her room. He made her lie down on the bed properly. He covered her with the quilt and then switched off the lights and closed the door of her room after him. Sanchi cuddled in her blanket as she was having dreams of meeting her besties after many months. She was sleeping with a wide smile on her face depicting her happiness.


Sorry everyone for keeping you waiting and Thank you for waiting patiently. Few episodes may not contain much of Kanchi scenes but please bear with me.

The photo is the lodge where they are staying in Shimla. Hope you all liked it. I will be a little irregular but please bear with me till 20th May.

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