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Remember twinj ff part 4

Remember twinj ff part 4
(Dedicated to all the readers and for those who asked for it and others slso ill post if i get some response from the readers and thank you for all those who commented,liked andalso thank you for dislikers )
The episode starts with cherry entering twinkle cabin he looks at twinkle who is studying some file.
Cherry – may i come in ma’am?
Twinkle – stand up good morning sir. Please come in sir
Cherry – good morning good morning… everything is ok but why you calling me as sir…just call me cheran or cherry
Twinkle- ok cheran please take your seat. He sits smiling like idiot he smells her going near to her twinkle steps back in fear
Cheran – waw waw nice perfume. Made in paris?
Twinkle- yes☺☺☺
Cheran – yes yes that is cheran happily…what are you doing?
Twinkle – I am studying our companies management and manufacturing products.
Cherry laughs
Cheran- for that you have to study this all? No need for you to go through all these books. come to my chamber, ill teach you everything in just 30 minutes . Twinkle thinks what to do now..she has to go or no
Cheran- dont think this much just follow me to my cabin ..follow me twinkle goes his behind…..welcome..welcome to my chamber. Cherry’s chamber…so tell me what is your reaction looking at my chamber..
Twinkle lookes at his chamber which is so weird. The computer on table dusted and screen of it faced to other side and keyboard at one direction opposite to comuter screen and some flower pots on his table. And there is landline phone which receiver kept on other side so he cant get any calls. And files here and there and some statues of girls dancing.
Twinkle – yes…it….is…g….good
Cheran- only good
Twinkle- it is weird cherry laughs
Cheran- yes yes that is cherry. I like being weird. Take your seat she sit on chair
Twinkle- cheran what is your opinion about our GM (general manager aka kunj)?
Cheran- hein? (She got only this topic to speak huh) good question…looking at other side he says again the GM….msking faces then looks at twinkle and continue to speak…ok…first give me your opinion about him.then ill say whether you are wrong or right.
Twinkle- I feel he is arrogant
Cheran- arrogant..then
Twinkle- yes he is arrogant and a person with superiority complex and a sadist.
Cherry expression changes to anger he looks at her angrily
Cheran – get up…loudly…get up…twinkle gets up being scared …she looks at his face …cherry continues extend your hands. He takes her hand and gave shake hand laughing
Cheran- our opinion is same. I was thinking I was the only one who is ok and you are double ok.
Kunj reached office and parked his car he is coming near his cabin heard some noise from cherry’s cabin so he went there and looked at cherry and twinkle talking he gets angry he stands at doorstep
Cheran – I am perfectionists.😎😎😎😎 Iam efficient in finishing any work in just half an hour. Perfection means perfection. Other name for perfection is…. interrupted by kunj
Kunj – mr.cheran
Cheran – yes…correct why your sweet voice changes to rough no its not yours …who is that? 😎😎 then looks at door gets scared looking at kunj🙁🙁😣😣😣 he stands up twinkle turns smilingly to see who is that and shocked to see at kunj 😑😣😣😣😣 she bites her tongue makes puppy face and thinks she is gone now …
Cheran- sir…. this girl have some doubt it seems.. I was only trying to help her twinkle looks at cherry face like what he is telling when i told i have doubt huh…twinkle bows her head down
Kunj – cheran…last week who cleared the final list of supplues for MSR company?
Cheran- may be it is me only sir….proudly 😎😎😎😎
Kunj – have you any idea how many pieces have been rejected?
Cheran- i think none sir😎😎😎
Kunj – what? Angrily
Twinkle pov (twinki what you waiting for bhag twinki bhag after scolding this cheran next turn is mine yes you cant stop him scolding you but its better he scold you in your chanber only and no in others idea ill start working now and dont look at sir once he enter in chamber lets go she escaped from there taking baby steps so kunj cant see her and ran to her chamber)
Kunj – nonsense , 24 pieces have been rejected . This is last warning better be careful next time. If 1 piece also get rejected next time then ill punish you😠😠😠😠
Cheran – sir…… All you said is agreeable but why punishment?
Kunj- because you are nutcase
Kunj comes to his cabin looks at twinkle who is pretending to look like working he goes near her twinkle stood up automatically bowing head down making puppy face once she look above then again bowed head down
Kunj- when you are planning to go back to mysore?
