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Sanky ki dulhania (part 12)

Sanskar: What??? we will run away??

Swara: Yes…my mind works more than chacha chodhary except listen my plan…We will run away but not for marrying each other. We will run for ur and Kavita’s marriage.

Sanskar: But how??

Swara told him her plan.
Sanskar: No I don’t say lie to my parents.

Swara: U will learn to say lie also living in my company.

Sanskar: Swara.. please be serious.

Swara: I became serious only ones..but not now.

Sanskar: Hahaha..u and serious when ??

Swara(lost in Sanskar’s thoughts): In love.

Sanskar: Ooo..u also love someone..who is that fortunate person??

Swara (coming back to sense): U… don’t take interest in my love story think about yours. Now come with me to my home my parents called u there.

Sanskar: Okk..

Now they both left from there and reached to Swara’s home.

AP saw then and smiled.
Ap: nice they both look together..

Shumi: Yes..

Shekhar: We are so fortunate that Sanskar is going to become our son in law.

Ragini : You both stand closer I want to take a pic of u sweet u r looking.

Swasan looked each other.
Ragini: What happened now give a perfect!!

They both stood near each other and Ragini clicked their pic.

After she took the pic,
Swara whispered to Sanky: How soon ur parents agreed for our marriage..u were afraid to tell them that u love Kavita uselessly..if we had talked about ur and Kavita’s marriage they would agree then also.

Ragini: Swara I sent the pic to ur phone also so that u can see it whenever u miss Sanskar.

She winked towards Swara

Shekhar: Sanskar r u happy with this relationship ?

Sanskar: Ji

He then took Shumi and Shekhar’s blessings.

Shekhar: Swara I can’t believe u choose Sanskar..I mean how u can do such a good job.

DP laughed hearing it.

Ragini came near Swara and whispered in her ear ” Swara see.. everyone is happy with this marriage even Sanskar agreed”

Swara gave her a fake smile and Ragini hugged her.

Swara’s POV

Ma, Baba , di please forgive me..I am sorry for hurting u like this. Di Ican’t tell the truth to u also as I know u very well u will never support me in what’s I am doing now.. please forgive me.


AP: Sharmistha ji now we have to go home..we have to do preparation for the engagement too..

Shumi: Yeah..we also have to do that.

After that Maheswaris went to MM.

Now Swara immediately rushed to her room and closed it.

She slides down leaning to the door and start crying.
She closed her eyes tightly and the pearl shaped tears started falling down from her beautiful eyes..

Ek Khoya Khoya Chaand Tha Jo Tha Khafa Khafa
Ek Tutta Tutta Khwaab Tha Jo Tujhse Tha Juda

(She remembers when she first time meet Sanky how she said her that he’s her enemy from now)

Ek Aadhi Aadhi Aas Thi Jo Purri Ho Gayi
Tum Mill Gaye To Jaane Kyun Ye Durri Ho Gayi

(She remembers their handshake and Sanky’s care for her when she did prank. Then she remembers Sanky telling her that h loves someone else. )

Swara opened her eyes immediately remembering it and hugged her knees close to her chest.

Piya Laage Na..Jiya Laage Na
Tere Binaa Tere Bina
Tere Binaa Tere Bina

Ho Aadhi Adhoori Iss Dastaan Mein
Kaise Koyi Rang Laaye
Kaise Koyi Muskuraaye

(She remembers her friends and Ragini telling her to be happy and don’t think about  Sanky.)

Swara: How I forget him..I love him very much..!! I start loving him more than myself..! My marriage also fixed with him but he loves Kavita..God why u r doing this..! Why??

Itne Ghamon Mein Do Pal Khushi Ke
Kaise Bhala Yaad Aayein
Tumko Bhula Naa Paayein
Ek Pyaasi Pyaasi Boond Mein
Jo Mann Mera Jalaa

(She took out her phone and started looking her and Sanky’s pic. As she saw it she started crying more.. and she kissed that pic)

Har Lamhaa Lamhaa Teri Hi Yaadon Se Tha Ye Bhara
Ek Aadhi Aadhi Aas Thi Jo Purri Ho Gayi
Tum Mill Gaye To Jaane Kyun Ye Durri Ho Gayi.

(She caressed her  pic in the phone and said
Sanskar I love u so much and I want ur happiness only..)

Piya Laage Na.. Jiya Laage Na
Tere Bina..Tere Binaa..
Tere Bina..Tere Binaa..
Tere Bina..Tere Binaa..
Tere Bina..Tere Binaa..

SHEKHAR: Swara u are not going to marry Sanskar

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