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swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-49)

Life is not always the way we think some times its pain and other times is happiness

Finding happiness is not that big task

From the morning sunrise to sunset every activity when you walk around the street search for happiness you find that in some way or the other

The sound of glasses at tea stall those ladies gossiping laughter is filled at every hook and nook

Those rumbling of birds to giggling of kids

She was sleeping peacefully  on his chest

He gently caressed her face tucking her hair strands behind her ear

It was more than an hour that he woke up from his sleep and was from then he was just staring her

When the cool breeze passed through window the way she shivered the way she holds him tight

How blessed he felt when she showered her love through those tiny gestures

It would be 7 am of morning he hurriedly but consciously separated from her not disturbing her sleep

He tip toed and out of room

She was moving in her sleep searching for the warmth she carved for when the sunlight was trying to disturb her sleep

She moved her hand around the bed to locate him but couldn’t find him

She opened her one eye and looked towards her other side

Soon she sat on bed and scanned the whole room searching him

‘Where did he go this early morning’

She scrunched her eyes getting out of bed she quickly tied her hairs up and moved towards the window pulling away the curtains

The much she loved night for its moonlight the more she loved sunlight for shinning the world

She smiled

But something that caught her attention was the mirror

The mirror was placed at a correct axes such that when sunlight enters the room and hits the mirror the light would reflect to a bowl of water

She walked to that and found a small blue color fish in that she smiled seeing that

And found a note pinned next to that

She picked that quickly to read

‘good morning wifey’ she  smiled reading the first line but soon the next made her angry

‘sorry but need to go to office arnav had some emergence work so he requested me to handle his meeting’

She smiled seeing the pout he sketched

‘get fresh and meet kushi we have a long way to go’

She was confused but then smiled seeing the chocolates

She freshed up and walked out

As she was walking at stairs some flower petals fell on her

She smiled

‘sanskar’ she smiled thinking of him

Soon she found a other note near railing of stairs

‘break fast is ready have it’

Soon she completed her break fast

Walking towards kushi’s place

Arnav called her asking sorry and she  said it was ok and he should have informed her she would have stayed with kushi taking her care

“good morning princess” she said bending down and speaking to the baby

Kushi made faces

“how do you know its princess” she asked

“I just know” ragini said pulling her imaginary collar up

“you brother sister duo are too bad even he says that its a princess”ragini held kushi’s hand leading her way to dinning to make her take medicines

Ragini chuckled hearing her


Ragini gave her meds

“ouch” kushi said in pain

“kushi” ragini held her hand concerned

“are you fine”she asked

“yeah I am baby just kicked” she said casually

“what it kicked” ragini was too excited hearing her

“you wanna feel” she asked and ragini nodded

Kushi placed ragini’s hand on her belly

And ragini could feel the baby kicking

“hey princess you would be a foot ball champion” ragini said and kushi smiled

“I missed you alot” kushi said ragini looked at her confused

“though you were with us but this smile this happiness on your face was missing you were some one else then but now I am happy I my ragezz is back” kushi said in cheering voice

Ragini smiled

“sorry” ragini said


“for everything I hurt you alot na”

“nah” kushi pulled ragini in a hug

“you know sanskar says right” ragini looked at her confusingly

“that you look chudial in this sad face”

Ragini made angry pout hitting kushi’s shoulder



And both laughed

Sanskar had intentionally said ragini about meeting when there was never such and he even took arnav with himself

From the time they came to Mumbai he could sense the emotions that she was feeling

Kushi and she were best friends who never fail to share there feelings and thoughts with each other

But from the time he returned he could feel some uneasiness in her voice when she used to speak to kushi on phone

And all that was because of there fight which she and kushi had

Yeah true they both fought after 2 months of sanskar left

Kushi wanted ragini to move not search or wait for him as she couldn’t see ragini in pain

And ragini disagreed to that

And they argued about it

They spoke early after that they spoke but not like those olden days friends

Arnav was the one who maintained peace between the two lions

He laughed thinking of situation when he had to support his wife and sister because both were not wrong and he could lack words to pacify both

“sir the order is ready” he heard the service man

“hmmm check other arrangements” he said cutting the call

It was 2 in evening lunch time

Arnav had joined them  very soon and sanskar had not arrived

Trio were having all the fun which they had missed during all the time

Arnav received a message from sanskar


“ha bhai”

“there is a car waiting for you at out I think you should move”


“go na you would find”

She was confused

“but first go to your HOME” he pressed that one word and she didn’t understand anything

Forcefully arnav send her from there

She entered the house and she didn’t find anything unusual

Except the sounds of birds

She walked to there room

And found a parrot in cage

With a note

Which was blank

“I love you” the parrot said and she smiled at it

“I love you too” she said taking it out from his cage and kissing it

And tickled that with her fingers

‘everyone has right to live there life with freedom , and must say you are lioness who was not sacred to take decisions in toughest times, you always inspires me to be better person than I am now

So for freedom and determination in life

A small token of love’

These words reflected the respect and worthiness he had for her

You can’t find that trustiness in everyone around you and not everyone are able to understand you that way you are

She walked towards balcony

Letting the bird fly high

Like she always wanted to but due to society her wings could never dare to fly but loving him gave her that dare which she was missing in her and then she could finally know where was her sky and what height she wanted to fly

Soon some one ringed the door bell

She walked down opening the door and found few girls who entered asking her permission

Sanskar had sent them

Who gave her nice spa treatment and she was all relaxed now

After marriage she never got time to relax so much work one after the other

soon unknown to her she drifted to sleep

it was evening

she slowly opened her eyes and found herself in some unfamiliar place

“sanskar” she called him being terrified


I know you are not satisfied with this part but what to do I just lost its track

Saromythi this update was for you and all my friends who had been waiting for

Next part I would post tomorrow

Sorry for all delays

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