Twinkle- one year later…..sir
Kunj – your activities depict you to be out in a week’s time. Let me see thegenwral notes you have prepared keep it on my table
Twinkle – sir..its not yet complete…..slowly
Kunj gets angry he start to scold her loudly
Kunj – what??? You didnt do work which i gave you to do……you stupid….you are here to learn the work and not to waste away your time in nonsense. You have to finish the work allotted before you go home. I dont care how much hours it takes you to complete the work but without finishing it you cant go out from here its my order got it. Did you follow?
Twinkle node in yes without speaking anything
Kunj – loudly Did you follow?
Twinkle- yes sir.😯🙁🙁🙁😢😢
Twinkle started to work seriously and also angry on kunj because he shout on her everyone left office kunj too long back its 7.30 now still she working
Next scene guest house
Kunj reading some magazine in hall and chinki watching cartoons and usha too giving company to chinki
Kunj – lets have dinner maa I am hungry
Usha – let twinkle come home. All of us will have together
Kunj – she may come late mom come lets have dinner
Usha – when you are in same city , when you are late, we do wait for you don’t we?
Kunj – mom All three of us here only now
Usha- at present we are not three we are four. So till she comes none of us will eat. Ill not give anyone to eat till she comes
Chinki – yes mom you said right. You are 100 percent right kunj makes faces at her chinki show him tongue
In office
Twinkle still working its 9.30 now she finished working she kept files and notes neatly on table and left to home
Chinki saw kunj sleeping on her lap
Chinki – mom see here bhayya sleeping there hear car sound
Usha – chinki, twinkle is back set the table for everyone and also wake him up
Chinki – bhayya..bhayya wake up for dinner kunj got up yawning and rubbing his eyes
Chinki- hi twinkle 😊😊
Usha – twinkle puttar , go and get freshen up and come for dinner
Twinkle looks at them
Twinkle – I dont want dinner maa and goes from there
Usha looks at her going she is upset its clearly visible on her face usha look at kunj kunj looks at twinkle who went fastly to her room he can see only anger in her face
Twinkle lay on bed and takes out her mouth organ and plays it and she doesnt feel good doing that to she throw it on bed she keeps her hand on forehead and looks at ceiling and blinking her eyes some one knocks dor
Knock knock
Twinkle- come in…
Kunj comes inside looking at him she quickly gets up from bed saying sir
Twinkle- sir…
Kunj – no need to call me as sir in home , you may call me kunj at home, by the way where did you have your food?
Twinkle – nowhere, Iam not feeling to have anything I am not hungry so i said i dont want dinner
Kunj takes a showpiece which is on table
Kunj- yes anger kills the appetite by the way where where did you purchase this?
Twinkle – I didnt buy it. I found it on the beach kunj smiles at her
Kunj – good things are only available only for people with good heart look twinkle I expect you not to mix up official and personal issues…. office key bath ghar thak nahi aani chahiye aur ghar key bath office thak nahi aana chahiye I dont like it.I hope aap samaj rahe ho …….we also expect people living with us to be like us if not ill arrange for alternative agar aap yaha comfortable nahi hey tho mey aapka rehne key liye kuch aur ghar dektha hun aur aapko hamare sath rehna hey tho aapko ghar ki sadasya ke tarah rehna
Twinkle thinks she haven’t done right by showing anger on everyone and she thinks kunj is right in office whatever he told her being boss he told that all thing and he is right in his place because she did mistake and for that he scold her not simply and the way behave with his family members is also not good she is sorry now
Kunj – All are waiting for you to join for dinner. Tho chaliye khana khatey hey and going from there twinkle stops him
Twinkle – dekhiye aap mujey ghar per yaa office per twinkle bhula sakthe ho aur aapko mujey aap/ aayiye/ jayiye kehne key jarurath nahi hey aap mujey thum/aavo/javo kehsakthe hey i expect it.😎
Kunj smiles and says ok twinkle get ready soon we all are waiting for you and he goes from there twinkle looks at him going and smiles when he goes from there she practice to say thank you kunj …no thank you kunj chey this voice also not nice she cleara her throat and says thank you kunj and smiles
Twinkle- when he called me by my name i feel so good dont know why he is not so rude person as i thought he is nice.
