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She ran back to the room while Rudra followed her. Downstairs whole Oberoi clan was shocked with the way she behaved. Rohan asked what was her relationship with them and they simply replied that she was their daughter in-law. Earth slipped from below their feet but still they felt Saumya never had said anything to them.

Here Saumya entered the room and ran straight in the balcony her favourite place rather than any room in the mansion, Rudra saw her going in the balcony and was shocked. She was crying the same way as on Holi. She had curled herself in a ball and started crying. Rudra felt something was amiss, on Holi she saw Rohan and Soham and broke, and today again seeing them she broke down again. Slowly he crept towards her and put his hand on her shoulder. The very next moment he was pinned to the ground and it seemed like Saumya was going to beat the shit out of his body. Her eyes red and murderous.

Saumya realized that it was Rudra and not them. She quickly apologized and suddenly her phone rang. It was Svetlana.

“Saumu, you ok ?”

“Yeah, di I’m all good.” She sniffed.

“Saumu what’s wrong ?”

“Nothing di I’ll call you back.”

“Whenever you need I’m just a call away, ok call if anything happens, your di will be with you in just few seconds, hmm ?, bye love you.”

“Love you too di, bye.”

She hanged the call finally. She couldn’t tell Svetlana. Svetlana would easily kill them but she could be jailed and they couldn’t afford it when they were searching for proofs against the Oberois. She just cried as she again curled up in a ball. Omkara was confused as he saw her crying. His balcony was near Rudra’s. Were they missing something here ? He looked at Rudra confused. Rudra again put his hand on her shoulder not thinking about earlier. She just shrugged his hand. “Rudra don’t touch me right now, you’ll regret it.” They were shocked. The anger, disgust and pain which laced her pain was visable. He decided to leave, he couldn’t see her in pain and right now she wanted to be alone and he would respect her decision. Just as he was leaving the room, she went inside the bathroom.

She splashed water on her and then again, again and again. “Ok, Saumya you don’t know them, no need to look at their direction, you can do this.” Rudra was already out of the room. She went out too, to living room.

When she entered the living room, everyone stiffened. “What haven’t seen a girl coming outside her room or what ?” She scoffed. Jhanvi spat “We are having a family meeting, you know and you are not invited.” “Oh my god, I’m so sad, mummy ji, so sad why didn’t you tell me about the family meeting?” , she said , sarcasm laced her voice and words. “Let me tell you one thing clearly I’m not at all interested in this so family meeting of yours, which never had any meaning.” Whole Oberoi family was shocked. Someone just said the truth about their ‘family meeting’. Their family meeting was nothing but an exchange of few words before a war. “Anyways where was I ?” Jhanvi asked. “About the Ahuja’s party, auntyji.”,Bhavya said with so much sweetness that it made Saumya roll her eyes. She was an ex-ACP and this much sweetness. Didn’t anyone tell her that so much sweet can cause diabetes. ” Yeah right, about the party , everyone will come and Bhavya you too.” , Bhavya smiled she got a candy, which was maybe spending some ‘quality time with her’ Rudra. “And you,”, she scoffed at Saumya with disgust,” you’re not coming with us.”, she smiled at Bhavya. “You really think ‘mummy ji’ I’m dying to come with you ? I’ve much important works to do rather than go to a Page 3 party just to show that I’m alive and not killed by my husband.” Everyone was watching her with their mouth open, she just told the truth. Jhanvi and Saumya threw daggers at each other. And then Jhanvi left to her room to change and everyone followed her.

Rudra was in his room while Saumya was busy typing something on her Ipad with her glasses on. ‘She looks damn cute with her glasses on and that pout while typing makes her look more cuter, no she is the cutest.’ These were his thoughts when Rudra turned from his cupboard and saw Saumya. He can never stop falling in love with her. “Something’s on my face ?” , she asked Rudra. “Ummm, nothing, why?”, he asked. ” Then why are you staring at me like a hawk ?” , she asked with a frown. When did she him staring at her, he frowned. “Rudraaa…” “Bhavya strikes again.” Both said together. “What happened you aren’t happy with her calling you so sweetly?” She asked with sarcasm laced voice, which he deciphered. “No it’s just that she is too clingy with me nowadays.” He replied with a disgusted face. She laughed like anything till tears of mirth came out from the corners of her eyes. Seeing her laugh he also smiled looking at her cuteness. “Rudraaa…” And Bhavya was at their door. Saumya rolled her eyes while Bhavya interlinked her hand with Rudra’s hand. Rudra who as much wanted to do the same he simply couldn’t so he politely asked,

“What happened Bhavya?”

“Rudra actually after so many days we will be together, so lets colour coordinate and then we will slip away and spend some quality time.”

She said all of this while shooting daggers at Saumya who had a smirk on her lips while typing and she never looked at her much to her dismay, she left. Rudra was shocked.

As soon as Bhavya left, Saumya laughed like anything. Her laugh echoed in the room, while he looked at her with an awe. Little did he know that her happiness was short lived.

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