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RagSan – Do Dil Ek Jaan-Part 3

Ragini: This is your last chance to enjoy. Soon you will leave. So try to be happy. By the way where is Dida?

Swara’s face turned angry.

Swara: I don’t know a person named Dida.

Ragini: Are you angry with her because she asked me to leave?

Swara: Why wouldn’t I be angry?

Ragini: She did it for you.

Swara: Please, I don’t wish to discuss about it.

Ragini: Ok. I did shopping for your Mehendi function. Aren’t you excited?

Swara: What did you bring for me Ragini?

Ragini: I got this dress for you.

Ragini: I got this dress for you

Swara: Wow, it’s gorgeous. Thank you.

Ragini: Anything for you. Let me tell you, it was nice to be the carefree Ragini again. Too bad it ended soon.

Swara: You have so much fun at Mumbai. I wish I could have such fun.

Ragini: If you are free after your marriage you can come stay with me for a weekend. But will Laksh stay without you?

Swara blushes.

At Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar: So are you excited for your wedding?

Laksh: Of course. I am marrying the love of my life: Swara. I am very happy I am not marrying that shy and introvert Ragini.

Laksh: Ragini is so old fashioned. Can she even speak english?

Sanskar was feeling insulted at his comments. He felt bad that Laksh didn’t respect Ragini for who she is.

Sanskar: So when’s the next function?

Laksh(happily): Tomorrow

Mehendi function


Sanskar was smitten by her look

Sanskar was smitten by her look.
Annapurna: Ragini, you look so good.

Ragini takes her blessings.

Ragini: Thank you, ma.

Annapurna: Thank you for accompanying Sanskar. This boy doesn’t know his way through the cities.

Ragini: It was a pleasure being with Sanskar, ma. Excuse me, I’ll be right back.

Ragini’s boss Karan comes.

Ragini's boss Karan comes

Karan: Hi Ragini.

He hugs Ragini. Laksh happens to see this and is shocked.

Ragini: Thank you for coming, Mr Casanova. You are looking dashing.

Karan: Thank you. Well you are looking very pretty. You are joining us for the Singapore meeting, right?

Ragini: Sorry, you know it’s Swara’s wedding. I have to be here. Is it possible that I can work remote?

Karan: Of course, my favorite employee.

Ragini: Oh that’s sweet. Let me introduce you to my family.

Laksh who witnesses the whole event was baffled. He didn’t know that Ragini spoke such fluent English. He didn’t know that she worked. She wasn’t an introvert. He looked at her. She wore a very modern outfit for traditional Marwadis. He looked at Swara who was geared up in traditional wear. He was doubting his decision to marry her but then he thought that Ragini was making an attempt to flirt with him.

He went up to Swara and called her aside in an angle such that Ragini could witness the event.

Swara: What is it Laksh?

Laksh: You are looking hot, Swara. I feel like marrying you now itself.

Swara: You are too much.

Ragini  didn’t even look at them. She was actually stealing glances of the handsome hunk, Sanskar. He was looking so good. But she knew she couldn’t hope as Laksh wouldn’t let Sanskar marry her.

Sanskar mustered up his courage to go near Ragini.

Sanskar: How are you Ragini?

Ragini: I am well. Thank you. So are you enjoying the function?

Sanskar: Yes, I am. But there is no one except you I can actually talk with.

Ragini: Well you can talk with me. I’ll be back in a second.

Ragini went upstairs to get something. Laksh was watching this angrily.

He was thinking he rejected Ragini as she was old fashioned but he was seeing Ragini in a total different light. She was everything he hoped for but was no longer his. He was now in a fix. Does he love Swara or does he have unspoken feelings for Ragini?

He decided to talk to Ragini about the issue and so he went upstairs.

He went into Ragini’s room.

Ragini: Do you need something Laksh?

Laksh: I wanted to ask you something.

Ragini: Sure. Go on.

Laksh: Are you upset because our engagement broke?

Ragini: Not at all. I knew from the moment our wedding got fixed that we didn’t belong together. I don’t think I would have ever been happy with you.

Laksh was startled and left the room.

Laksh’s POV

You have hurt me Ragini. But still I want you near me so I can hurt you. I wish to hurt you and at the same time I want to obtain pleasure from you. I know what to do exactly. For now I need to release this anger.

He went up to Swara.

Laksh: I want to take our relationship forward.

Swara: so..

Laksh: I want you.

Swara: What? But how.

Laksh: We can manage. come.

He dragged Swara to a room and kissed her roughly on her lips. Swara was happy because Laksh was moving closely with her. Poor Swara. Little did she know that Laksh was using her as a toy.


How will Ragini and Sanskar escape Laksh’s evil plan?

Will love blossom?

Stay tuned.

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