Twinkle becomes friendly with all now with kunj too she talks with him friendly in home and they also look at her as there family member
Chinki – come lets have moon light dinner
Twinkle- yes good idea everyone goes to terrace to have dinner
Twinkle – I am full now cant eat more
Chinki – what? You eat only one rotiband your tummy got filled too
Usha – twinkle you should eat more beta wait ill feed you she took her plate and started feeding her
Kunj – for me
Usha – you both come here she feeds them food by her hand
Twinkle wakes up early and plans to go for jogging she goes to chinki room to call her thinking she will also join her
Knock knock
Kunj – come in
Twinkle- hey good morning
Kunj- good morning twinkle ☺☺ you woke up early
Twinkle- yes i wanted to go for jogging so came here to take chinki too with me
Kunj – hahaha nice joke yar chinki and jogging hahaha😂😂😂 see here how she is sleeping she never goes for jogging and all you try to wake her up and see
Twinkle- what? But yesterday she told me that she will go for jogging daily and said me to come here early so we should not be late
Kunj – what? She goes jogging daily may be she goes in her dreams come then lets try to wake her up
Twinkle- chinki chinki get up come lets go for jogging
Chinki- hmmm hmmm
Kunj- chinki come lets go for jogging
Twinkle – chinki chinki jogging
Chinki – hmm😣😣😣😣😣 jogging gets up rubbing her eyes looks at them angrily oye dont disturb my sleep you both kya subh subh jogging haan dono key dono pagal hey soney key waqth mey bhagna hey inko this bhayya is mad that i know what is wrong with you twinkle why you going for jogging in early morning haan go and sleep ok you sleep with me only come giving her space twinkle too feels sleepy looking at bed and join her chinki smiles at her Kunj looks at them in shock expression
Kunj- oye twinkle get up now come will go for jogging twinkle looks at him
Chinki- no she is sleeping with me
Kunj – twinkle i said come you wanted to go for jogging right then come give me company daily
Twinkle- ok and gets up chinki pull her she falls on bed
Chinki- no twinkle if you go then ill not come shopping with you
Twinkle- hey dont say like that chinki ok i wont go
Kunj- twinkle if you dont come then ill see you in office smirking at her
Twinkle- what??? You are blackmailing me kunj so bad
Kunj- yes blackmail only now come chinki pulling her and on other side kunj too pulling twibkle she is chutney between brother and sister
Kunj – chinki leave her otherwise ill punish you in tution infront of all your friends remember I am your sir there maza aayega na when I punish you or scold you infront of all if you dont do work properly always i am scolding you in home only right now ill in public
Chinki left her hand he was pulling her with force so when suddenly she left twinkle hand they lost balance twinkle fell on kunj and kunj on his bed with twinkle above him sajna ve plays in background both looks at each other eyes sometime eyelock broke by kunj
Kunj – utttt yar uttt twinkle get up from me quickly
Twinkle- haan and tries to get up and falls again
Kunj- ahha baba ji twinkle are you planning to kill me by putting on your weight on me haan get up moti
Twinkle- awww moti haan I am not moti and all ok and gets up from him they both look at sleeping chinki
Twinkle- ufff no mood for jogging now I am going back to my room and was going kunj hold her hand
Kunj – you wasted my time too so now keep quite and come with me twinkle makes puppy face kunj takes her for jogging there is sea near kunj’s home they go there for jogging they were walking on seashore twinkle likes it
Twinkle- its beautiful I love it kunj smiles at her ….ufff and she sits there only
Kunj- oyee get up
Twinkle- no baba i cant now break of 10 min please he to sat with her while twinkle making some house from sand like baby and enjoying it kunj look at it and put hand in it , it falls down twinkle look at kunj and start to hit him he runs from there like this they finishes jogging and reaches home then looks at time its 9.00 both look at each other face
Kunj – its because of you , you were playing
Twinkle- awww all blame on me huh you destroyed it and ran away and i was behind you so its all because of you kunj whats the need to run like that i ran behind you 2 kilo meters because of you ill get late for office both arguing
Usha – kunj twinkle dont you go for office
Kunj – we cant take bath now come lets go go and get ready quickly now .
