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Swaragini – HER Story (Few Shots) – Shot 36


“It wasn’t me, it w-was Twinkle and I-I didn’t do anything I just….” Kunj kept stuttering, while Ragini was casually cracking her muscles while glaring at him.

“I DON’T FORKING CARE ! HOW COULD YOU ? FORK YOU ! I WANTED IT TO BE THIS BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE/AMAZING PROPOSAL AND NOW YOU’VE RUINED IT. Wait, it can’t be ruined if he doesn’t love me back. It can’t be a surprise then. Wait, what if he doesn’t love me ? What if he’s going to break up with me, what if he–”

Ragini was hyperventilating at this point. All this time, when she had been thinking of the perfect way to propose to Sanskaar, never once did she have thoughts of this sort. But, now that she was actually gonna go through with the proposal, she had all sorts of negative thoughts, thoughts that scared her. Thoughts that made her want to ship herself to North Korea and get shot in the head for doing so. Kunj knew exactly what was bothering her, because he went through the same emotional roller coaster when he was going to confess his feelings to Twinkle. His thought process had been far from that of a rational human being and he had all sorts of crazy thoughts. Ragini had reassured him back then by violating best friend code and revealing the fact that her best friend had feelings for him. He felt like it was finally time to return the favour. He just smiled and patted her head while she continued mumbling under her breath. He just hugged her while he continued patting her head like she was a child, well technically, she was his adopted daughter, so that checked out.

Once Ragini had calmed down and Kunj was done whining about the tears and snort on his clothing, he handed his phone to her. Ragini just looked at him with a clueless expression on her face. Kunj just sighed and asked her to unlock his phone and check his and Sanskaar’s chat. Ragini gave him a lecture stating that she respects her boyfriend’s privacy, while Kunj just nodded his head in disbelief and muttered something about not respecting her best friend’s privacy, but respecting her boyfriend’s privacy. Kunj made her read the chat after scrolling up for quite some time ofcourse, while he stared at her in amusement as he saw her emotions go from 0-100, real quick. She read the chat while sulking but ended up crying and then smiling and then crying and then smiling again. As she read the chat, she realised that Sanskaar had been dropping hints since the very beginning. Everything that had happened in the past two months came rushing back to her. One incident in particular,the most prominent one, because it was the day said chat took place between Kunj and Sankaar.

Ragini and Sanskaar were sitting on the couch, watching a kdrama. Ragini was crying because Hansung had just sacrificed his life and she started yelling at the TV screen with her arm outstretched-“No,Taehyung! My baby, why’d the writers have to kill your character off!”
Sanskaar rolled his eyes but he had a smile on his face as he stared-“Ragu, babe. You’ve watched this drama atleast 8 times. You should’ve gotten used to this by now.”
Ragini just pouted and looked away from Sanskaar, while he whispered-“Maybe you should cross your arms, then it would actually look like you’re mad at me.” Ragini turned to face him and gave him a glare while he just smiled and booped her nose, causing it to scrunch up further. She pouted and crossed her arms while she stared at the TV screen. Sanskaar smiled and jabbed her sides trying to tickle her, but she wouldn’t budge. He proceeded to poke her cheek,but when she didn’t react, he just gave her a slight push so that she was lying side ways on the couch.
He turned her over and hovered above her and immediately pecked her nose. He laughed when her nose scrunched up cutely while he was pinching at her cheeks. She just pinched his nose while he smiled at her and leaned down to give her a peck on her forehead. He gently pecked her forehead and Ragini smiled when his thumb gently brushed her cheek. Almost immediately, her expression changed as she scoffed and squinted her eyes and said-“If you think that’s enough to get away with mocking me, you’re wrong.”
Sanskaar smirked at her and Ragini looked at him in confusion because he had this mischievous glint in his eyes. He playfully pecked her all over her face-more like blew raspberries all over her face and Ragini flushed red but then started giggling when his stubble poked and tickled her.

They smiled at each other, their intimate position not bothering them at all, as Sanskaar leaned in and pecked her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and proceeded to gently peck her lips, but Ragini just wrapped her arms around her neck pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. It was gentle, full of love and that should have been Ragini’s first clue. It should have been her first clue that Sanskaar’s love for her was unconditional, it was like one of those cliche love stories, but only more pure and intense. Sanskaar smiled and as their foreheads were pressed together whispered–”Ragini, I-”

“You do realise that I’m not blind right?”–Kunj cut him off and Sanskaar glared at him but then just hid is face is in the crook of Ragini’s neck and mumbled–”I know, but I wish there was a mute button on that idiot box you call a mouth.”
Ragini giggled and kissed Sanskaar’s hair because he was acting like a moody kid. Kunj just frowned and said-“Seriously guys, at this rate, you’ll end up having kids way before Twinkle and me. Please guys, please. Just. No. Use protection, thanks.”
Ragini flushed red and moved her legs to the side so that Sanskaar could sit on the other side of the sofa, while Sanskaar just smirked at Kunj and said–”Jealous much?”as he slowly occupied the vacant side of the sofa and played with Ragini’s toes as her legs laid on his lap. Kunj just nodded his head in disbelief but winked at Sanskaar and walked away. Sanskaar pouted as he realised what Kunj had done, but also felt relieved because he didn’t know what he would have done if he had revealed his feelings to Ragini,because he felt it was too soon and was worried that she wouldn’t feel the same way.

