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Siddhi Vinayak 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi’s first rasoi ritual

Siddhi Vinayak 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi imagining Vin. He talks cute. He asks did you ever think you will marry me, you used to hate me and then fell in love, you decide is this a dream or reality. He disappears and appears. She says Siddhi and Vinayak united. Vin really comes. She says stop appearing in front of me. He asks don’t you have to go home. Manjiri comes and says I have stopped her here, she was tired. He says you did good and thinks of the last time. He goes. Manjiri asks Siddhi to go and sleep well, Kanta and Vaibhavi are behind that attack. Goon goes to kill Kanta and Vaibhavi, but they run away. Goon calls someone and says they aren’t here, it happened as you wanted.

Its morning, Siddhi prays. She makes bhog and thanks Bappa for saving Vin. Savita calls Vin and asks are you fine.

He says yes, is uncle fine. She says yes, but can you come today. He says I will try. He thinks if anything happened to Aniket. He sees Siddhi praying. Siddhi wishes she could go to her maayka for pagphere rasam. He thinks what happened to her. Manjiri compliments and blesses Siddhi. Siddhi gives modak to Manjiri. Manjiri say you did your first rasoi ritual by making modak, you can come to my room with Vin, its also your Maayka, I wish you could go to your Maayka, come and give sweets to Shankar.

Shankar asks where can they go, fine inspector, look for them. Shankar says they both aren’t caught. Manjiri asks him to have modak made by Riddhi. Prachi thinks what’s the matter. Rajbeer asks her to stop it. Shankar says who introduced you to Vaibhavi and Kanta. Manjiri says Laxmi got this alliance. Shankar says we should find Laxmi. Rajbeer worries hearing them. Siddhi thinks of Vaibhavi’s enmity with Vin. Prachi collides with her. Siddhi says sorry. Prachi’s saree spoiled. She scolds Siddhi and stares at her necklace. Mannu scolds Prachi and says everyone makes mistakes, you can’t shout like this, you know who is Riddhi. Siddhi says sorry Prachi. Prachi says you better be… Gauri thinks what happened to Mannu. Shankar asks Mannu to message commissioner. Gauri thinks I won’t make plan with Prachi and Rajbeer this time.

Vin thinks how to go to meet Aniket, mum won’t let me go. He asks Siddhi to help. Siddhi comes and knocks the door. She gives him prasad. He compliments her and asks what’s the drama happening, tell me straight, you have become my mum’s fav and want to take advantage. She says how rude is that. He asks are you dreaming to become my wife. She asks why do you importance to yourself. He says you are always around me, I feel I m imp in your life. She thinks how do you know.

He asks where did you go lost. She asks him to have modak. He takes it. She says it has chocolate. He cleans it. She laughs. He stops her and eats more. She thinks you still like chocolates. Tu aata hai….plays…. She gives him tissues. She bends to pick the box. Her mangalsutra suspends. She gets tensed thinking did he see her mangalsutra.

Vin says we will go to meet Savita, get me out of here any way. Siddhi gives Vin a disguise. They get close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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