Twinkle- what without bath no no i want to take bath
Kunj- ok then again you will be late for office fet ready to listen scoldings from your boss smirking at her she makes puppy face and get ready for office both go in same car cherry standing in parking waoting for twinkle looks at twinj coming in same car
Cheran- again the GM😣😣😣😣
Twinj cane out of car maya alisha shocked to see that both tried many plans to get chance like kunj will drop them but no that didnt happened
All are looking at them from upstairs leaving there work
Karan – hey new girl is cute
Pallavi – yes and they both look perfect with each other right like made for each other
Alisha and maya – shut up only ill look perfect with him both look each other face and say me.
Alisha – he will show attitude to me like anything now see how nicely talking with her and they both are in same cabin to huhu why i didnt got chance to work with him ….
Pallavi- you think you are so smart right then challenge for you tomorrow you act like your car is not working and tell kunj to help you by pushing car will see can you make him help you or no
Alisha- ok wait and see tomorrow kunj will be pushing my car and ill sit like queen
Kunj – what is happening here ? Don you guys have any work to do ? Do you all come here to do time pass loudly
Twinkle pov (oh my god angry bird avathar again but he looks very hot in angry mood …twinki what happened to you haan stop it) while kunj said her something she is in her own world didnt listen to him
Kunj – twinkle gritting his teeth
Twinkle- yes sir
Kunj – I said you something didnt you listened me
Twinkle- vo vo
Alisha- come out of your dream world miss
Kunj- shut up alisha go and look at your work first and you twinkle will you stand here only or planning to come inside cabin and do some work
Twinkle- sorry sir and ran to cabin kunj gave her some wirk she is busy in doing that cherry peep into her cabin and looks at kunj chair and finds he is not there he gets happy and enters in
Cheran- hello twinkle ☺☺☺
Twinkle- not looking at him hmm hi any work?
Cheran- no actually I came here to help you in your work
Twinkle- no need of it and please I have to finish it fast so please dont disturb me cherry spray perfume on her she makes faces
Cheran- it is made in paris and smells so good this is for you
Kunj comes and stands his behind him crossing hands cherry looks at him and makes faces
Kunj- what you doing here cheran
Cheran- oh sir perfume kunj snatch that from his hand
Kunj- from when you started to sell perfumes huh now get out twinkle smiles and continues her work
Cheran- thank you and goes from there
Kunj- twinkle did you complete that work
Twinkle- not yet sir I have some doubt kunj came near her
Kunj – what show me he came close o her and explaining something he touched her hand by mistake twinkle took it back he looked at her and asked what? She node in no nerthing he explained her and goes back to his place
Twinkle pov ( what is happening to me when he touched me current passed into me its strange feeling huh twinkle I think you are not well so this happening to me)she completed her work and gave it to kunj he checked it and said good work
Kunj – twinkle maya , pallavi and alisha not received calls can you please go and tell them to come and meet me
Twinkle- sure sir
Kunj- yes and also tell them to come with documentation of there projects twinkle node in yes and goes from there
Twinkle comes there and smiles at them but only pallavi smiles back at her and maya , alisha ignore her
Twinkle – why you guys not receiving calls sir said he tried calling you
Pallavi- oh my god what see again this alisha didnt kept receiver correctly now we get scolding because of her and twinkle how is his mood
Twinkle- like aways angry bird mood they both laugh on it
Twinkle- ok now you three go with your project documentation and meet him now only
Maya – oh hello!!! Why you ordering us haan how dare you ….what you think of yourself
Alisha- yes she think herself as boss of company right missm assistent dont come here to teach us our work ok
Twinkle- see i didnt said anything wrong i just said what sir toldme to inform you got it why you guys behaving with me like this what i did?
