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Savitri Devi 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi warns Gayatri not to do cheap tactics

Savitri Devi 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi making food for everyone. Veer says it is good and praises her cooking skills. Gayatri says they never had food with chutney. Sanchi makes chutney and finds pieces of notes in it. Savitri asks Priya to go and check where is she? Vikrant stops her. Veer comes to kitchen. Sanchi shows chutney to him. Veer says Mrs. Malhotra did this intentionally. Sanchi says she has wasted 10000 Rs to make me defeat. She says she would have given that money in charity. She makes Chutney again. Sanchi comes to dining table and gives chutney to everyone. She serves special chutney to Gayatri and says it is rich people chutney.

Vikrant tastes it and says it is paper chutney. Sanchi asks Gayatri to stop her cheap tactics. Savitri asks Gayatri, where is Ria? Ria waits for Dr. Kabir and

tells him that she is not getting any transport. Dr. Kabir offers to drop her home. Ria gets happy. Dr. Kabir drops Ria home. Ria steps down from the car and acts as if her leg is sprained. Dr. Kabir checks her leg. Ria asks him to drop her inside. Dr. Kabir helps her come inside. Savitri asks what happened to her? Vikrant says he is the same guy who was marrying Veer’s wife and tells Veer that he is proud of him.

Priya apologizes and tells Dr. Kabir that Veer is joking. Gayatri thanks him and says she will get coffee for him. Savitri says I will take Ria to her room. Gayatri asks Dr. Kabir if he would like to have wine, and tells that when you have seen Sanchi’s real face and joined the hospital. Dr. Kabir tells that he will not support Malhotra or mishra for revenge and asks her to tell Dr. Malhotra also. Sanchi tells Veer that she has 60000 Rs. remaining now and few days will be managed with it. Sanchi and Veer get romantic. Veer asks her to come to room. They see Gayatri in the room.

Sanchi asks if she came to steal the remaining money. She tells that she will not lose. Gayatri says she came to ask them if Veer will stay with Savitri and says you won’t let him go in night. Sanchi says Veer will stay with Maa. Gayatri thinks she won’t let them get close. Veer kisses on her forehead and goes to sleep in Savitri’s room. Sanchi thinks Mrs. Malhotra will never know where is money kept. Gayatri thinks of an idea.

Gayatri damages kitchen utensils. Savitri asks Sanchi to buy it. Sanchi is tensed. Later the kitchen stuff is delivered in hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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