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Shakti 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya tries to prove her innocence

Shakti 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shanno asking Jasleen to feed medicine to Harman to make him sleep. Jasleen asks what you are saying? Shanno tells that it is needed. Soumya takes Harman to hospital and tells that her value is increased and tells that she loves him very much. Harman tells that he wants to get rid of him. Soumya says you will obey me for now. She says your clothes are smelling good. Soumya asks Harman to agree and asks him to ask himself if his Gulabo can do anything wrong with him. Harman recalls asking her to keep his pride safely, and then kinnars breaking her bangles. He says you can do anything, when you can become widow although you were suhagan, and tells that she has killed his love. Soumya thinks to do anything to prove her love. Preeto asks Soumya to take the food. She adds chilli in the

gravy dish. Soumya brings pulao and tells that she made it. Preeto brins gravy dish and serves to Jasleen, asking her to taste it. Jasleen tastes it and says it is spicy. Preeto asks her to have water. Soumya gives water, but Jasleen don’t take it. Shanno is about to give water to her, but Preeto takes glass from Soumya’s hand and makes Jasleen drink it. Shanno thinks this is the same glass which have sleeping medicine, and thinks even Jasleen can’t defeat Preeto’s mind.

Preeto thinks nobody can snatch Soumya’s 24 hours. Jasleen finishes her food and says she is feeling sleepy. She tells that she will sleep. Harman is about to get up, but Preeto stops him. Nani comes there. Soumya says she called Nani as she wanted to say something. She says I went to do puja, and Nani will tell why I went going against Saya and others. She says Nani will tell you truth. Harak Singh says we will not agree or hear, and says lie will not become truth. Preeto asks him to hear her first. Soumya folds her hands and asks Harman to listen to Nani. Harman asks her to tell. Nani says Soumya asked Saya, Preeto and you, and you all refused. Shanno gets worried and thinks if Nani will tell my name.

Nani tells Harman that Shanno, Rani and Raveena convinced Soumya to do puja. Raavi says Shanno is asking her to go, but she is not leaving our house, and asks her not to break her sin pot on Shanno’s head. Preeto asks her to be quiet. Soumya tells Harman that she told everything. Nani asks Soumya to go. Soumya goes to Harman and says she came to spend sometime with her husband. Harman takes out jacket from the almari. Soumya takes it from his hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

Soumya plays guitar and sings apology song. Harman makes her sit and asks her to have wine. Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shakti Fans on behalf of all Ladies

    What is this. Harman very well know that Soumya and Nani will never tell lies, especially Soumya always takes the blame on her head for others happiness. He knows about all his other family members how they treat Soumya. Then why Harman does not believe her now. Just dragging the hatred show so long. When will it end. It is time for exposing the Evil minded people. Smart Chintu boy is not seen at all. In Chennai, in certain families, the elders and husbands restricted Ladies watching Serials, especially Shakti, because in Shakti Harman character shows divorce and marriage again and again, hatred, insult, torture, inhumanity seeing all, they argues, getting hypertension naturally, unhappiness in the family. Poor ladies, their only entertainment was serials after work tension and house problems. What to do. We all hope that the makers will change the track and give the Shakti Fans happiness.

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