Maya- hey you be in your limits ok dont talk with us like that did your parents teach you how to talk with elders
Pallavi- shut up maya alisha what she said to us to scold her this much haan
Twinkle- how dare you maya to point finger on my parents what I did to you to tell me this all i just informed you guys what boss said me to do my work finished I am going from here alisha put her leg in middle twinkle above to fall down but someone hold her in nick time its kunj he made her to stand
Kunj – what the hell is wrong with you people is it fish market to scream like this and you twinkle why you took this much time to call them
Twinkle – sir first this two started and she described everything to him kunj looked at maya and alisha angrily
Kunj- she is my assistant she work under me and her work is above you all give her respect and I only said her to call you people why guys making big issue of it haan now say sorry to her they said sorry twinkle making faces and looking at her angrily
Kunj- like twinkle said now come to my cabin and twinkle go and continue your work all went back to there place
They come inside cabin while they talking something
Twinkle pov ( why this maya and alisha falling on him like that why they are so near to him see this alisha just need chance to talk with him she is showing her 32 teeths to him and he is scolding her but this girl smiling huh mad girl and look at this maya touching his hands while giving file shameless girl why they are touching him like that and what is happening to you twinki why you thinking about kunj what happened to you it they touch him she brushed her thought and continued working)
Twinkle- tell me sir
Kunj – take sharma company file from maya and check it today only tomorrow meeting is there I dont want any mistakes
Twinkle- ok sir maya give me file
Kunj- yes go and bring it maya
Maya stood there silently not moving
Kunj – I said go and get it loudly cant you hear do it fast
Maya- kunj vo he gave her angry look
Maya – sorry sir I haven’t competed it and its not with me now its in my home….
Twinkle pov (maya is gone now look at his expression but looking so hot )
Kunj – what the f**k!!!! What did you said you didnt do it haan i gave you time of week but also you dodnt do it how dare you to say like this tomorrow meeting is there what we will do know what get out you are fired all become shocked
Maya – I am sorry please dont fire me ill not repeat this please sir
Twinkle- give her one chance sir she is crying
Kunj- shut up Twinkle did i ask you to come and give suggestions like what to do next haan who is boss here me or you
Twinkle- aap
Kunj- then just shut your mouth and do your work I know this people will never improve in anything always doing mistake then say sorry everything finished right maya? She stands there crying and saying sorry
Kunj- ok ill give you chance but dont think that ill not take action on you for this mistake from now you are working extra hours here and no holiday for you even on Sunday saturday you alone should come to office and do work got it she was shocked and more than her twinkle
Twinkle – sir poor girl when she will enjoy then and Saturday Sunday she alone have to come for working its big punishment really do it less na sir
Kunj – ok fine and smiles at her twinkle to smikes thinking he listened her but next what he said made her shocked
Kunj – twinkle is very much worried about so not only you coming on saturday and sunday twinkle will also come and join you so you dont feel lonely ok twinkle you got it right now come daily to office with her till i say her punishment is over
Twinkle- what ??? 😮 😮😮😮😮 no sir….. sorry sir pleasesir sorry sir making puppy face kunj controlling his laugh he went out and others too while twinkle sat there with pout
Twinkle- twinki what you did haan he gave punishment to me also oh no i should convence him she ran behind him saying sorry please
Kunj- so will you talk in middle again? She node in no cutely
Kunj – if next time it continue then ill not leave you definitely now go and do work dont eat my head slapping her in funny way and goes from there after he left twibkle touch hercheeks where he touched and blushed hard remembering his touch they reached home twinkle secretly admiring kunj’s every move she dont know why she is doing that she thought she gone mad she needs treatment for it😂😂😂😂 she tried her best to forget kunj but more she remembered about him more she brushed her thought she became close buddy to kunj both use to tease chinki a lot days spent like this they became best friends and spending most of there time together kunj to started imaging about twinkle he too thought he gon mad needs treatment and brushed that thoughts and twinkle did progress in wirk too she started to work realky good and listening her guide kunj which amazed him and all the task and work he gave she did it on time and excellent and not like she will not get scolding now. He will not leave chance to scold her if she commit any mistake . One fine day both talking in office kunj in nice mood as twinkle working really good he wanted to appreciate her work
Kunj – really very good twinkle you improved you are working really good keep it up
Twinkle- really thank you sir☺☺☺
Kunj – I saw a sincere apprentice in you when I came to know that though yuvi’s letter that you dont want anyone to know here that your identity as his sister-in – law . I was happy knowing that and I looked forward to give my best in training you .I saw a learning interest in you so though to guide you correctly . And decided to behave very strictly with you thinking that if I’m friendly with you , you take its advantages and dont work properly so behaved strict with you and its necessary ill continue that only with you otherwise you will do siyappa in my office first only you are siyappa queen twinkle gives him angry look.