Twinkle smiled when she saw Sanskaar cutting Ragini’s toenails. Ragini was always scared around nail cutters for some reason. Many people would think it was stupid, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was the love she saw between the two of them. The Ragini-Sanskaar equation didn’t mean that you=me, but it meant you+me=complete, you+me=happiness. And that’s all that mattered. Because,Sanskaar was willing to do something as simple as cut Ragini’s nails and the simplicity of the task is what helped create that equation.

Ragini had fallen asleep. She was sitting on Sanskaar’s lap, with her head on his shoulder. He just pulled her legs up so that they were off the cold floor and cradled her like she was a baby. He then smiled at her when she started drooling and mouthed the words -I love you, to her. That was what he had wanted to say to her when Kunj interrupted them. That had been Kunj’s motive in the first place. He didn’t want Sanskaar to tell Ragini how he feels, not because he thought Ragini wouldn’t say those 3 words back to him, but because he wanted it to be a special proposal. And Ragini wanted to be the one to confess, so he couldn’t let Sanskaar take that away from her as well as himself. Sanskaar just smiled thinking that Kunj stopped him from giving himself heartache, but he didn’t realise that Kunj stopped him from ruining one of the most beautiful moments of the rest of their life together. He just rested his forehead against Ragini’s as he carried her bridal style to her room and whispered ‘I love you’ to her. Ragini just smiled and snuggled into his chest as if she heard what he said and approved of it. He lightly brushed his lips against hers and laid her down on the bed, but she refused to let go of him. 4 minutes later, Twinkle entered the room and saw Sanskaar lying on her side of the bed while Ragini was clinging onto him while muttering something. Twinkle smiled and left the room before Sanskaar could notice her. Sanskaar had been humming one of Ragini’s favourite songs, while he just pulled her closer to him and smiled when he felt her wrap her arms around him. He kissed her forehead and gently patted her back while murmuring-“My sleepy head, always falling asleep on me. But, I can’t help but love you. Even when you drool all over my expensive Gucci shirt.”
Ragini said that she loves him in her sleep, but Sanskaar assumed that she had been dreaming about BTS and just didn’t make a big deal out of it.
Flashback ends

“That day, he was about to confess his love to you, but I stopped him, because I knew that you wanted to confess to him in a special way. I didn’t want that he should rob himself of such a beautiful experience. Because, you see,the only girl he’s ever been in love with, is you. And coming from you, you proposing to him, you confessing your feelings to him would be way more effective than you saying I love you back to him or him hearing it from one of us that you love him. Because, he needs to know that you’re in love with him. Irrespective of the fact, whether you’re his first love or not.” –Kunj said while Ragini just smiled at him.
She smiled and read the chat again. It was that same very day that she ended up sleepily confessing her love to him. The same day, that he had almost confessed his love to her.

Kunj: Dude. You were about to confess to her, weren’t you?
Sanskaar:Yes, duh. What did you expect? But, I realised that it’s too soon.
Kunj: Too soon,huh?
Sanskaar: I know what you’re hinting at. Yes, I had a crush on her since I was a kid. Yes, that crush didn’t fade away even when I contacted her on Facebook. Yes, that crush didn’t fade away even after I met her after all these years. Yes, that crush didn’t fade away even when we fought and I moved in to this apartment. And yes, I realised that it wasn’t just puppy love. It wasn’t just me ‘liking’ her,romantic styles. I have been in love with this woman since the moment I first fought with her when I was in 2nd grade. I kept telling myself that I was just a child and it was a childish crush, with no real feelings, but maybe my childish heart knew that she was the one for me. The only woman I could imagine spending the rest of my life with. The only woman who had the power to both hurt me immensely with her absences, but also make me smile till my cheeks hurt just by simply being present in the same room as me.There was never some sort of unsure feeling, I was just trying to instil that feeling in me because I thought I was stupid. But, everything does infact happen for a reason. Maybe, that’s why I met her back when I was a child and fell in love with that cute, innocent smol bean. And when I met her again, I fell in love with the sensitive, kind hearted woman she is. And I’m going to keep loving her. I don’t want my love to be the reason she’s uncomfortable, which is why I can’t confess now. Because, it would be too soon and she would feel uncomfortable knowing that she can’t saying back.
Kunj: It’s never too early, mate. Love doesn’t see time zones or time periods. It just happens. And I don’t think that something like her not being able to say it back would never ever happen.
Sanskaar: Then why’d you stop me? If you think it’s never too early, why’d you stop me?
Kunj: I had my reasons.
Sanskaar:🆗 then.
Kunj: No, I’m serious. I had my reasons. Also, don’t you have a sleepy smol girlfriend to take care of? Begone young man.

Ragini smiled and just looked at Kunj and winked. Everything was going to go according to plan. She was going to confess to the love for her life.

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