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Some Untold Stories Kriyyam FF (Chapter 8)

Rahul was shocked hearing that birlas are sayyam’s family…Sayyam goes from there and baby follows him…

Sam : Why are you looking so worried…os anything wrong..

Rahul : You know the new project i have got

Sam : yeah of course and you wanted all of us as a team to make it the best

Rahul : yeah…..and those deals are signed with birlas

Sam : Wow.. excellent..  now you have to deal it … with sayyam.. I’m out..


They stays their for a few more hours ; meets guest, have dinner and goes from there..

After few more minutes birlas also leave from there..


As suhani and others enter they are shocked to see Rahul

Yuvan : What are you doing here?

Just then sayyam comes there..yuvan looks at sayyam

Yuvan : Its not a hostel and you can make anyone stay here

Sayyam : You are at fault Yuvan

Rahul : Yeah..its Mr.yuvraj birla who called me..

He gives him a paper

And on reading that they gets to know that there new project is signed in patnership with rahul..


Rahul is continuously forcing sayyam to come and party with him ..but he refuses as he has to prepare a ppt.. Sameera, Rahul , Baby at last goes and sayyam stays in house..


Krishna and yuvani are playing cards..When yuvani chokes..krishna goes to get water for her … There she is sayyam standing..she firstly hesitataes but goes just then the light goes off

Krishna goes and hugs sayyam..Sayyam was amused by her action… Anant comes to the kitchen with torch and is shocked to see krishna hugging Sayyam

Lights comes krishna breaks the hug they looks at eachother…Anant coughs…krishna runs to her room .Sayyam also goes… Anant smiles seeing their reaction


Suhani : Why were you four late

Yuvan : We were watching a horror movie..

Just then sayyam comes talking on phone to Rahul..when yuvani saw sayyam

Yuvani : Come sayyam have dinner with us..

Sayyam cutts his all

Sayyam( looks at all) : No i have odered pizza

Door bell rings and his pizza arravies… Everyone finishes there food and sayyam also . He was going to his room just then his phone rings..

He takes the call. Sayyam is shocked hearing the news that his friends had an accident..His eyes fill with tears … He dropps his phone .He hurrly takes his purse , Phone and car jeys and goes to the hospital.seeing sayyam behaviour suhani doubts that something is wrong..suhani , Yuvraj and yuvan follows him..


Sayyam asks about his friendsin the reception.. He is relaved knowing that they are in the ward..He goes to them

All thae three are just having several injuries

Baby have a cut on her head

Rahul have a broken hand

Sameera have a cut on her hand..

Sayyam runs to them..yuvan is also shocked to see baby in that state..They also looks at them standing outside the ward room

Sayyam : Can any explain how this happened..

Rahul : I really don’t have any idea

Sam : But I have…it was so scary..what if any of us have

Baby  : Can’t you just think good

Sam : Good …you know she was not opening her eyes I shouted on her but she didn’t..(crying) You know how it feels.. I was being dead there

Sayyam , Baby , Sam , Rahul share a group hug

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