Twinkle – again you call me siyappa queen wait ill ……..
Kunj- miss.twinkle we are in office now and here I am your boss what you will do smirking at her she made faces …….hmm so where I am yes for that reason i behaved strict with you if my single mindedness gives you an idea about me as an arrogrant,a man of superiority complex and sadist . I can’t help it its not my problem
Twinkle bites her tongue
Twinkle – How did you come to know about this, sir? Making sorry face
Kunj – The person to whom you told this all told me and smiled at her
Twinkle remembered cherry face
Twinkle- ill not leave that monkey kunj going outside stopped and looked at twinkle saying he forgot to say something
Kunj- by the way your dress is beautiful looking good on you I mean very decent . After he goes from there twinkle smiled looking herself in mirror and danced in happiness cherry saw this
Cheran- I told everything to him thinking he will be angry on her but he is making her dance
twinkle started to work really hard now and kunj also helping her in every way twinkle will be with him only akways in office there work making them come really close he is teaching everything about business she was running behind him in office too but here to learn work and twinkle started to feel for kunj she is getting attracted to him his every move makes her to fall more for him sonetimes she will be lost in him in office when they are in meeting she is listening to him carefully or say list in him
Kunj – twinkle now give your presentation which you prepared? She is lost somewhere he took his seat pallavi shaked twinkle and tells slowly “oye whereyou lost sir told you to give presentation go “and pushed her she was giving presentation and in middle stop looking at kunj he thought she is nervous may be
Kunj- you are doing good continue now please she continued he appreciated her work
Kunj pov ( she is damn cute yar the way she looks at me and talk with me i like it so much . She is different not like other girls i just love her eyes its so beautiful ill be lost in it whenever i see it. Kunj what you doing huh you are thinking about girl is it love no no its just attraction may be )
It doesnt mean he is so sweet to her in office when comes to working he will be very strict one fine day twinkle too did mistake in work she gave holdiday permission to some employees without asking kunj one and doing others work too because they asked her to do
Kunj was angry on her
Kunj – twinkle come here she stood infront of him she very well know he is angry on her ….. what you were doing she told something…did I gave you that work I dont remember he said smiling sarcastically and i think you did your work properly without any mistake right oh see what I am telling how you can do any mistakes you are so smart you will do my work also very easily like giving permission to employees to go home and everything right
Twinkle- sorry sir oh oh he said its urgent work and he has to go and you were not here so and pallavi said she is not well so helping her in work
Kunj- shut up and throw file on table angrily……first learn to do your work properly then think of helping others and you are my assistant here you have to do what I told you to do not others are you there assistant to there work haan 😠😠😠😠 and why you behaving like this now days cant you concentrate on work where was your attension when I am explaining this now dont say sorry again and again you stupid and scold her much you said she is not well so doing her work right our company watchman also not well so go and help him
Twinkle- sorry sir making puppy face and with cute pout he got call and goes from there twinkle watches him going and sat on his chair and started to act like him mimicking him
Twinkle – oye twinkle get up yoh idiot what is this haan what you think about yourself. You dont know how to work you are useless you are nonsense look at this file full of mistakes throwing it on table like kunj did now dont eat my work go and do work you stupid..lab …lab …she was acting this all and suddenly she looked at side and found kunj standing there looking at her she bite her tongue he came near to her looking into her eyes she stepped back in fear and got stop by his chair and sat on it kunj comes really close to her she murmurs sorry and closed her eyes kunj took his phone which is on table
Kunj – you act really good siyappa queen she opened her eyes and smiles at him he too smiled and goes from there
At home kunj applying nail polish to chinki twinkle to came there with some file to ask some doubts looking at them she kept it aside and forwards her hand to kunj gave her look she closed her eyes when she opened it he was applying nail polish to her also . Twinkle couldn’t control on her feelings for him .
Twinkle – I am not getting my feelings. Why i feel butterflies in my stomach when he is near to me. Why i feel special when he touch me and i cant see him with other girls why she took book and started to read it someome came and took that book from her hand its kunj
Kunj – love is not lesson or not treat of lust and or it is not rhyme of sweet words its not just kiss it is an invisible poetry
Twinkle – what and he disappeared its her imagination same with kunj he calling chinki as twinkle twinkle
Chinki- I am not twinkle why you attached to her so much brother in sleep also you tell her name i think you are loving her
Kunj- shut up nothing like that why ill love that monkey its just may be because of her siyappa ill scold her in my dreams too
Chinki- only that much or will you dance eith her romactically too hmm hmm teasing him
Kunj- you are mad
Twinkle imagining like kunj sleeping on her bed and asking her also to come she blinked her eyes 2-3 times in shock then he disappeared she checked everywhere in her room below table ,bed and didnt found him
Kunj going to washroom he found twinkle inside he thought its imagination again he ignored her and removed his shirt and closed door behind twinkle showed her big eyes in shock he was above to remove his pant
Twinkle – no no noo ahhha stop it shameless closing her eyes
Kunj- this imagine twinkle talks too no she is real let me check he put bucket of water on her twinkle started to scream
Twinkle – you mad why you put chill water on me ahha she lost balance and fell in bath tub and pulled kunj too both drench in water
Kunj- how dare you to come here haa its my washroom
Twinkle- oh oh so what haan its not only yours chinki’s too she sent me here and you shameless cant you see after looking at me also you removed shirt chi shame shame and now get up from me aha you are also fat that day you telling me so much I am fat now get up from me
Kunj- first say sorry
Twinkle- no ill not why i should say sorry haan you say sorry to me
Kunj- say sorry and get out from here i have to take bath
Twinkle- no ways
Kunj – ok then ill take bath infront of you only and pretend like removing everything
Twinkle- no sadu sarna no
Kunj- what sadu I am kunj sarna
Twinkle- no you are sadu only
Kunj- dont say like that otherwise see what ill do
Twinkle- what you will do haan see go out from here i have to take bath go pushing him go sadu sarna he held her hand and pulled her close and lift her in bridal style she got shocked
Kunj – I am sadu right wait and watch now what sadu will do he opened door and took her downstairs while she trying to escape he held her tightly and took her near swimming pool
Twinkle- sorry na yar sorry please leave me cutely and sweetly are you planning to throw me in swimming pool no no please sir
Kunj- acha now sir haan dont worry you will take chill water bath now siyappa queen be ready
Twinkle- no no sadu ill complaint to usha maa see
Kunj- she is not in home siyappa queen so say after taking bath ok and throwed her in pool ahhha said twinkle shivering kunj laughed on her twinkle looked at him and held his leg and pull him to he was shocked to see himself in pool and saw laughing twinnkle and sprinkling water on him he too doing both playing there chinki came there and looked at them and got shocked
Chinki – I didnt see anything ahem ahem coughing
Twinkle – chinki nerthing like that
Kunj – haan nerthing yar chinki please dont say it to mom ok its secret you are very good in keeping secret right you are good girl
Chinki- ha yes I am good girl and you said correct bhayya i keep secret ill give you example this your personal assistant you know I kept her secret to
Twinkle- no chinki stop
Kunj – continue continue he closed twinkle mouth say her secret ill double your pocket money while twinkle signing her not to tell kunj thought its may be some secret he can use to tease her
Chinki- ha listen then that day she gave presentation in office and you said she is doing good and her thinking is same as you hahaha that all happened because she copied your ppt only and presented infront of you and you think her thinking and your thinking same twinkle shut her eyes kunj mouth open in o being shock she took his ppt only and explained it like she did everything he looked at her she node in no
Twinkle- she is joking
Chinki-areg you forgot twinkle let me remind you , you came to room when he is taking bath and said me you couldnt do ppt as bhayya said and took his i only put password na then you said dont say it and gift me new makeup kit
Kunj – very good ill not leave you siyappa queen while she came out of pool and above to run kunj held her hand and push her again in pool
Twinkle- kunj ….sorry na please forgive me holding her ears
Kunj- chinki where are you my dear come here for makeup kit you gave my ppt to her and push her too and yiu siyappa queen ill see you ill not leave you
Twinkle- sorrrrrrrry sirrr
Kunj- shut up ill see you come inside and you to my dear monkey sister meri dushman hey thu
Precap – twinj only in home for month some surpricing and shocking twist

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